(Closed) Just had to say that, didn't you? *rant*

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@Nona99:  We have all been there. We all have insecurities that come creeping back at random times and an off hand comment can bring those old feelings right back.

It honestly sounds like the girl was just trying to be friendly, and it came out in an awkward way.

For what it’s worth, my FH is a big guy (6’4 250lbs) and when we met he was driving the smallest little 2 door car ever. He used to get the same comments about being squished, but he loved that little car! Great gas mileage 🙂

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@Nona99:    Awww, big hugs! 

First of all, don’t feel guilty for standing up for yourself.  It’s good  that you scolded her, because what she said was rude and inappropriate; I bet a million bucks she’ll think twice before she opens her mouth about something like that again.

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I’m so sorry.  In a way, I know how you feel. I was always relentless teased as a child for being so much smaller than everyone else.  I was called “mini-me” (thanks, Austin Powers), toothpick, and mousey.  I was even locked in a few lockers, picked up by my overalls (quit wearing those soon after), and zipped into someone’s soccer bag.

To this day I hate hearing anyone refer to another person as “mousey”. I find it to be one of the worst insults.

Take a deep breath, and forgive yourself.  Smile nicely at the lady next time and maybe she won’t be dumb enough to bring up the subject again.

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@Nona99:  Like Sunfire said, don’t feel bad for correcting someone. She was wrong for making any comment about what you drive or how you may or may not look in your car. You love your car and that is really all that matters.

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People are assholes sometimes.

When I was at my high weight, I was on the elevator with a maintenance man once. I had a 44oz iced tea in a styrofoam gas station cup. He looked at me and said “I hope that’s diet!”

I’m fairly confident that everyone gets it in one way or the other, like PP said. And if they’re lucky enough to be both super average yet super attractive, like a friend of mine is, a lot of times people just assume they’re bitchy or stuck up.

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Some of us shorties wish we could be tall like you. Seriously, I spent the ages of 12-18 PRAYING every night that I could be 5’11. Instead I’m the shortest one in my family. I bet your little car is super cute, some people are just jealz.

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@Nona99:  That sounds like the kind of stupid thing I would say to someone to be funny with them. Maybe not as bad, but something silly that I would look back on and think “that was a stupid thing to say.” Try not to take it to heart, she doesn’t know your history with your height issues and she was probably just trying to joke around with you. On her behalf, as someone with constant foot-in-mouth syndrome, I’m sorry that she hurt your feelings 🙁

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Aw, I’m sorry hun!

Damn her for ruining your delicious lunch! (I could use some fries right about now!)  

I’m sure she meant no harm. Some people are just socially awkward (or rude!) and don’t know when to keep their mouth closed!  Pay her no mind. 

On another note – I WISH I’d look cramped in any type of car! Damn short gene!

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@Nona99:  It’s fine. Sometimes you have to vent. I’m tall too and so any comment on height makes me jittery. Heck, even when trying on dresses one of the bridal attendants said “I suggest you wear flats”, needless to say I wanted to take my dress off and shove it in her mouth…Anyway. 

I am sorry she reminded you of something you were hurt with throughout your life. Take a deep breath, eat [insert favorite snack], and forgive&forget. She learned to think twice before making small talk about someone’s looks. 


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@atlbride2013:   So true!  I’m so short (5’2″) and I’ve always been envious of women with height. 

We’ve all been teased.  In middle school a really vulgar and rude girl sometimes picked on me and tried to get me upset.  One day I wore a dress to school and she said, “Ggiirrrllll, you sho’ got some skinny-ass legs!!”

I looked her dead in the eye and said, “Thank you.”

She never got the reaction she wanted out of me, so she finally gave up and went on to tease someone else.

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I would ask to speak to the manager of the store, or even talk to someone in their corporate offices.  Employees should NOT be speaking like that to customers.

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I’m close to your height (5’8″) and FH is maybe 5’6.5″. It’s not a huge difference, but enough to make me feel super insecure.

It pisses me off when we’re in the grocery store together and someone asks ME to get something from the top shelf. I know it shouldn’t, and I’d probably scan the room for the tallest person to help me get something.. but.. still… it makes me feel INCREDIBLY insecure and angry.

P.S. I’m totally jealous of your awesome mileage. 

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Amazing how shit like that (childhood taunts) sticks with us, isn’t it?

If it was me, and I was feeling bad about the whole thing (like you seem to be), I would probably pop in for lunch tomorrow (sounds like she’s always there?) and when I saw her I would:

-explain that I’ve been hearing about my X for my whole life, and sometimes I just get sick of it.

-tell her that I understood that she didn’t mean to offend, and was trying to be friendly.

– apologize for my own reaction.

Win-win: you don’t feel like a psycho for your reaction, and she learns to stick to making smalltalk about the weather beause you really never know what other people’s sensitivities.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about being known as the “crazy bitch in the little car” at the restaurant and wonder if they spit in your fries. 😉

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