(Closed) Just moved into an apartment with FI and I have some silly questions

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LadyBlackheart:  We have two hampers in our bedroom closet but it’s not a his/hers thing it’s a “goes in the dryer” versus “doesn’t go in the dryer” thing. I have lots of clothing that doesn’t go int he dryer and expecting Darling Husband to keep it all straight (he does the laundry) is unrealistic so it’s basically pre sorted for him. He knows white bag stuff goes in the dryer and red bag stuff doesn’t. 

We keep the shower curtain closed because it dries better and showers are kind of ugly. As a happily married lady who has ZERO household conflict over chores I can tell you that it’s really not worth it to fight over something so minor. The longer you are together you’ll find more and more little stuff that you guys do differently. A lot of women get into this thing where they assume if he does something different then he’s doing it “wrong” and they have to help “teach” him the right way. Annnd, that’s a great way to turn into his mom and create that awful nagging tone that so many couples have. If the shower curtain molds it molds and you’ll go buy a new one, which is a lot more fun than having a stupid fight 🙂 

We swap out towels once a week and keep them in the top of our closet. 

I make the bed every day (I work from home and get up last). I never cared about having a made bed before but I know Darling Husband always likes it so I started doing it. Now I’m so used to it that I feel like the house looks messy if I don’t make the bed. 

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Congrats on the new apartment!

First up: Where do you put your hamper? We keep one in the bedroom for my clothes, towels and linens and another in the main for FI’s work stuff. He can get dirty so I like to separate our stuff. (If I had enough space to separate my clothes from the towels and linens I would, but I don’t so I do that on laundry day.)

Do you close your shower curtain? I close mine and put the liner inside the tub. I also make sure it’s evenly spread to reduce mold and mildew. Took Fiance a bit of time to get used to neatly placing that. We change out curtainevery 6 months, however, so it doesn’t get too dirty. IMO, they’re not worth cleaning: For $12 at Wal-Mart you can get a new one.

Where do you put your towels? We keep them in drums on the top level in the main closet. We also put winter jackets and shoes in here which is why the towels are in drums… I want them covered and not coming into contact with other dirty things.

And do you make your bed every day? I make it every morning (or almost every morning) Monday-Friday. (I usually go one day not making it… It’s how I rebel, haha.) Fiance makes it Saturdays and Sundays.

I think those are all my questions. I’m curious to see what everyone else does for their home! 🙂



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How many loads do you have per week? I do 10 to 15 and our bedroom looks like a clothes graveyard. Everyone seems to have it so organized.

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In our place, we do the following:

-Hamper- stays in the bathroom.  We hve a large decorative one that we share. Darling Husband would rather just throw his clothes on the floor for some reason, but after nearly 7 years togethers, I’ve almost got him trained.

-Shower Curtain- Stays closed.  We’ve always seen eye to eye on this one.

– Towels- right now we do not have a linen closet in our master bath, so all of the towels are stored in the linen closet in our guest bath.  At one point we did have a 1br/1ba apartment with no linen closet in the bathroom, and we just stored the towels in our bedroom closet.  I suppose we cold have put them under the sink in our bathroom, but I preferred to use that space for toiletries,  bathroom cleaning supplies, and extra toilet paper.

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Hampers in the bedroom. Never really considered the bathroom, and this one’s too small anyway. We have 2, for whites and colors so that they’re mostly pre-sorted. If you two are picky about doing your individual laundry, I could see separating them as useful, but we wash it all together.

I close the shower curtain when guests are coming. I used to always close it because I worried about the moisture causing mold. He never, ever picked up the habit, no matter how much I asked or modeled, and eventually I realized it wasn’t causing mold, so I completely stopped caring.

I keep the towels in a tote in the bedroom closet, using the floor space under the shorter clothes. It’s fairly convenient, and I can keep stuff locked under the bathroom sink that’s poisonous to the cat.

Hell no to bed making. Sometimes if guests are coming over, because the cat will open the bedroom door and expose our mess, but still not really. Bed making is actually a pet peeve for both of us, a chore we never understood the purpose of.

Fun questions! Enjoy your new apartment.

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LadyBlackheart:  We have one hamper that we share. It goes in our linen closet which is directly across from the master bathroom door. We keep towels in the linen closet; however, we have towel bars in the bathroom that we hang them on. Once a week I swap them out for clean towels and wash the dirty ones.

We pull the curtain after we shower so it dries. Otherwise it gets mildew in the folds. Shower curtains get gross regardless though, so I wash ours in hot water every month to keep them clean.

We don’t make the bed every day, but we do put the pillows at the top and straighten the blankets. If we have company, we will actually make it with all the fancy pillows, etc.

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Hamper is in the closet, and we change in the bedroom and throw things in the hamper and then take hamper to laundry room. Since Darling Husband dresses in front of closet after his shower, the hamper needs to be in the closet to ensure his clothes don’t end up on the floor.

Wealways close the shower curtain in the guest bath in order to let it dry and to keep the visual on the cute curtain rather than the soaps and baby toys in the bath (the master shower has glass doors).

We have our towels in the linen closet. 


We we make the bed everyday. I was never great about it, but Darling Husband is an army veteran and he always kept the habit from his service. I now love the look and it makes the bed more inviting at night. 

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truthah:  The end of the article basically says the whole article is unfounded. Haha. 

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When we lived in an apartment, our hamper was in the bedroom because there was no good place for it in the bathroom.  We always closed the shower curtain after the shower dries up a bit to prevent mold, and towels went on a shelf in the walk-in closet.  We had a small linen closet just outside the bathroom, but it was more useful for other toiletries (medicine, first aid, etc) so we used it for extra storage instead of towels.

Now that we’re in a house, we have a laundry basket in the walk-in closet and a hamper in the basement laundry room where we can sort clothes into approrpiate loads, have glass shower doors, and keep our towels all in the linen closet in the guest bathroom.  

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That’s not exactly what it says; it says that one person found it “hard to believe”, which is not the same. 

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LadyBlackheart:  We put our hamper in the master closet. This obviously depends on whether or not your closet is big enough, but before we put it there, we had it in the bedroom. We have one hamper but are trying to upgrade to a bigger size. It gets full SO fast! But I definitely wouldn’t want to find places for two hampers.

We don’t usually close the shower curtain. If the shower area is clean and organized, it doesn’t bother me. Probably not a battle worth fighting haha

We put our extra towels in the master closet as well. We are fortunate to have lots of storage in our apartment, but we have a coat closet instead of a linen closet. I think we would use a linen closet if we had it. We also don’t go through towels that frequently. I just wash the ones we currently have up and replace them when they come out of the dryer.

We try our best to make the bed every day. It just makes the whole room look immediately more clean and organized. Plus, no matter how clean the rest of the room is, it’s practically impossible for it to look nice when the bed is still unmade. If you take 30 seconds to make the bed together in the morning, it’s really not so much of a pain.

The BEST thing we did to get our house organized was to buy an over-the-toilet shelving unit. It adds SOOO much functionality to the bathroom. We found ours at Walmart, and it was really cheap…..Darling Husband screwed it to the wall so it’s very secure.

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we have a family hamper in our master closet. this is easiest for me to do all the clothes, although i usually walk around picking up everyones clothes anyways. 

i keep it closed after showers so mildew doesnt build up in the folds. my husband usually keeps it open and i just close it. no fight, just what i do. 

and towels we have a behind the door rack that i keep 6 towels on. extras are in a small closet in our bedroom and i just bring them out when needed. (this also holds my purses, some tools, and crafting stuff.

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First up: Where do you put your hamper? Bedroom or bathroom? Do you have his and hers hampers or just one big one?

Bedroom. His and hers.

Do you close your shower curtain? I close it but I can’t seem to get Fiance to and we’ve been living together for three days. Trying to decide if this is a battle worth fighting :p

Neither one of us closes the shower curtain at first, so that the shower area can get dried out and ventilated. When it’s dry, we close the shower curtain. In your case I would just close it for your SO and not try to nag him into doing it. Absolutely NOT a battle worth fighting. Save your energy for the big stuff, lol. 

Where do you put your towels? We have a linen closet technically but it’s in the kitchen, which I find a bit odd. Not sure I want to go to the kitchen to get a towel every time. We do have cabinets under the bathroom counter that we can use.

Hallway linen closet which is half way between both bathrooms. In your case, can you get a linen “tower” thing from Bed Bath & Beyond that will fit in the bathroom?

And do you make your bed every day? Why or why not?


I make the bed faithfully every morning before going to work. Hubby doesn’t care and it’s OK with me. He does all the yard work, and making the bed only takes a minute. I like it to be neat and ready for me to flop down on when I come home from work, lol. 

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LadyBlackheart:  hamper goes in the walk in closet.  We have a single one and sort of take turns doing the laundry and/or fold together.

shower curtain… if he’ll clean up the mess, it doesn’t matter.  Otherwise, he must close it.  You’re not his maid and a soaked floor is not acceptable.

linens: in the walk in closet.

we don’t make our bed.  woops.  neither of us ever did while single.  We do it when we wash the sheets and when people are coming over.

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