Just married – joint bank account question

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Helper bee
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We have a joint checking for bills and major purchases/vacations. We have also kept our own separate accounts. It’s worked for us for 4 years now (we got a joint account well before getting engaged/married).

I think once kids come into the mix, we may have to put more of our money in the joint account than we currently do. I don’t think I would ever be comfortable not having my own bank account. Even my aunt whose marriage lasted until death advised me to keep a separate account (and had her own all along).

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Sugar bee
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Everybody has different methods. Darling Husband and I share checking, savings, and a credit card. Those are our primary accounts.

I also have a checking account that only gets used to pay our rent, and he has a checking account that only gets used to pay our bills. TBH if I didn’t still have checks for the separate account I might just close it. I just feel better that if our financial info were to get compromised or something, we would still have access to emergency funds in another account while the bank was sorting it all out.

His mom and step-dad, on the other hand, keep completely separate finances. They are always discussing who will pick up what bill and Venmo-ing each other, etc etc. We think it’s super weird but it’s been working for them for years now, so who are we to judge.

Oddest thing I ever saw was when I worked at the bank. I used to help this elderly couple in their seventies. They kept totally separate finances and took turns paying for things BY YEAR. He would pay for everything for 2012, she would pay for everything in 2013, etc etc. I’ve never heard of anything else like it.

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Helper bee
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My husband and I have been married a year, and we merged finances about 6 months ago.  We have a joint account, and we also each kept separate accounts.  Our paychecks and bonuses go into the joint account, and then we each get the same set amount each month that is our own personal money.  So far, it has worked out well.

My husband was a bit skeptical at first, mostly because his parents have separate finances.  It became a necessity for us to join when we started going through IVF.  IVF is so expensive, and we are constantly spending money for some sort of treatment, and it would have been really difficult to plan and manage finances as well as future treatments without the convenience of merged accounts.

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Sugar bee
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When we first moved in together we got a joint current account which we both transferred x amount to each month. That is our bills account and all household / joint expenses come from there. Anything left over is put into various savings accounts (the types of ISAs we have are single name but it’s our money.

we maintain our own accounts for our own expenses.

when I had our first child and went on mat leave I changed my details at work to have all my pay go into our joint account and I take an allowance out each month for my expenses. This will stay as I plan to be a Stay-At-Home Mom after this baby is born. 

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