Just for FUN: what’s you biggest turn off?

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Bumble bee

Dirty teeth gag me out. Chewing sounds actually make me angry; I hate them so much. (Misophonia!) Open mouth chewing, tooth picking and burp talking. Public nose picking. Men that hate cats. If a guy hates animals or in particular, cats it’s a no-go.

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Bumble bee
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somathemagical :  

– I think not behaving like a manly man is such a turn off.  Must be able to use tools, DIY, be at least a little strong (ie. open jars), minimal grooming effort (clean, but no I’m not plucking your eyebrows for you), etc.  I’m a pretty big tomboy so I need to be with a rugged manly guy otherwise I feel too masculine.  

– One dimensional views on subjects/arrogance about their beliefs being the only right ones on controversial subjects. C-C-C-C-COMBO breaker if they are also ill informed/get their info from Facebook or friends and family. 

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Bumble bee

bad breath 🙁 

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Busy bee
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Hockey players.

I can spot them from a mile away. I don’t even know WHY, maybe it’s years of playing on ice has permanently frozen part of their brain or something; or maybe it’s their greasy, slicked back hair… but I swear 99% of them just scream “I’m a douche” by the way they present themselves. And they have their own lingo “sick flow bro”.



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Buzzing Beekeeper

 “A man who uses chewing tobacco and spits in a can or glass all day long SO GROSS!!!” 

Ther are men who do this ..?????.!!!!!!  Seriously ? !  I faint. I do believe   that is one of  the most disgusting things I ever   heard .  Well that  and any hawking  spitting . 

Oh dear, I have to go and lie down now .

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Helper bee

Spitters…I wish I could drop kick every one of them GROSS 

Overly cocky, like I love confidence but there’s a line and once the cockiness comes out I’m gone

But, the worst for me is the sexist pigs…just no, hope you and your hand have fun 

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Busy bee
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People who smoke and who do it at the park – fyi that illegal here in Ontario

Spitting and my dh does it ewww

Chewed up short finger nails

Chewing with mouth open while eating or any grose mouth sound killllls me

Cracked out hookers in public places

overwieght ladies who show there belly 

People who constantly drive In the left lane ( fyi the left lane is for PASSING ) I love when I see people who pass just to get back in the left lane …like what are you doing.

Transport trucks driving in the middle lane – again you don’t belong there so what do you think your doing ?

People who speed UP just to get to a red light and tailgate to get to a red light 

People who wear winter hats to look Kool in the summer

I dunno I could go on forever …

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Helper bee

Apart from the obvious hygiene stuff…

– Someone who doesn’t know what they want in life, who doesn’t follow through with any of their ideas, who is scared of taking risks, chronic insecurity/self-doubt 

– Antiquated ideas about gender, and believing that “feminism has gone too far” 

– The combination of long hair and a receeding hairline 

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Bumble bee

Lack of manners, people with anger issues, disrespectful/ignorant people, and people who act phoney and fake are huge turnoffs for me.

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Sugar bee
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Dishonesty/zero integrity. Especially on things that truly matter. 

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an issue in someone’s attitude is my biggest turn off. also an addition of someone who tell jokes but doesn’t even make sense. LOL

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Worker bee
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i really don’t like someone who is rude/arrogant and think that he/she has everything that they alwayd brag about it. SUPER OFF

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when girls acted cute but they’re not

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i don’t even want to look at people who considers themselves cool and act like one

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