(Closed) Just for fun: Which celebrities do you hate?

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Blushing bee
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Maggie Gyllenhaal.  No one in my family can stand her.  

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Pink: She’s getting too big and EVERYONE loves her.


Benedict Cumberbatch: I don’t hate him as a person, I’m just mad cos everyone seems to think he’s hot


ETA: Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Danny McBride, Jennifer Aniston (please stop acting), Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel (can you just pull a different face pls you are the new Kristen Stewart), and tbh I’m starting to get sick of Johnny Depp.

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@tiffanyscanlan I agree w/ Benedict Cumberbatch.  I think he’s a great actor, but the man is not attractive.

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@StormAL:  My friend is so in love with him. “It’s his voice, trust me, you’ll come around too!” Yeahhhh, no.

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Busy bee
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Anne Hathaway tops my list. I really can’t stand her, and I can’t even force myself to watch her in anything but the princess diaries-which is a shame because she keeps being in movies that I’d like to see otherwise

Sophia Vergara-can’t watch anything with her in it either. She has probably the most grating voice I’ve ever heard. 

Zooey Dechenel-the first time I saw her, she was starring in a really bad Mark Whalberg movie. I literally and actually thought they hired a mentally retarded actor. It was painful to watch. And her face and “look-at-me-I’m-so-quirky” personality irk me

Jessica Biel-she luckily hasn’t worked since about a decade ago, but I don’t get why she’s always in the news. She’s not attractive in the least and there just seems to be something off about her

Scarlett Johannesen-Terribly awkward face and not attractive at all. I can stand watching her in movies, but only barely. I don’t get how anyone’s attracted to her-at least from the front.

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Busy bee
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Hayden Panatierre (sp), talentless

Justin Beiber

Kim K (I do like Kourt and Khloe and Scott)

RACHEL RAY!! She always looks like she is squished into her clothes and is holding in a giant fart

Guy Fieri

Kirsten Dunst, I have loathed her since the vampire movie – her freaking snaggletooth ugh, no talent


Alexander Ovechkin

Renee Zellweger and her squishy face

OPRAH, omg Oprah >.<





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Busy bee
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Haha, this thread is hilarious!! Although I don’t really “hate” any celebrities, I do dislike many that have already been mentioned:

Beiber – ugh, embarrassment to Canada!!

Kardashians – I just saw a clip of Kim on Ellen. Her face is so frozen that it looks very painful and awkward to talk!

LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Eddie

Robin Thicke

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and their offspring 

Shia LeBouf seems like such a douche!

Avril and Chad – another embarrassment to Canada, but not nearly as bad as the Beibs

Taylor Swift

Nicky Minaj

Mariah Carey

Beyonce and Jay-Z – seem so stuck up

How can I forget Miley?!!

Katie Holmes – I think I dislike her more now than when she was with Tom

Rooney Mara – she’s gorgeous but always looks like such a pouty downer

Bruce Wilis’s kids – I’m sorry, but their faces make me dislike them for some reason (terribly mean, I know!)…


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ADAM SANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

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I LOVE this thread! Hate is not a strong enough word for me. I hate hearing, seeing, and thinking about these jerks. I also don’t like the media and news because they distract everyone from what is truly REAL…

Kristen Stewart- I saw her act as a kid and she was doing the same lip-biting pretending to know how to be sexy crap that she does now, and she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

Beyone and her camel-faced husband. Seriously, no amount of money would part my legs to have sex with that beast. She pretends to be perfect and I do not buy what either of them are selling. Their kids name is dumb to me… A color and a plant, so difficult to put together.

Kartrashians and Kanyuck Waste- A whore and a moron, what a perfect pair. A match made inside of a turd… All of the sisters are idiots and the mom is an evil puppet master. Why does Bruce look like their grandmother rather than a dad?!

Halle Berry- Oh, yeah… Sorry, after having so many failed relationships, it cannot possibly ALL be the fault of the men, take some responsibility. She used her ex to have a child and thought she could throw him away when she was done, wrong! Really, you’re surprised you got preggers again. Unprotected sex + no menopause= baby, b*tch! 

Nicki Minaj- Shut up already, you are 50% plastic at a minimum…

Nick Cannon- Sit your corny behind down somewhere, you are the worst and lamest comedian to walk the earth…

Jennifer Aniston- Sad old lady, just sad… Another awful actress.

Jennifer Lawrence- Can we move on already, she is another J Aniston, terrible acting and hyped up for no freaking reason.

Jessica Biel and Alba- You might as well be the same person! Boring and no acting skills. Alba is a b*tch who uses the Razzi when she wants some attention.

Channing Tatum and wife Jenna- He has one facial expression -duh?!- in every role. She is not much better, I just don’t believe her. Pretty faces and nothing more.

Terence Howard- Does he cry in every movie?! He is a complete fool and sure knows how to pick wives…

Ashanti- I had to quit watching Army Wives because of you, gee thanks!

Joe Budden- Your pimp mentality does not fool me. Your penis looks like a depressed baby worm, two big thumbs down.

Chris Brown and Rihanna- Two complete jerks. At least Chris can sing… Get rid of the Cisco hair and I hate that shaved side head trend this ho started… Neither of them is attractive at all to me.

The Simpson sisters- Enough of them both already. Neither of them can sing very well, and I don’t care, I never really did.

Brittney, Xtina, Madonna- Same person, except Maddy looks like a zombie, ugh… She has the Bounty paper towel man’s biceps…

Katy Perry’s BF, Jessica Simp from above ex BF- I cannot think of his name, but somewhow this girl has managed to go lower than she did before with Russell Brand. Come on, you must have awfully low self-esteem…

Beibs and Selena- How old are you twits?! I cannot with either of them… I am sometimes really glad that I did not date until I was over 18.


Tyra Banks- You are not Oprah, sorry. You need to shut your big mouth, as you never stand by your supposed opinions. Those dark circles under your eyes are an abyss… All that money and there is no permanent fix to that, oh wait there is, SLEEP!

Robert Downey Jr., Tommy Cruise- Egotistical douche wipes.

Mel Gibson- Completely psychotic hate monger.

Lady Gags- She is so ugly under all that makeup and quite creepy.

Drake- You are mostly ape, just so not cute. Them eyebrows, though?! No one thought you were tough on Degrassi High, we certainly don’t buy it now…

Lebron James- I don’t have any real issues other than your hairline, it is so bad that it is worth mentioning.

Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods- Egomaniacal skeetwads… I was so happy when you were caught with your wangs in cookie jars that did not belong to your wives. Hate, hate, hate you so much. I can’t wait until you retire from life, not just sports…

And many, many, more. There are so few celebs that I do like. I am pretty loyal to those few people. The rest can suck it so hard…

I’d rather not get into the political figures I hate, there’s no point…

For the few who feel bad for the celeb bashing… Don’t. Do you think that they care one bit about your life and struggles? Do you think that they defend your honor to no end? You are an insignificant flea to many of them, and they laugh their fans for following them so blindly. 





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@bebelicious1:  Drake- You are mostly ape, just so not cute. 

HAHAHA I love this so much.

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