(Closed) Just got into an argument with DH over his dog

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[email protected]:  I think she was more referring to the dog getting old and then people having no time for it.

Everyone loves the new puppy, but many people get over that hype after a while and dont think they have to give as much attention to older dogs. 

I also think that if a dog became aggressive or danger to children – i would get it some serious behavioral training, even as extreme to place them in one where they live out of the home for a month. Clearly something is wrong and needs to be addressed. I would try everything in my power to curb that behavior before sending them away.

It would be like having or adopting (unknowingly) a child with behavioral problems or violent tendencies. You cant just give them back, you have to work with them. 

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leisha606:  i understand that this is a dividing issue, but in my opinion (as a dog lover) and probably the OPs opinion, as a open dog disliker, dogs are not “like a child with behavioral problems”. dogs are like dogs. not people. also, if you did have a child with behavioral issues that became a physical threat to other people/children in your household, they might need to be removed from the home for counselling etc. and in my opinion, if a dog became a danger to children, I wouldn’t keep it. “serious behavioral training” may fix the problem, but I would not risk my children. 

I love dogs. I plan on having a dog after my future children are old enough, but it’s naive to pretend that issues do not arise and I personally do not wish to be one of the unfortunate few who put the dogs needs before my childrens and have a disaster happen. I was bit by an agressive family dog when I was young. I was very lucky and only have a small scar but it was very scary at the time. Luckily it didn’t affect my love for dogs. That same dog (after going through “serious behavioral training”) bit another kid in the face. The boy had to have major plastic surgury to save his nose and he will be severly scarred for life. People come first. 









it DOES happen. 


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[email protected]:  I am DEFINITELY not saying it doesnt happen – i think we all saw that video going around a few weeks ago..

and of course, i did say that “i would try everything in my power BEFORE sending them away” meaning i realize that sometimes it unfortunately has to be done. But i respect that you wouldn’t risk it considering your previous run ins when you were younger.  I may have had the same opinion if that happened to me. 

I guess the point i was trying to make is that sometimes people are too quick to give them up. They sign up for a responsibility and then “on second thought, nevermind” when their dogs are difficult. I have seen it a lot. They are members of the family to me, which is why me and other PP do insist they are like children and not easy to give up. But i understand it is different when they get to the point of being “too aggressive”

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Fall_In_Love22:  I’m sure you have a lot to read here, but I’ll put in my 2 cents. I preface this by staying I love dogs and have owned at least 2 at any given time.

You should rehome the dog. If you truly hate dogs and can only manage tolerate them then no amount of training will make this dog better. I believe that dogs can sense the tension created from the forced “tolerance” and she will always misbehave out of this preceived tension.

Further, you should never get another dog unless you are willing to move past tolerance into at least the like zone. It’s not fair to bring a member into your family that will never be fully accepted.Your husband should maybe volunteer at a shelter or as a dogwalker for a reescue if he needs a puppy fix. Please only get a pet you can both agree to like and love.


I don’t think you’re a terrible person for not liking dogs, but I think that is a terrible situation to introduce a dog into.


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OP has stated at least twice that she “hates dogs”. 

Based on that statement alone, the dog should be rehomed with someone that “loves dogs”.  It’s that simple. 

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Until I’m old refers not to the owner aging (though in the case of elderly people looking for a dog I always make sure that there is a family member or friend willing to take responsibility for the dog if and when the owner is no longer able too before allowing an adoption) but to people who get a puppy and then once it’s older and not as cute they give them away and as for the aggression well if you get the dog as a puppy it is your responsibility to teach that dog acceptable behaviour around children, adults and other animals and if you decide to adopt an older dog to do your research and go to a shelter that temperament tests their dogs (while these tests are not 100% it rules out any obvious aggression issues) and if you still end up with aggression it depends on the type and nature of aggression (for example food aggression is simply managed by making sure the dog is left alone until they finished eating and is removed from the room while people eat) but of course yes there are cases where the dog has aggression issues and unfortunatley needs to be euthanased. The amount of ridiculous surrender reasons I see in my job (one lady actually surrendered her dog because it didn’t match the interior decor in her house) I’d say perhaps 20% are genuine understandable (and no moving is not a genuine reason…I’d live in a tent on the street before I’d give my dogs up)

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Oh and incidentally after re reading your original post there’s a damn good reason your dog mouthed your husband. Wouldn’t you get a little defensive if you had been enjoying yourself outside and then somebody after calling out to you in a language you don’t understand came up and grabbed you around the neck and started dragging you towards the house where you could feel the annoyance radiating of the people. YOU made the mistake there of firstly not reinforcing the dogs recall enough that she found it more rewarding to continue what she was doing rather than come to you and secondly your handling of the dog. You need to learn how to communicate and form a relationship with this animal. For you  it means an argument with your husband. For the dog it could mean loosing its life

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StevieJo:  haha what? just because you’d rather be a homeless person living in a tent with your dogs doesn’t mean that not being able to find a place to live where you can keep them isn’t “a genuine reason.” 


This post is weird. If you don’t want a dog, don’t get a dog. if you hate dogs and your hubby gets one, don’t let him keep it. send it directly back. her mistake was waiting and hoping she’ll magically learn to deal. if you don’t like dogs, chances are you won’t want to own one. 

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