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Haha, I can relate to that last one. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to elope and have a reception later. Tempting, but I want my family and friends to be there.

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What a fab list!  I’m giggling at my desk!

Can I add a few?

-Everytime you see a dessert you picture how it would look wrapped up as a wedding favor

-It bothers you that your memos and files at work don’t match like your wedding stationary does

-You put on full makeup, to the nines, for a trip to the grocery store for the sake of practice (This is so me, sadly.)

-You find yourself making purchases and using the wedding as an excuse even if it isn’t something specficially for your wedding (I should buy stock in Sephora.)


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10. You spend a monthlong trip to NYC, in which you should be doing dissertation research, buying not one, but two wedding dresses, because you happen to be in the greatest fashion district. Ever.

9. You take two hours to decide table linen colors, only to wake up a 6 am one morning KNOWING that you CANNOT live with those colors and that you must change them.

8. Yoga classes do nothing to quiet the wedding-planning brain.

7. You find yourself irresistibly drawn into vintage shops across the country.

6. You may (or may not) um, take…old…weathered…wood…from…a…state…park…because it will make cute vintage signs. And you may or may not transport that wood across state lines…

5. You can recognize your friend’s wedding vendors from various blog photos that show up thereafter

4. Excel has helped you break the wedding day into 15 minute increments.

3. You are jealous of friends who are done with their wedding…and the planning!

2. Your wedding folder has 100s of inspiration ideas, but you still religiously check for new ideas from weddingbee & other blogs

1. You begin to obsess over weather averages a month out from the big day.

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Here’s a few more…

– You find yourself using wedding-related acronyms (DOC, STD) in real life…

– When the RSVPs start arriving at your mother’s house, you call her every single day to find out who replied… even Sunday’s when there is no mail delivery!

– You start having inexplainable dreams about your wedding (my latest – random teeth were falling out of my mouth on wedding day… yet I was oddly calm about the whole thing…)

Great post!

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I love love love these! They’re awesome!

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-you have the instinct to buy anything that comes in your wedding colors, even though it is nothing you would ever use in your wedding (ie. Gardening Tools in the exact shade of your bridesmaids dresses!)

-you open weddingbee and continually refresh the page for a good ten minutes when before you realize nothing new is coming up.

-you photoshop the heads of your bridal party onto pictures of models in your bridesmaid dress next to your head photoshopped on your dress alongside the model in the tuxes you’ve ordered … guilty!

@MarryingtheNavy  The teeth falling out dream has been interpretted in many dream books to mean that you are feeling a loss of control in your every day life.  I often got this dream during finals in college.

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@ MarryingtheNavy- LOL!!! I did that last night to my Fiance, I said " I really want to get some outdoor engagement pictures for our STD’s, and he looked at me like, WTF!" I had to explain about the acronyms!!


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I will add these:

– you realize the list of events on your wedding program is out of order. You pay for overnight shipping both ways to have the woman in California who made them (you live in D.C.) re-do them 4 days before the wedding.

– You want to make gift tags for your bridesmaids gifts. They don’t come out right, so you seriously consider looking on Etsy for 3 gift tags.

– You started tanning in order to even out your skin tone so you look perfect in your dress. Now you have to spend equal amounts of time exfoliating and moisturizing so that you’re not peeling in your dress.

You do not want to know how much overnight shipping both ways across the country costs.

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Helper bee

You notice that Wal*Mart has spray paint in the exact shade of green you are using and try to find some way to NEED that spray paint! (I’m actually making signs for the bathroom doors at our venue JUST so I can get the paint! LOL).

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I have another not so nice one…. You decide that if your *annoying* brother shows up with his unwashed brood you will direct them to the ceremony site FARTHEST from the "real" one and hope they get lost!
You use 5 empty Altoids tins to make the PERFECT ring box (we’re not having a ring bearer, so I made a box to hold our rings so they don’t get lost in FI’s pocket) and nearly throw your hot glue gun out the third story window when box # 4 won’t shut because you didn’t take the thickness of the fabric cover into consideration.
You worry about funny tan lines from the knee brace you’re wearing (I’m still 5 months out and I’m worried about TAN LINES!).
You "craft room" looks like it EXPLODED with unfinished projects and your In-Laws are coming to visit this weekend. (I MUST get ALLLLLL my projects done before they get here WHY?!?! LOL)

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Here are five more that hit close to home: 

You are willingly letting Jillian kick your butt on 30 Day Shred, and genuinely fearful of what could possibly be on dreaded level 3.

Your genuis idea for an ipod reception has you spending entirely more than you should on instrumental versions of obscure songs you loved in the 90s.

You have spent multiple evenings debating the right infrastructure which to hang pomanders.

You can now power through wedding magazines because you realize nothing besides the "Real Weddings" section is new information. 

You get excited when you hear that a co-worker is leaving the company and immediately pull them and their spouse off the guest list. 



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You manage to justify every purchase as a wedding related expense, whether actually is or not…

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You spend all day at work planning your wedding and keep refreshing Weddingbee looking for new posts!

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Wow!  This thread is awesome!  Haha!  There are so many that hit home for me. 

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