Just got married and he's got problems with ED

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I understand sex is new and exciting, but expecting sex every single day isn’t super realistic for most couples. Regardless of what he said before marriage. 

I think maybe having your husband go to sex therapy with you could benefit you both. It’d help him get over his fear of not using condoms and overall better communication. 

His ED could also be effected by simply being nervous about sex and pregnancy. If he was raised to think sex was shameful like you were, it is a hard switch to turn off mentally. Counseling I think would be the best route to start. I know you’re newlyweds but it’s not shameful if you need some help. It will help you feel less upset about everything too. Women are expected to feel wanted and desired 24-7 by men and it’s simply not the case always. I think just having some guidance to breakdown the religious barriers you’ve both had in your minds would help a lot. 

Its good he’s willing to see a doctor too and try medication if it is truly related to medical issues only. But part of me is thinking it could be a combo of age, health and nerves. Just a thought. Good luck. 

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I am curious about when you say that you “are not ready for kids.”  Are you hoping to have children eventually?  Do you just not want kids?  If you never want them, he may want to consider getting a vasectomy so you don’t have to worry about condoms.  If he is concerned about not being ready yet at 48 years old and eventually does want kids, what exactly is he waiting for to be ready?  Do you guys just want to be married a little longer?  39 and 48 is not too late for kids, but if you do want them eventually, I would start thinking about when.  If not, there are more long term solutions for him than condoms.

Aside from that, I think sex a few times a week is much more realistic for most couples than daily sex marathons, regardless of ED.  He may have had higher expectations of himself from when he was younger.  There may also be a lot of pressure for him because you guys waited so long for this.  If you are unable to get into a groove, there are also meds that may be able to help, depending on his health issues.  Good luck!

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Honey bee

“I was told by both the evangelical community that all I had to do was wait for marriage to have awesome sex and my fiance talked up a big game about the awesome sex we would have.”

Well this is just a giagantic lie and I’m sorry that you were made these promises.  Good sex doesn’t just magically happen.  

I also had the same question as a PP about when you were going to start trying?  I have a lot of friends who had children at 40, but I think it’s recommended that you consider starting sooner rather than later, unless you plan on using an egg donor and a surrogate.  Because maybe you should throw caution to the wind and stop using condoms so that he can perform.  

Or there are always drugs for that problem.



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Are you planning on having kids at some point? If so, given your ages, I would think an oops wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen, so why is he so worried about it?? 

If you don’t ever want kids he should just go get snipped. 

This strikes me as very strange. 

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If you’re “not ready for kids” are you planning on trying eventually…? Because I’d get on that boat quickly if so.

He could just go to the doctor and request some viagra. Or get a vasectomy if he’s so worried about it. 

Sex is definitely not something most people are great at immediately. Like, at all. lol

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He didn’t think your sex drives would match? So had he had sexual partners before you? Agree with PP that every day isn’t realistic for most couples.

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Honey bee

It’s so easy to talk a big game when you don’t have to perform…he’s probably really nervous.  As a couple I think you can work through this.  

What I would do is find out what he fantasized about before you got married?  He has to have some kink or fantasy that he used while knocking one out.  Maybe try to role play a bit and get him back in that head space.


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Dear bee, there are ways he (and you!) can satisfy you without maintaining an erection.

 Figure out your own sexual satisfaction. Even purchase a vibrator – it doesn’t have to be a penetrating one to do the job well – 

having the pressure all on his penis isn’t going to help. Have fun learning and practicing foreplay, tantra, slowing things down, connecting. 

It will all be ok. 

Results-oriented sex isn’t ultimately satisfying – focus on exploration and delight. 

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Helper bee

It seems both of you are inexperienced iwth sex.  Try some reading, together.  Maybe start wtih a couple of books – “Sheet Music: Unocovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage,” and “She Comes First.”  I’m pretty sure they are both on Amazon.  Read the books together and have fun.  It might help your husband relax knowing that it’s not all about his erection, which could ease his stress enough to help his ED.

Also, you seem to be inexperienced with pregnancy and should do some research on that as well.  Women’s fertility (and the health of male sperm) drops as the parents get older.  You might be surprised how hard it could be for you to get pregnant, so if you really do want children some day, you need to speak to a doctor about it so you are better prepared.  Get your fertility checked, both you and your husband, for starters.

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Bee Keeper

Stories like this have convinced me that waiting until marriage to have sex with the one and only person you are going to be intimate with all your life is a huge, huge mistake. I’m sorry if I offend the religious people here on the board, but I think this mentality does such a disservice to couples. Sex is a very important part of a relationship and you should know it’s good before you make a lifelong commitment.

OP, he can try Viagra, but he’d be better off working out and boosting his cardio. Erections are all about blood flow and the lack of one can presage cardiac issues. And of course Bridal Party meds will impede erections, but cardio activities will lower Bridal Party naturally over time.

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Dear God (literally), I wish no one had told you such lies about sex. It is almost never magically awesome without any knowledge/preparation, so you were just kinda set up to fail there. As such I absolutely do not condemn you for being disappointed, you seem to be really taking his feelings to heart alongside your own, and also seem willing to work for it, which is what you have to do. But working for something doesn’t have to be an exhausting, hopeless process, it can be really empowering! The key ingredients are open communication and tenderness (as pat as that sounds). Try to find a good sex therapist in your area (preferably one who is educated about your particular religious views). Your ideas about nutrition and exercise are great. It might also be a good idea for your husband to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. You’d be surprised by how many issues with arousal have to do with that area—problems with the pelvic floor aren’t just for ladies, and they often result from a complex mixture of physical and emotional problems. If he has been as immobile as you suggest, and especially if he’s been extremely stressed, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some weakness/tension down there. Despite the number of men out there who refuse to use condoms becuase they “can’t feel anything”, not being able to achieve arousal and orgasm while using a condom is not necessarily normal and does point to a lack of sensitivity. And if he is as nervous about pregnancy as you say, having sex without a condom might just increase his anxiety and that probably won’t help matters.

As for deciding whether or not to have kids right now based on this one problem, I can’t help but feel like that’s mixing two separate issues. Don’t have kids or have them at whatever time you’re comfortable with, but health (emotional and physical) comes first.

Good luck!


Bridal Party meds….the opposite of Viagra?

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sunburn :  It especially screws women over. Like why the hell do men not have to live up to the same virginal standards you do? OP’s husband isn’t a virgin and neither are the husbands of many of the women who repress themselves. 

And even if he were a virgin, sorry not sorry but men’s sexual performance declines like hell with age. ED, PME, libido…so you’ve really lost a lot of valuable time having the best sex of your life. 


What if the kinks and drive don’t match up? You’ve lost decades of bomb ass sex just to marry someone who probably isn’t a virgin, may not share similar kinks or last long enough or be able to stay hard. All these sufferings are easily avoidable if you test drive the biggest fucking investment of your life before buying it…

So sorry for what’s happening to you, OP. I’d haul his ass to the doctors. He had to have known about this problem and just refused to fess up to it.

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sharpshooter :  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I was so confused! I was like what?? Is she implying he took a bunch of drugs at his bachelor party or something?! Hahaha

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