(Closed) Just got Wisdom teeth out 4 hours ago and in horrible pain. I need kind words :(

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I took 800mg Motrin/Advil/ibuprofen. Damn a Tylenol. That’s like baby aspirin for a gunshot wound.

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yourhandinmine :  My husband is an ER physician and said you can take T3 every 4 hours.  He also said you can ask your doctor to also prescribe Ultram.  It’s related to Norco, more like a distant cousin and should help with the pain.  You can also take that every 4 to 6 hours so you can alternate that and the T3 so something is always in your system, at least for the first couple of days.

I remember when I had mine out, like 10 years ago, I was prescribed an NSAID called diflusinal.  It made me very sleepy.  But if you’re still bleeding the doctor probably doesn’t want to give you an NSAID. I also remember keeping a pillow up to my face as the pressure felt better.

It sucks, it really does.  I lived on milkshakes for several days, using a spoon.

Hang in there.

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yourhandinmine :  Can you tilt your head back and pour the water straight down into your throat and bypass your teeth??

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I had all four taken out a few years ago and it hurt so bad for a whole week. I was allowed straws though, in fact they gave us juice to drink with straws right after I came round in the recovery room. Try some cold soup maybe? And ice cream! Definitely check back to see if you can up your medication. Feel better soon x

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I didn’t have any needle stabbing pain when I had my wisdoms out. If you’re still using gauze, try putting some orajel or ambesol on it first, maybe that’ll take the edge off.

If you’re still bleeding (like, filling a gauze pad regularly) you’ll need to go back.

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You could use a straw as a way to bypass the wounded areas. Fill a tall glass with water, drop the straw in, put your finger over the top end of the straw firmly and the water will be trapped inside until you remove your finger. You could put the other end far into your mouth, then release the top. You might get more water into you that way than with a syringe (depending on how big a syringe you have!)

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I feel your pain literally and am so sympathetic. My advice be gentle on yourself take time to heal and do not rush to get back into things.

I had 1 wisdom tooth removed last year, never again. My face blew up like a balloon, couldn’t eat or drink fluids, couldn’t open my mouth my jaw was so sore. 1 week post op I had the stitches removed, the pain from opening my mouth brought tears to my eyes. Swelling went down slowly after 2 weeks. 4 weeks out I got an infection, not dry socket, a bit of tooth had been left in the wound. Anti biotics didn’t work so I was prescribed stronger ones. Couldn’t open my mouth to get an x ray of the infected tooth. Got an allergic reaction to the anti biotics had to go to the doctor for an injection to counteract the adverse reaction. I was covered in spots. 6 weeks post op my gum started to ache as the tooth fragment made its way out of my gum. It was 2 months post op that I began to feel normal but to this day I get an occasional numbing sensation in my lower left jaw.

As I said never again. Take care of yourself.

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I would recommend 600 – 800 mg of ibuprofen if you are worried about stronger medicine. That’s what I used when I got my wisdom teeth out because my stomach couldn’t handle stronger medicine. Even the 600 mg made me a bit nauseous, but it at least helped. Make sure that you are icing your face. Do 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off (or alternate sides, 15 minutes on one, 15 on other side). That will help cut down on the bleeding, pain, and swelling. If you are religiously icing the first day, the rest of your recovery will go much better. I agree with other posters, do not use straws, dry sockets would not be fun. 

Sorry you’re going through this! I hope it gets better. But seriously, ice your face!!! It will help so much. I did not feel so hot when I first got home, but I iced like crazy, and I felt okay enough to even leave the house the next morning. 

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This really helped me! The dentist gave me one, but I found this by searching “ice pack wisdom tooth”

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yourhandinmine :  when I had mine out they gave me the same meds and they had a horrible effect on me  so I only took them a couple times. Then I switched to taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours. I felt no pain. Maybe you should call the surgeon and ask if you could take that instead, or at least tell him how much pain you’re in. I know everyone is different but I didn’t feel anything close to what you’re describing and all 4 of my teeth were impacted and removed at the same time.

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Honestly, first day I was neither thirsty really or even hungry…really I just passed out for the whole first day but I was coming off of IV sedation. I don’t remember drinking being that painful though.

Did they give you pain meds? I’d try them if you’re in that much pain. I couldn’t personally take the pain meds because they made me sick so I stuck to over the counter pain relief (ibuprofen) which did just fine but overall the pain wasn’t bad for me. Perhaps call your dentist for recommendations. Hydrocodone was what made me sick. They possibly might do a tramadol which isn’t as bad to me for sickness. So, if you are worried, suggest to your doctor that you have sickness concerns.

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If you are still oozing, make a cup of tea and then take the teabag and put it where you would put the gauze and bite down on it.  

ALso – ice to the sides of your face every hour for 20 minutes. 

I had my wisdom teeth out at 30 at didn’t end up taking anything other than Motrin for the pain.  Some of that was probably the oral surgeon, but some of it was all the ice I used (used it through the whole first night, too, but a little less frequently – every 2 hours).

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I think other people mention this but you can take ibuprofen (advil, motrin) in addition to your other meds.

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