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Busy bee

Oh man, I had this horrible job right after college in a sandwich shop.  The job itself was okay, but my boss was utterly nuts.  She once told me to clean a shelf that was 3 feet over my head, and, when I asked her if there was a step stool in the place somewhere that I could use, she flipped her lid and just went off on me for 15 minutes about how unprofessional I was for asking that.  When I quit (several weeks later) she screamed at me again and said wherever I went to work I was going to get eaten alive, and then, in this mocking tone said "Is there a STOOL I can uuuuseeee?"


I’ve never figured out what was so wrong with me asking for a stool.   

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Buzzing bee
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Hmm…I worked at a Baskin-Robbins. It sucked. The guy that I replaced cut off his finger on the machine the cuts down the ice cream tubs. Yay!

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Helper bee
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I had a job working for an optometrist in high school; later, after moving for college, I worked for a larger ophthalmalogist/optometrist office. I wouldn’t say it was the worst job ever, but there were definitely some awful parts.  The worst thing was probably cleaning/repairing glasses for people who didn’t have it done very often.  I was very good at disguising my disgust in front of the patients, but once I was in the lab, gagging was not uncommon.  The worst part was the nosepads; we jokingly and not so lovingly called the buildup "nose cheese."  (I’m not sure where this name came from…)  Just a tip: if your nosepads are green and smell, get them changed!  (If you can’t make it in to the optical shop, a little soap and an old toothbrush goes a looooong way!)  I was always surprised that people don’t notice the look or smell…

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Helper bee
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I hate to admit it, but my first job out of college was at a kiosk at the mall.  It was completely mindless & I could only deal with it for about two months before I got a "real" job.  The worst part?  It was selling body jewelry. 

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Bumble bee
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a telemarketer in high school.  people are really rude to you and there are some racist people in certain parts of the us!

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Bee Keeper
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I’ve had a few bad jobs…

For work study in college I had to wipe down sweaty gym machines with Clorox after students were done using them.  Yuck!

I worked for a couple weeks for a telemarketing campaign for a political group which I (now) strongly oppose.  I was sort of wishy washy on this particular subject before starting that job, but working on this campaign really made me take a strong stance on the issue.  And I quit when I learned our paychecks were calculated from the "commission" we brought in by cold calling people for donations.  🙁

My worst job is the summer I spent as an intern at a mine near my hometown.  I was working 12 hour days, outside in 100+ degree weather for 5-6 days a week.  Because I was an intern, I had to do all the crappy jobs, too, like picking up trash and baiting Mormon crickets.  Oh God, and once I had to shovel piles of dead Mormon crickets into buckets and then walk them like a 1/2 mile to a locked trash bin.  It was sooooo bad.

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Busy bee
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I was a nanny for a horrible woman one summer.  She was always home 1-2 hours later than she told me she’d be.  Her kids used to fall asleep on the couch b/c they would try to stay awake long enough to see her when she got home.  When she did get home, she would give the dogs more attention than her kids!  She made an 8am appointment 2 hours from where we live to have her son tested for ADD for the 5th time.  I took him to the appointment and the doctor was PISSED b/c he expected the parents to be there.  Oh, and to top it off, she told me an interfaith marriage would never work for me and my then boyfriend (now FH).

I loved the kids but I really couldn’t stand her.  I don’t understand why someone would go through SO much work to adopt kids and then be such a horrible mother!

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Busy bee
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Worked at a very popular lingerie store in college. It was just boring and you had to constantly push the stupid credit card or you would get yelled at. And I had some bad managers.

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Blushing bee

I did telemarketing too, but the soul-suckingness of that didn’t compare to the all-you-can-eat buffet that was my first job.  I was given about one four-hours shift per week to work (yay…$20 per paycheck).  That wasn’t so bad for a sixteen-year-old, though…a little pocket money and still having most of the summer free.  The bad part was that it was my job to refill the buffet, so I came home with steam burns and covered in food every day.  My mom wouldn’t even let me come in the house I was so gross (I had to strip naked in the basement).  And let me tell you, you can’t imagine how awful cocktail sauce smells until you are confronted with a two gallon bucket of it. 

I never did work my way up to waitress…

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This is too funny! I have really enjoyed reading these.  I have one that doesn’t sound like it would be that bad but once you hear the whole story you will empathize.  I’ve always been a type ‘a’ personality- especially with work *i’ve learned how to relax at home in the last several years*.  Anyhow, my first  job was as a lifeguard at a local waterpark when I was sixteen. At the time the park was owned my some japanese businessmen who lived in california and rarely visited. It was managed and run by a relative of theirs, a very elderly asian woman who’s favorite passtimes were chain smoking and yelling at the lifeguards for not picking up all the trash.  I really enjoyed my job (despite the second hand smoke in the office and the daily garbage duties) so I returned the following summer and was given the position of ‘head’ lifeguard. There were two of us over about 35 staff lifeguards ( I was only 18 at the time mind you and the other Head Guard was a girl closer to her 30s).  There were some major differences in the park, however. Over the winter it had been sold to a local guy- we’ll call him *Dave*.  Dave seemed like a nice guy at first, he was strict but he really seemed to know what the park needed, and he made a ton of improvements to the derelict park during the previous winter.  He also decided that he was going to fire all the janitorial staff and have the lifeguards do all the cleaning.  That was okay for the most part- I had a chart of set duties for the guards to do at closing time every day.  However, hire a bunch of rich kids who just want to make some money to party one- none of whom are over 17 and then put them in charge of cleaning your bathrooms and safeguarding children and you are asking for trouble. I didn’t mind the manegerial stuff for the most part. I HATED writing people up but I didn’t have to do it too often.  Being a water park things were mostly laid back.  I do remember a seriously disturbing instance once where the men’s bathrooms were totally demolished. On the risk of making anyone loose their lunch I will save the nitty gritty but lets just say apparently grown men can forget what a toilet is and there was excrement spread all over the walls.  Oh, and the toilets were of course clogged. The odor was soo bad we had to wear masks and re-emerge every few minutes. I eventually got the fans in there and running but ohmygosh.  I also had to give ‘toilet plunging lessons’ to my guards, many of whom had a maid service at home and had never so much as scrubbed  a toilet much less plunged one.  Just imagine – for a moment- little ol’ 95lb me (well i was then anyhow) with one foot balancing on the wall behind the toilet so i could show the ‘guards’ how to get proper leverage for maximum effectiveness.  yes- i was dedicated.  There was also the time I had to protect one of my guards from getting beat down by a huge group of samoan women when him ‘missed’ their child at the bottom of the slide- mind you, the child swam well and was around 10, he just wanted to be ‘caught’.  The police were called.  Really though, i would have worked there every summer throughout college if it hadn’t been for what happened two years later.  I was no longer ‘guarding’ my fair complexion just couldn’t take the texas summers anymore. I was working at the same park as the office manager.  The head guard was a fellow college classmate at my school and we knew eachother well, she was very competent and responsible. On the 4th of July ( we were open) it had been threatening storms all day.  Around 5pm ( an hour before the park closed ) The head guard radio’d down that she was seeing lightning. *Dave* the owner had bought a lightning detector so I was simulataneouly monitoring it and the weather service from inside the office.  The detector went off and said there was lightning within 5 miles (considered to be extremelly dangerous) and I made the call along with the head guard to close the pool.  An hour later, as I am counting money for the day and preparing deposits the owners car screeches up outside. He storms in, rips the lightning detector out of the wall and throws it at the wall behind me.  Apparently we shouldn’t have closed down the pool .  I finished the summer but I let him know that in the years I had worked for him I had come to respect him but that I could not work for someone who had such anger management issues.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Wow! Mine doesn’t seem so bad….

For about 2 months when I was 17, I worked at a SMALL catering company. My job was to show up whenever I could and wash the food pans. After the idiots let them sit in the van overnight in the winter. Needles to say, all that food would freeze in the pans and was not easy to clean out. It was hard on my hands and only minimum pay!

Other than that, I’ve been a lifeguard, a waitress, and now I’m an engineer. That’s it! 

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Worker bee
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For a total of 4 months in college I worked in the records room of a cemetery. The job was close to campus but the office was literally in a cemetery.  I used to just think of it as real estate but on a much smaller scale and that worked fine for a while.  One day though while going through someone’s files I came across a large carbon rubbing of someone’s headstone. It weirded me out enough that I started looking for another job that very day.

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