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@solidarity:  yes! I am a good listener and give fair advice so people always come to me. I love to help, but if you are sitting here crying about the same guy for the past year who treats you like crap – judgement starts creeping in. You take my advice and stop seeing him, only to text him “Hi” 2 days later. Chance after chance after chance after chance (get my drift?) and you still are not even his gf. I don’t feel sorry for you anymore, I am thinking “how dumb can you be?”


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@ChicFoodist:  +1 I also judge people who take their kid in the stroller ON THE ESCALATOR as they ride past the signs saying please take your child out, or there is an elevator less than 100 ft away. My mouth drops and I stare at them teh whole way down.


I judge fast drivers. The ones who need to get around everyone without putting on their blinker and ride everyone’s butt. I believe the way a person drives tells you ALOT about their personality. So when i see people driving like a douche, i think how sad it is for them to go for life with “I have to beat everyone” mentality. You can also see them waving their hands in the air and yelling. Like dude, take a chill pill what a crappy way to go through life. I shouldn’t judge, when i am in a rush i yell too haha.


I will be flamed for this, i know. I judge pregnant brides. I am sorry! THIS IS NOT AGAINST PEOPLE WHO HAVE KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK, i know plenty. but i see it like, why didn’t you just wait until you didn’t have a basketball under your dress? These will be your pictures forever! But to each their own.


I judge parents who go out and act single and leave the baby with grandma or another baby sitter every weekend. I’m all for mama’s going out, but not every weekend. Settle down now.

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I judge the people who have the “In Memory of Grandpa: 1920-2013” stickers on their back windows.  I really don’t understand advertising your grief on your vehicle.  I think to myself “my god- the person was 93!- that is a great life- not some tragic end”.  The older the person was when they died- the more I raise my eyebrow.  I am probably a heartless bitch.

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I judge people who blame poor people for being poor.


I judge people who don’t accept mentall illness as illness.


I judge people who assume that because they worked hard, it means other people not in such a good situation didn’t. Nobody becomes successful in a vacuum, and social mobility is currently very low. Yes, you worked hard, but so do McDonalds workers and janitors.


I judge people who sneeze or couch into their hands and don’t wash them immediately. Hands do not have magical anti-microbial properties.


I judge people who use religion to take away people’s rights.


I try not to judge people who are not at a healthy weight. I struggle with weight myself (yay PCOS hormones) and am aware people are big for a myriad of social, emotional and health reasons.

I tend to judge people who lack compassion or empathy.



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@eeniebeans:  My college roommate had 5! in memorandum/RIP stickers on her back windshield. I have no idea how she could even see out of it and it drove me insane. It’s like driving around and advertising to the world you are sad and need sympathy. Start a scholarship or participate in a “walk for a cure” or charity event.

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I judge people who stink. Theres no excuse.

I judge people who dislike animals.

I judge people who have a ton of kids.

I judge people who dont open the door for others.

I judge people who say no when asked to donate 1$ to help charities at the grocery store.

I judge people who keep outside dogs.

I could go on and on… LOL Im sure everyone judges everything they see!

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@Barbiestylez:  I judge people that judge me when they ask me to donate $1 to their chosen charity at the grocery store! They never want to donate to any of my chosen charities!

I consider that they are probably forced to ask me by their employer, so I don’t judge them for asking, but I judge them for judging. Why does their employer’s soon-to-be-loudly-broadcast, self-pat-on-the-back, for getting me to donate to the questionable, huge charity they affiliate with (say, for a never ending search for a “cure” – actually, a variety of monetizable chemical cocktails that aren’t meant to cure but to treat – for something, when we should instead be working to *prevent* it in the first place) get such a high priority, but my chosen charities…. focusing on issues like homelessness, disease PREVENTION, and science-based public policy, well, I’d just be laughed out of the register line if I ask if they’d like to donate toward one of them?

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@joya_aspera:  I cant help it… I just judge people who buy 200$ worth of shit & dont donate a buck. Its a buck. Why not donate it to help any charity? I dont even care what the charity is, I just donate. I figure they need it more than I do… I just think its selfish to say no.

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This thread makes me incredibly sad. I try to not judge anybody and if I do find myself thinking judgemental thoughts, I scold myself for them and remind myself that I am that person’s EQUAL and have no right to judge them. 

It makes me sad that a lot of you seem to be proudly judgemental… is that supposed to be a good character trait? 


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I judge girls who wear denim shorts with the pocket bottoms showing. 

I judge girls with serious re-growth

I judge women who have salon perfect nails but complain about having to pay for their child to see the doctor. Goes double for tattoos. 

I judge boys who pants are too low, who post their car as their profile picture or wear those stupid “rapper” caps. 

If you were thongs (flip-flops) and you are not at the beach or in a public shower – I’m judging you so hard, you don’t even know.

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I judge people who have passed the 3rd grade, but somehow still haven’t distinguished between your/you’re, there/their/they’re, and then/than.

Aside from the poor grammar, I really try not to judge people, and try to understand their situations before I do. That said, there are a few people, who, after getting to know them and seeing just how cruel, narccistic and self-absorbed they are, I have no problem judging them. If you apparently wrote the handbook on life and you’re someone who thinks that people should strive to be like you… you better beleive I’m going to be looking at you with a microscope.

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@QueenOfSerendip:  SO and I just moved to the Midwest and noticed this! He thought it was the most amazing idea ever, it’s very……different haha.

i judge people who smoke in the car with their kids/don’t have kids buckled up

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@Everdeen:  Curious about the flip flops…I wear them almost every day in the summer!  What bugs you about them, out of curiosity?



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Things/People I find myself judging include


Adults smoking around children


People who leave their pets in the car


Using a pregnancy parking spot so you don’t have to walk far to get in the mall that you will spend hours walking in (?!)


People who don’t wash their hands when they walk out from using the bathroom


People who think if their phone is on silent they can still text/web surf/play games in the movie theater. Put your bright shit away!!


I am aware being judgmental is a character flaw, but so many things go through my head every day.


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@missjayb:  Me too. This thread is profoundly depressing to me.

I’m really glad I’m halfway through losing my baby and infertility weight, because this thread has reminded me how awash in fat-hate our society is. As that reddit chick said, I’d rather be treated well for the wrong reasons than treated poorly for the wrong reasons. Thanks for the dose of daily motivation I guess, people who judge me for eating fast food (I’m a fatty so I must do that all the time, right?) and not being confident I can keep my children slim. I’ll do my best, I promise. However healthy or unhealthy they are otherwise, I do NOT want them to be fat in this society.

I am an atheist, but I believe in judge not, lest ye be judged. Do I find myself making cruel snap judgments about other people? Sure, because our culture is steeped in bigotry and hate and moral conflicts and daily resentments of all kinds and I have as many buttons as anyone. But I’m not proud of it. Those thoughts, to me, are something to push back against. And I do try to pin my judginess to what people DO (drive too slowly or too fast, drunk drive, abuse animals etc … actual harmful or dangerous stuff) rather then what people ARE.

Flaaaame away.

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@chocolatevodka: I really, really like the way you expressed yourself here!

I judge myself when I catch myself judging people. That’s the one I do the most, and probably 9 out of 10 times I realize that I was judging someone too early/too quickly etc.

I’m sadly surprised, too, by how much fat shaming there is going on here. I really didn’t want it to be true, but when there’s some Bees saying that they don’t want to to express themselves for fear of being flamed, but then even more talk about how they judge overweight people, it’s pretty depressing. Although I guess using your terminology, in their minds those overweight people are “doing” fat, rather than “being” fat.

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