(Closed) Just for fun: Who do you judge?

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Helper bee
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I really, really try not to be too judgey. That being said, I am extremely judgemental in some aspects. 

If you post the wrong use of “their/there/they’re” or worst of all “your/you’re” I will judge the shit of you. 

And I can’t believe nobody has said this yet, but I’m judging people based on what they name their kids. Is there a ‘y’ in that name that doesn’t belong? Judging. deliberate misspelling of a common name to be unique? Judging. And extra letters, etc etc. Somebody just named their son Jaxsyn. So. Much. Rage. 

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Bumble bee
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1) People who whine EXCESSIVELY about their weight but do nothing to change it. I don’t mind the occasional “Meh, I’d like to lose 10lbs” but don’t talk about it all day while eating an extra large meal.

2) People who are rude to any kind of service staff. “Diet coke” is not an acceptable response to “How you are?”.

3) People who abuse handicap spots in any way. It’s not a fucking loading zone.

4) Overly nosey people. It’s none of your business whether I own my house, how much money I make or what my age or weight might be.

I suppose these are all usual ones. There are many good ones in this thread! I also second the pp who said personalized license plates. Ugh.


OH ONE MORE 5) Pushy religious people. I’d get harassed at bus stops all the time before I could afford a car. Just because I was young and poor does not mean I’m not entitled to some peace and quiet. I don’t even mind if someone asks if I want to chat about Jesus, but then leaves me alone when I say no. These people would try to argue with me about WHY I didn’t want to talk to them. On and on. 

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Busy bee
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@KateByDesign:  Parking your car on the lawn seems to be the norm in Australia. I don’t get it either!

I judge people’s shopping carts at the grocery store. I try hard not to do this anymore.

I judge parents with obese children or pets.

I judge anyone who smokes around children.

I judge girls who wear denim shorts so short that they barely cover their vag.


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Sugar bee
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@Tphan:  +1 on the tryndee and yoo-neek name spellings.  If you name your kid Jaxsyn I’m going to assume you lack basic command of the English language.

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Honey bee
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I judge young people who smoke. Older people I don’t really because I know it’s a bitch to quit, and they likely picked up the habit in a time when there was much less awareness about the dangers of smoking?

But people in their 20s? Knock it off. You’ve been through DARE and heard all about how bad smoking is. You’ve seen the blackened lungs. Yet you still started smoking?

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Busy bee
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@Everdeen:  Thongs are so Australian though I can’t believe you would judge an Australian for wearing thongs! I live on the sunny coast in QLD whihc is totally a beach town but if it’s day time… 98% of the population are wearing thongs! whether they’re at the shops, out to lunch or at the beach and we’re totally not all bogans it’s just practical footwear!

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Buzzing bee
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People who don’t wash their hands or use hand santizer after using the bathroom (yes I know some people are allergic to soap… but bring a babywipe with you or something!)


People who do not dress appropriately for their weight/age.


People who feel the need to use ebonics/other slang 100% of the time.


ETA- oh and cheap people (not frugal people, but people who have the money just are bad tippers etc)


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Buzzing bee
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People that tie their cardigan around their shoulders. I automatically think your a yuppy and/or a–hole.

People that let their kids hit other kids/people.

People that let their still in diaper ages kids play in the street without anyone around.

People that wear mini skirts in the winter.

People that have overly religious/political bumper stickers.

People that don’t hold the door for the next person if they are right behind them.

Teenagers that are rude to/cut in front of/etc older people.

People that are on their Cell phone and driving.

Men that wear loafers and pleated pants at the same time.


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 I totally judge!

  • Women who seem to be content getting by on their looks (hate!)
  • People who assume uneducated= dumb
  • Women that don’t have/can’t keep female friends
  • Parents who insist on unique and or creative names for their children (Neveah, anyone?). Generally, I’m very judgy about names
  • People who claim not to be judgmental. Because life experience has shown me that this is true for a very very small part of the population. Plus, such declarations always come across as self righteous. 

But I’m working on this y’all. I swear


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Blushing bee
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I judge;

1) People that don’t move down to the end of the bus during rush hour when there’s plenty of room.

2) People who have entire Facebook albums dedicated to pictures of themselves. Especially if all the photos are selfies or mirror shots taken in their room/mirror.

3) People who haven’t grasped basic escalator etiquette (Stand on the right so that people can walk past on the left. Don’t just stop and dither when you reach the end so that users behind you almost have a pile up).

4) People who push in queues. I swear, if I see you do this, I will tut almost loudly enough for you to hear me.

5) People who chew with their mouths open.

6) People who contantly post chain or ‘inspirational’ messages on Facebook.

7) People who continue their phone conversations whilst at the checkout and don’t bother to acknowledge the cashier.

8) Parents who harass employers trying to get their kids jobs. Or worse, follow up on their kid’s interview for feedback. This happens more frequently than you would think. Parents, if your child is old enough to work, they’re old enough to do the job searching. All you are doing is making them look bad, because nobody wants to hire someone that still needs mummy or daddy to hold their hand.

9) The student on my bus who was moaning that she had so much music, she needed to delete some everytime she downloaded a new album (this was just yesterday, so it’s still fresh in my mind – Sorry random student!).

On reflection, I may need to change my screen name to ‘Nova McJudgeyPants’!

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Blushing bee

people with more than two sexual partners, bleh

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Busy bee
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I judge people who think it is better for a child to be hungry and/or in a sucky home than being adopted by homosexuals. 

I judge people who are not fiscally responsible

I judge people who lie to get unployment and or other government benefits.

I judge obese people who make their children obese. I do not care if u r an adult and are obese whether due to excessive eating or otherwise, but I consider it abusive to feed your children crap when they are clearly overweight.

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Busy bee
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@beemo:  in a lifetime or at the same time? 

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Busy bee
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I find myself judging people for little things all the time.  Then I feel really bad that I judged them 🙁  Maybe talking about it will help me feel better, so….


I find myself judging parents of teenage girls who’s butts are hanging out of their short shorts.  Especially when they’re walking down the street with them.


I work with kids and teach them about healthy eating & active living.  I catch myself judging people who offer juice or soda to kids when they say they are thirsty, especially with toddlers. I feel like their teaching them that thirst = sugar & their training them to want sugary drinks instead of water.  I know way too much about the effects of sugary drinks on kids and I have to remember that not everyone knows that and probably not everyone cares!


I also catch myself judging a skinny girl at work who eats whatever she wants but I’m pretty sure that’s just me being jealous and making myself better by thinking I’m SO much healthier than her ;).


I also judge my husband for being skinny and never exercising.  Not fair!!!  But I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I married him (besides the whole love thing 🙂 Is so my kids could get that gene!!

Oh and I almost forgot, I do judge people who purchase their pets and don’t adopt. I may still love you, but anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about that.  

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Blushing bee

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@AngelR88: In a lifetime.

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