(Closed) Just found out best friend cheated on her FI – no idea what to do!

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    Tell her to do what she wants and don't say anything to FI - Stay out of it! : (27 votes)
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    Tell her she needs to stop, however don't say anything to FI : (76 votes)
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    Tell her to stop, but tell FI the situation and get advice : (48 votes)
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    Tell FI the situation and let him decide how to handle his friend : (31 votes)
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    @UKbee:  Been there, done that. 

    I tell Mr. 99 everything,  he’s very discreet, and if anyone of my friends has a problem with that, we’re not friends anymore.   We have a few friends and aquantances that are hard core philanderers…its just who they are.  They keep playing the monogamy game, but they’re really bad at it, they cheat, they call me, we go to lunch and talk about it.  Reset, repeat…do it all over again.  Some people just don’t have it in them to stay faithful in a relationship, that’s not a bad thing, lying about it is though.

    I never tell whoever they’re with what I know, that’s not my business and I might be a horrible person, but my loyalty lies with them.  I may not agree with what their doing, but I’m not there to agree with it, condone it, or fix it.  I’m there because we’re friends, and friends listen to each other, love each other no matter what and they certainly don’t chastise each other for their choices.

    It always blows up in their faces, sooner or later and a teary breakup ensues, they come over, we fix them dinner, get them drunk and listen to the whole, ugly mess.  Tuck them in, let them sleep it off and after a shower and some flapjacks, they’re ready to face the world again.

    My advice, choose your allegiance, tell your Fiance and see what happens, you can’t be expected to carry this garbage on your own….I don’t like to interfere and strongly suggest that you don’t, things like this always work themselves out for the better, although it is an ugly process.

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    @UKbee:  She asked you not to tell, so don’t tell.  If she is your best friend, talk to her about feeling uncomfortable.  I tell my best friend what I’m thinking because…she’s my best friend.

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    I highly doubt she will stop if you tell her to. The thing is if nothing happens then she basically gets away with it, and she’ll eventually do it again. And again, and again, until she’s caught. That will for sure ruin her relationship even more than just doing it once. I think their relationship is doomed either way. I mean instead of raising her feelings with her partner about spicing up the sex life she instead goes behind his back to have sex with someone else? 


    She also is trying to get you involved unfortunately. If you tell your Fiance and he tells his friend then she will get mad. But SHE was the one who did something wrong. And probably will again. How would your Fiance feel if you kept it from him? If it were me I would absolutely discuss this with my Fiance because I want  relationship based on trust. Your friend is being unfair asking you to keep this big secret. 


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    @UKbee:  i don’t see an option for “stay out of it.”

    i didn’t read any of this because at the end of the day, it’s her life, not yours. unless her Fiance is your brother, stay out of it.

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    I vote to stay out of it, she’s an adult – I’d give her a friendly pep talk and that’s it.

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    I would tell my Darling Husband because I tell him everything. It’s not fair for her to ask you not to in my eyes.

    I wouldn’t get involved though. Be there for her, talk to her, give her advice, but don’t interfere. She’s your friend who’s seriously hurting right now or else she wouldn’t have done something like that. She’ll figure it out on her own, she just needs a little support.

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    Talk to your Fiance, because she should never ask you to keep something from him, and tell her that you intend to tell him and why. After that, I dont know what I would do. Stick my head in a bucket possibly.

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    @UKbee:  Do NOT tell your Fiance. Your friend asked you to be a good friend and not to tell anyone. She even specifically asked you not to tell your Fiance. You know that if you do, he will tell her Fiance, and that is not your place nor his. You will ruin your friendship, their relationship and possibly even the relationship between your Fiance and his best friend, if the best friend chooses not to believe him.

    In this situation, I would advise her to come clean. Because she’s considering doing it again, it seems like she isn’t all that upset/guilty about what she did. Usually, if it’s a 1 time thing and the person who cheated feels incredibly guilty and knows they would never do it again, I advise not telling, but in this situation, I think her Fiance deserves to know. He deserves to know that his Fiance is not happy in their relationship and that she will most likely not remain monogamous unless something changes drastically with their sex life.

    Most importantly, remember to be a friend. This is a complicated situation, and while you certainly shouldn’t support her choice to cheat, you should be supportive in allowing her to handle this as she sees fit. At the end of the day, it’s her relationship, not yours and not your FI’s.

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    @UKbee:  First and foremost I would urge her to be using protection if she isn’t (and to get tested if she isn’t). Second, I would urge her to tell her fiance and advise them to work out their intimacy issues. It is never okay to cheat, but it is especially unfair for her to just give up and step out without having even tried to work it out with him. For all he knows, there is no issue in the bedroom! Third, I would not tell your fiance.  She disclosed this information in confidence and it’s not your place to tell anyone about it.


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    I’m always floored by this behavor.  She has opened the door to someone she met on a sex site online.  He could be nuts, she could be exposed to Save-The-Date Cards, and she has now subjected her Fiance to all of this and he gets no say, no choice in the matter.  They may be a great match on paper but she can’t love her Fiance, she’s putting her needs ahead of his, that’s having your cake and eating it too.

    I also think it’s wrong that she’s asked you to be complicit and help her pull the wool over the eyes of her Fiance and yours. Best friends don’t ask other best friends to potentially harm their own relationship so they can continue to cheat.  What happens to your relationship with Fiance with this hits the fan?  It always hits the fan.  

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    @UKbee:  Well….the motives are all very different and interesting.  I honestly think one of them just needs to find a lady that’s hip to the swinger lifestyle, it would solve so many of the problems he faces in long term relationships…because aside from being a giant slut, he’s actually a very loving, intelligent and caring person….he just really loves sex and loves it with everyone.

    One of my girlfriends does it when she’s mad at her husband…soooo THAT is fucked up, but whatever.

    And a couple of single guys, just want the best of both worlds, a lady waiting for you at home, an endless buffet of sweet young things at the bar….they need to grown up!

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    @UKbee:  I definitely would let Darling Husband if I were in your situation. I refuse to keep things from him. 

    I also think that you need to tell your friend to come clean to her Fiance. If they have any hope of making things work long term they need to work out their sex issues. 

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