(Closed) Just how many use the pill?

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  • poll: Are you on the pill? Why or why not? (multiple options)
    Never been on the pill-- not sexually active : (1 votes)
    0 %
    Never been on the pill-- no interest in synthetic hormones : (16 votes)
    7 %
    Never been on the pill-- it seems like a hassle and expensive : (5 votes)
    2 %
    Used the pill-- it's easy and stress free/I would be too worried not to be on it : (127 votes)
    58 %
    Used the pill-- felt pressured by doctors : (4 votes)
    2 %
    Used the pill-- for other health reasons : (39 votes)
    18 %
    Used the pill-- regret it : (17 votes)
    8 %
    Never been on the pill-- I use something else. : (9 votes)
    4 %
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    I’m on hormonal birth control. I’m on Cryselle, a generic of Lo’Ovral. I have been on it for a year, and before this time I was on it previously for 3 years. I took a break from it due to lack of interest.


    I’m on the pill because truthfully, I don’t want to get pregnant. Condoms suck. It is our only method of birth control, my husband and I do not use any other method. It cleared up my periods and my face, and has made my life so much easier. My husband and I do not have the constant discomfort and cost of condoms, and I get better periods.

    I never felt pressured to be on the pill. However, my last OBGYN refused to allow me to choose what BC method I wanted. He gave me Ortho Tri Cyclin of which I reacted to badly. Bruises the size of dinner plates all over my body. He refused to switch out my birth control to another type or another method and refused to acknowledge that it was the pill causing my issues. He insisted I had a blood clotting disorder, despite having never shown any symptoms before I started that pill.

    I changed OBGYNs and she allowed me to pick what pill I wanted. I chose one I had used previously and things are fantastic. My health has bettered and I feel great.

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    None of these options are for me… I wanted to go on the pill to avoid pregnancy, and was on it until I realized that other hormonal birth control methods would be better than having to remember to take it at the same time every single day. Because of this, they’re also more effective. Now I’m on Depo, and I will switch to Mirena soon. If other hormonal BC wasn’t an option, I would be back on the pill in no time. I would never go without BC or switch to a barrier method only unless it was a medical necessity. 


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    @tampalove35:  Hello! 

    I am on the pill for health reasons. I have uterine fibroids which are tumors on (or for some other women inside) of the uterus. This makes me have extremely heavy periods for months at a time. 

    Before I was on the pill I had a constant flow for three months straight with no off days, and my period was so heavy that I passed out once. Everyday was a heavy day that I was changing pads every 20 minutes. It was so horrible. 

    Because of this I became extremely anemic. I was puking, and having a ton of medical problems. I became bed ridden for several months – had to drop out of school….Dear God it was absolutely aweful. 

    Luckily though I am on the road to recovery and doing much better since I am taking vitamins (a lot I might add!) and using birth control – Pill form. Now I have regular periods. I went to my local Planned Parenthood since I don’t have a job and I am on a program that gives free birth control out to those who need it. So I never felt any pressure to be on the pill. 

    I do remember when I was thirteen I went into the doctor’s office for an issue and she secretly ordered a STD test without my mother’s or my knowledge, and she told my mom to get me on the pill because she has seen many teenagers come in here lying about not being sexually active. I was so hurt and angry because I never even had a boyfriend at that point and she was pressuring me to get on the pill because she thought I was lying about being sexually active! So I really feel for the girls who feel like they’ve been pressured to be on the pill. 

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    @Hyperventilate:  What you said….

    I’m on the pill because truthfully, I don’t want to get pregnant. It cleared up my periods and my face, and has made my life so much easier. Get better periods.

    But OP, also I like the pills because I KNOW when I will get my period. When I wasnt on the pill, I would have no idea when I would start my period. Even with tracking. And I will reinerate it, getting pregnant when we are NOWHERE NEAR READY scares the heck out of me.


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    @Earlybride:  I was the same way. I started my period at 9 years old and I never had a regular period. Absolutely never. I could have it the beginning of the month and then suddenly get it a week later but not the next month. I had been in and out of doctors since I was a child and my mother didn’t want me to be on birth control when I was a teen because it would “Encourage me” (?? Gee thanks mom), so I never knew when my period was coming.

    Now I know it starts on day 4 of my placebo week. Every time. There is a good comfort in that indeed.

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    @tampalove35:  I use to take yasmin for a reaccuring cyst in my right ovary. It’s been helping for many many years. I just stopped the pill about 3 weeks ago. I’ve had random bursts of pain and wil be monitored by my doctor. Fun….. I hope the pain isnt another cyst but just my ovary ovulating.

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    I’ve been on the pill pretty much for 13 years (give or take the few years I was on the shot).  I chose it to prevent pregnancy.  I’ve never had issues with it and I like the consistency of it.

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    I was on it from 18 until 27 and didn’t want to be on it for any longer (although I’m sure it wouldn’t have been an issue) because we’ll be TTC in the near-ish future and wanted to be ‘au naturel’. 

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    I did the weekly patch, then the monthly Nuva Ring, and now the several year Mirena IUD. I never was interested in pills because remembering them every single day seems like a pain in the ass. 

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    I’m on the pill because, first and foremost, I don’t want to get pregnant, and I’m in no way ready to be a mother right now. Further, it keeps me fertile – I (probably) have a medical condition that the pill treats which will cause infertility if I don’t use it. This condition also causes really painful and long periods (as in, I warned my Fiance when we started dating that I look pretty scary sick/in pain once a month, and it’s just my period, don’t worry, I’m not dying).

    I’ve never felt pressured to use the pill or any other form of birth control by a doctor, either, but I’ve also been very religious about keeping current on my BC because of the painful periods and fears that if I don’t I won’t ever be able to have kids.

    Oh, and I also probably have anemia, which the pill helps mitigate by keeping my periods from being so horrible. Actually, right now I’m on a medication that keeps me from having a period, at all, which is weird but nice.

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    @tampalove35:  I am 22 now and have been on the pill since I was 14 (wasn’t having sex but I had serious menstrual issues). I’ve never had any bad side effects, my period is very light and always exactly on time, and it is the only method of birth control that Fiance and I rely on. 

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    I’m on Yaz, and have been on the pill on and off for more than 10 years. First it was to clear up my skin, and since then it’s been for birth control. 

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    I’m 26 and have been on it for five years. No pressure from anyone, but I wanted reassurance I wouldn’t get pregnant.  I’ve been with my current SO for 3 years, so now it is the only form of BC we use.  We are in an LDR too, so I like that I can “schedule” my period around visits. 

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    Unless it was medically necessary, I’ve never been a fan of hormonal birthcontrol. The concept itself is iffy to me.

    I’ve always used condoms and now me & FH don’t use anything at all.

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