Just for FUN: what’s you biggest turn off?

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Bumble bee

therefore :  Yeah that is a total bummer, good one.  My brother does that and I hate it even from him.  

If a girlfriend did it I don’t think I’d mind a bit.  But there’s something pervy about it when guys do it. 

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Sugar bee
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loveandchocolate :  Yeah, if I had a picky eater husband, who would eat all the fancy wedding food off my plate that I won’t touch, so I don’t look rude?! Haha I could never be with someone as picky as me 😆

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Busy bee
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lazy mommas boy who has a dirty house and no hygeiene

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Blushing bee
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Mostly cell phone based.  People who can’t be off of their cell phone’s for a minute.  Like, you can’t be bored, for 1 minute?.  I hope it becomes a ”thing”, where it’s totally un-cool to be looking at your cell phone, constantly.  I secretly judge, couples out somewhere and they’re both on their phone’s.  Give your loved one’s all of your attention.

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Bumble bee
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Asking for or blatantly hinting for blow jobs.  For some reason this turns me off every time.  I give them freely and often, I just need it to be my idea.  I have no idea why I feel this way.  Even when SO and We’re role playing him bossing me around in the bedroom it was an instant turn off.  Luckily he understands and he agrees he’s never had more blow jobs in a relationship. 

Mans oral hygiene.  Brush your damn teeth and go to the dentist!

self deprication- don’t complain to me about the size or your penis, or cut yourself down all the time.  Self confidence is sexy!

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Worker bee

Obviously the basic ones as others have said (rudeness, bad hygiene, etc.)

I definitely agree with skinny jeans and spitting. 

Foot fetishes. Feet are gross and never clean, don’t be touching my feet! 

Maybe it is because my ex and I had arguments over this way more than we should have, but hypocritical thinking of gays are gross, but lesbians are hot. All the gay men are not trying to bed you, you’re not that amazing and lesbians obviously aren’t. Porn is not real! Actual lesbians are not having a real relationship with each other to benefit you, leave them alone. 

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Sugar bee
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somathemagical :  spitting your food out mid bite without using a napkin to hide it. Grosses me out so badly I can’t deal. Usually my appetite is gone after that, both for food and sex. 

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Honey bee

Superficially – man buns and guys who wear shoes without socks

Habit-wise – spitting

Personality wise – mansplaining, interrupting, and thinking sarcasm is humor

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Worker bee

1) men with earrings

2) creepy facial hair, like soul patches

3) high squeaky voice

4) awkwardly trying to swing dance and twirl me to hip-hop rap…if I’m listening to Fetty Wop or Migos, it’s not the time to ballroom dance

5) dandruff…enuff said

i could go on forever. Probably why I’m single 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Busy bee
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– Bad hygiene, particularly bad breath.
– When someone is rude, dismissive or disrespectful to people in the service industry.
– Being unkind to animals.
– Racism, overall closedmindedness
– Whining
– Terrible grammar (not knowing ‘your/you’re’, ‘there’/’their’/they’re, using “u” instead of “you”, etc)

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Bumble bee
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somathemagical :  Constant complaining, a “poor me” attitude. Guys that would bring up their exes and how horrible they are on dates. Gross.

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Sugar bee
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If I’m being serious, biggest turn off is signs of jealousy or possessiveness. 

If I’m half joking but also it’s totally true? Trying to talk dirty. It wierds me out and I hate it lol 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2019

Besides the obvious (being rude, not having the same values as I do, bad hygiene), my biggest turn offs are:

Smoking (or tobacco use of any kind)

Being argumentative/constantly playing the devil’s advocate (I’ve known guys who like to turn anything into a “friendly debate,” and I know girls who like that kind of thing too, but to me it’s just exhausting)

Talking about himself too much (I went on a date with a guy who just constantly talked about himself, humble bragging the entire time, and didn’t seem to care about what I said when I could even get a word in – SUCH a turn off)

Picky eater (I love to cook, and I like experimenting with my cooking, so I wouldn’t be able to live with my partner never eating what I cooked, or not being able to cook what I wanted to cook)

Caring TOO much about his appearance (obviously it’s important to have some care for your appearance, but I’m just not attracted to guys who are super into appearance)

Being messy (may be hypocritcal of me, because I’m naturally a messy person, but if both of us were messy our house would be a wreck, the fact that my SO is a super clean person makes me work to keep the house clean as well)

Irresponsible (with money, with his health, or just in general)

Not having ambition

Not believing in marriage

Close minded

Not being able to accept when he’s wrong

Unforgiving, constantly seeing the bad in other people

Too critical of others

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