Just Got First Tattoo: Not Happy with quality and Need Advice Please

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bepatient and you might not findthe exact help or fix you want at the next tattoo shopbut thats ok…just keep looking til you find an amazing artist that will fix it exactly how you want it …i was the same way i waited on getting my first tattoo for 3yrs before i actually got it and when to at least 10 diff shops n talked to a lot of artists found one that had already done something similar before, but mine didnt come out as clean thats for sure i need it retouched. just be patient

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I’m sorry this happened. No one should have a bad tattoo experience, especially a first one, but don’t get too upset just yet. I would wait until it is fully healed (please take care of it correctly so it doesn’t get damaged or faded). If you’re still not happy get a recommendation for a reputable artist in your area and go in and show them. They may be able to fix it or adjust it so it’s more like what you want. And ask to see examples of their lettering work!

For the future, NEVER get a tattoo from someone who is making you feel rushed, pressured or uncomfortable. This is your body and you have to live with it. A good tattoo artist would never pressure anyone to get something that they weren’t 100% happy with.

Did she even do a temporary or a drawing on your skin to show you exactly what it would look like?

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Busy bee

You’ve learnt the hard way sadly. Sorry to hear that this happened.

Do some research and find a reputable tattoo artists and go in an see them. Don’t do anything until you are 110% happy with it!! Ask your mates, co-workers etc for recommendations on who to see.

Worse comes to worst, tattoo removal is expensive but might be worth it if you hate it that much. Friend of mine was getting rid of a tatt from when she was 19. Itched like crazy and was coming off pretty easily.

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I’m sort of in the same boat. Sort of. The place I got it done is a reputable studio and she didn’t really rush me (did a template and all that) but I’m not sure I like how she did the lettering. The letters are supposed to be feminine and softly swoop but the picture she took after makes the letters look sharper/more angular and the double n’s don’t match. Is this just post tattoo swelling and will settle down or is this something that she actually did wrong(ish) and I can get fixed once it’s healed? 

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Busy bee
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I’m sorry.  I have many tattoos, and it’s sad to see customers such as yourself have this experience.  

I would wait until it heals before making another decision to alter it.  Much harder than the actual tattoo is a cover up/change–usually need a really good tattoo artist to pull this off.  

This time around please go to many reputable spots and ask for their advice/consultation.  For the record, all great tattoo artists do consultations and work with you before actually inking you.

Also about tattoo removal–it hurts way worse than the tattoo and just fades it.  Your skin will never be the same after the removal as residue will always be slightly visible.  I’ve never seen a super successful removal. 

Good luck!

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Sugar bee

loverednailpolish :  oh boy. Firstly, I’m sorry you have a tattoo you don’t like, that really sucks. And I’m sorry you had the negative experience you had, that really sucks too and there isn’t an excuse for an artist to treat you that way. 

that said, you kinda dropped the ball on doing your research into tattoos and the process  Of picking an artist. Can you just walk into a shop and say “I want this on me,” sure. But those kids of tattoos (flash tattoos) are generally not the best. Typically, when you have a tattoo and find an artist you like (and you’ve looked through their portfolio to see that their work is similar to what you’re looking for – much like choosing a wedding photographer), you then reach out to that artist (by phone or email) and inquire about the tattoo. the artist will ask what you want, discuss it with you, many times have you come in for a consult, eTc. They’ll often also draw up a sketch for you. In the case of something simple like a word, this is when you go back and forth on the font. YOU should pick out a specific font you want. If the artist doesn’t have it, either they’ll purchase it for ou or tell you that you’ll need to purchase/download and provide them with the font. This way, you’re getting just what you want. The issue with just walking into a shop without having taken any of these steps is that you wanted a tattoo on the spot in a font they don’t have. And while you know that this tat is very meaningful to you, not having taken the proper time to set this all up, it comes across as just a trendy word. 

Again, I’m sorry you don’t like it. And your artist should have been nicer – but you also need to do your research. 

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