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Bumble bee

This was our first date….He picked me up on Valentine’s Day with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses. I told him so and he says the florist made a mistake. I look at him very oddly and he explains that he only ordered 6 and the florist gave him 12. “And this is a problem why?” So we go out to dinner. My BFF had told me that if I really liked this guy to look at him and mouth the words “Olive Juice” (it looks like you are saying I Love You) and see what he says. So I do this as we gazing at one another over our menus and he says out loud “I think I love you too.” Oops not what I was expecting. I start giggling. And explain to him what I actually said. He looks at me and asks how I really feel so I tell him. After dinner we drive over the movie theater but nothing is playing that we want to see so we go back to my parents house where I am living. My brother and his girlfriend are in basement watching tv. We decide to go back to his dorm an hour away to watch movies. We end up falling asleep on the couch. When I wake up it is 3am and I convince him to take me back. Once at my house he admits he is too tired to drive home so I call him a cab. On the way back to the dorm, the driver hits a deer and busts out his headlight. The next day Darling Husband got a ride from a friend to my house to get his car. I tell him how sorry I am about the previous night’s date and he said that it was the most interesting date he had ever been on and can’t wait to see what the next one had to bring. We have been together for 19 years since that night and have been married for 13. We still use Olive Juice as a term of endearment. In fact for our anniversary last year, I found on Etsy someone that does State posters. I got SC (where we were married) and instead of heart where the city is, it’s a green olive with a red heart for pimento. It says our names, Olive Juice and our wedding date. Darling Husband thought that was awesome.

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Bumble Beekeeper

On our first date we kept running into people I knew. It was not on purpose at all. I had told one friend I was going on a date with a guy I met online, and he decided to surprise hide out at the restaurant to make sure I was ok. The other person was a new colleague. Darling Husband thought they were intentionally planted into our date, but it was all coincidence!

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Blushing bee

My SO and I had been dating for about 6 months ( we hadn’t said I love you yet) and was about to go to China for 2 weeks. We went out to dinner the night before he left and at this Oyster Bar.  I had worn a really cute dress and was excited to spend time with him before he left. I knew I loved him but swore up and down I would not be saying it first. 

Well we were sitting down and I was staring across at him and all of a suddent I said, “I love you….. oysters.” So the first time I told him I loved him, I tried to cover it up by saying I love you to oysters. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

When Darling Husband proposed, we were at a thing called Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.  I knew a proposal was coming soon, but I didn’t know when.  We had made it a tradition to take my oldest niece and our nephew every year since they were the same age and not too young to be a total handful (ie…no diapers lol).  We got into the park and rented a double stroller for the kiddos and I started pushing them into the park.  I heard him mumble something like “I gotta do this before I lose it” to himself but didn’t pay much mind to it as I was focused on the kids.  He sort of guided us to an overlook at the entrance of the park and the kids and I were looking over at the Christmas lights below.  When I turned around, he was on one knee and said “You gonna marry me?”

Meanwhile, nephew is tapping me on the leg asking “hey! why did we stop moving!” It happened so fast it took me a minute to realize what was happening and I said “Is that ALL you have to say?” Then I laughed and said “Of course I will!”  We hugged, kissed, the kids yelled EWWW! lol

Later in the evening, Darling Husband explained that he had this plan to propose on the sky ride, and had all these sweet things he wanted to say…but when he walked into the park he was terrified he’d end up losing the ring somehow, and he was so nervous that the only thing he could blurt out was “you gonna marry me” lol 

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Blushing bee

Little things in my love story with SO make me smile every time I think back on it. It’s crazy how everything worked out.

Our freshman year of college, we both got recruited almost last-minute to play on an intramural softball team. I had no idea who he was, and vice versa, but I thought he was pretty cute. At the time though, I was just about to enter into a relationship with someone else. 

Fast forward a couple of years to our junior year. I had just (literally, like that day) ended the relationship that I was in that I mentioned earlier. I was interviewing for an editing job for the school paper. The editor-in-chief met with me and explained some of the writing styles and how the meetings go, and he mentioned a name that I knew. It was the name of the guy from the softball league! Two days later they had their first official meeting, and I was super shy and didn’t say anything, but when I saw him walk into the office, I desperately wondered if he remembered me. He seemed very professional and mature, and I honestly didn’t think that he did. One meeting, we were sitting next to each other discussing piece topics, and he said this one-liner joke that made me burst into laughter, so hard we had to stop the meeting to share. Around April of the spring semester, I saw him one day sitting outside of a coffee shop and decided to sit down and talk to him. We started talking about graduate schools, programs, classes, music, interests, things like that. It was nice to have an intellectual conversation for once. But we didn’t really talk much after that. 

Then, on my birthday a few months later, he sent me a Facebook message wishing me a happy birthday. I was in Spain, and he was working, but we ended up talking almost every single day. We haven’t stopped since then! He took me to meet some of his friends and him at a bar later that summer, and all of his female friends kept saying “She’s pretty!” which made me get to thinking. A few weeks later, he met me again, just the two of us this time, at a bar and we ended up talking until 5 am. He was supposed to be at work at 8, and everyone who saw him that day said he had this giant grin on his face.

When he came back to school for what would be both of our final semesters, I helped him move in. We eventually sat on the floor basically admitting that we both had feelings for each other, but were torn because when we graduated, we were both moving away. I got upset because it sounded like he didn’t want to date me. Later, we were laying on the floor of his room looking at stars through like a stargazing app, just talking about things, and he mentioned something about serial killers (part of the conversation, a psych major and criminal justice major), then just looked at me and BAM – kissed me. I didn’t expect it at all but I think that was basically the official start of our relationship. 

Over the course of all of our talking, he said that ever since we met during intramural softball, he thought that I was cute. He said he’d see what I was up to every now and then on Facebook, and occasionally even see me on campus. When I got hired for the paper, he got incredibly nervous because “that cute girl” was back in his life. He said that he always was silently trying to impress me with his topics and knowledge and was sometimes embarrassed to send me work if he knew there were probably errors in it. When I sat and talked to him that one day outside of the coffee shop, he said he had an overwhelming anxiety, because it was “that girl” just casually sitting down to talk to him. Turns out that we were just two ships that kept passing in the night, and we eventually ended up colliding! (We call ourselves co-captains now.) When he saw that it was my birthday, he took the plunge and started a conversation, fully intending for it to be an “I want to get to know you, date you” attempt. He was right! 🙂

Every day we discover odd similarities about each other, and I couldn’t have ever imagined crossing paths with someone that was so perfect for me – even though he was so close that whole time.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2016

The first time I noticed my future Fiance was in high school when we had a “color day” in grade 9 (10 for him). In private schools, it meant the only day of the year you didn’t have to wear an uniform and you could wear whatever you wanted. I made a comment about him having a nice shirt to a very chatty friend, and sure enough she ran to go and tell him before class… I was soooo embarassed I went to hide in the locker rooms xD When I came back, one of his friends was at our table and asked who said Fiance had a nice shirt (thank god she didn’t tell them it was me!) So Fiance never knew who made that comment… until 2 years later!!

Yup we only started dating 1 year after that event (he was taken at the time) and while reminiscing about this incident with Fiance after around a year of dating, he was like, WHAT!! IT WAS YOU??!??! I was like, hum yeah, I thought you knew??? xD turns out no one ever told him and I forgot to mention it until then… He still has that shirt aha. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2015

I love these!! My Fiance almost proposed with a ring pop. I was joking one day, and told him, ” even if you proposed with a ring pop, I’d say YESS!!” He knew a custom ring was important to me, and planned to ask with a ring pop, then start custom making a ring. I sent him a picture of a divorce court episode where a man proposed with a ring pop. ” WHAT AN IDIOT.” He then threw the ring pop in the trash then and there. haha.

My Fiance proposed in the middle of a starring contest. I closed my eyes and opened them to a ring. It was too close to my face, and the first words I spoke weren’t “YES!”, but “what in the world is that!?” Then I said yes, of course.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

He snuck into the sporting good store I was working in and sat on a bench refusing help until I noticed him. We were friends from school already. When I went up to chat with him, he just said, “Can I take you to a movie?”

Obviously I said yes.

Another time he RAN into the store unannounced and picked me up and ran away down the mall carrying me. He’s big and I’m small, so he had some speed on the getaway. The manager yelled, “Hey! That’s shoplifting!” But he really thought it was funny and I didn’t get in trouble.

Good times.

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My fiance and I have lived together since before we started dating. We were actually roommates, and I thought he HATED me because he would never look at or talk to me. So, I figured, if he didn’t like me, he was at least going to think I was attractive lol. I started strutting around the apartment in tiny sleep shorts and tops, and on weekends when I wanted to go out downtown (walking distance), I’d go get him holed up in his room and ask him to go with me. And we would go, and he’d barely look at me and answer me in one-word sentences. Well, one night, I got him really really drunk and he kept talking about something he shouldn’t tell me. So obviously I had to know what it was. And we’re sitting at home on the couch, and he takes a deep breath and says that he thinks I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, and how I light up every room I walk into, and that he knows he can’t be with me, and that’s ok if I don’t feel the same way… and then I kissed him. And we’ve been together for almost 7 1/2 years. I found out only a couple years ago that he doesn’t even remember saying any of it!

Also, I accidentally said “I love you” first about 2 weeks after the above happened lol. We went to Wal-Mart for something, and as we were driving out of the parking lot, I was messing with my phone and he checked his texts. He was waiting for someone to answer him and no one had, yet, and he said jokingly, “Well, no one loves me.” and without even thinking about it, I said “I love you.” and it got SUPER QUIET. I kind of stammered “uh, not like, actually…..” He still teases me.

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Yah i guess we do.

Our third date was to his commencement dinner for his MBA (he was graduating) at a pretty fancy dancy hotel, with pretty well-known business exec’s….ect. I didnt know him well at ALL. We had only been out twice before and both dates were pretty typical dinner dates without much more.

Sooo….there was a cocktail party, dinner, and after cocktail party. I was having a great time. I didnt really watch my wine intake very well. Got a little drunker than i wanted too. But i was holding my own pretty well in spite until the end of the night.

We were walking back to the car and he stopped in the courtyard and asked if i wanted to wait for him while he went and got the car and came back to get me. I said yes…..he walked away….and i stumbled backwards and fell into some bushes.

All i remember is a tall dark handsome dude swooping down over me and pulling me out of some very expensive landscaping….lol. He pulled me into him and then kissed me.

The next day i was MORTIFIED! I had brusies and cuts all over my toosh and was so embarrased. He never even mentioned it, and when i did he was a total gentleman about it.

Now its our running joke between us. Whenever i order a second drink he will jokingly scan outside becuase he is “Looking out for bushes” or sometimes he will grab me when were walking to “protect” me from upcoming bushes….lol

The fact that he handled it so cooly and in stride was a huge plus in my eyes. I knew that wasnt typical behavior from me, he didnt, and he didnt care. He is awesome!

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A few years ago I started attending my FI’s church (but didn’t know him at the time).  I went to the early service and he went to the later one so we never crossed paths.  One year later, there was a play at the church.  We both signed up for it and were cast as husband and wife who were struggling with infertility!  The first time I met him was when we went through the first read through of our lines.  We started off as friends and found how much we had in common and how well we got along!  He asked me to be his gf a year after that and the rest is history!  He will be my real husband in 38 days!  Little did I know being cast as husband and wife in a play would lead to becoming a real married couple a couple years later!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: December 2017

I’d just split up with my ex and my heart was very broken. My best friend is gay and she joked that I should give up on men and set me up online to talk to girls. I got absolutely no matches and no interest from girls whatsoever. My friend joked that I was the straightest thing ever and that these girls just knew it. She said they had their gaydar switched on! Anyway, I got a strange message from a guy. I was still numb for my break up, but he was very entertaining. I did confess to being fresh out of a long term relationship, and all he had to say about it was that he was lucky he found me when I did. We drank a lot of wine on our first date until we were falling over. Later on I told him I wasn’t even looking to meet anyone when we started talking, but actually I was trying my luck with girls. He found it hilarious and it’s been the topic of conversation in the pub with friends a few times.

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