(Closed) Just moved into an apartment with FI and I have some silly questions

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rusticglambride:  WHHHHAT? Even when I Was a student and hella lazy I never let it get to 15 loads. I don’t think I even have 15 loads worth of stuff, including towels and linens?

Do you have children?

If you own your own home, I’d invest in an industrial washer/dryer. They cost a fortune, but they save you SO much time it ends up making true of the time versus money debate when purchasing items. 

I wash everything in HOT water as I really don’t care to make my underwear last for 4 years instead of 2 and I hate germs and bacteria so I can put EVERYTHING in one load. Designer dresses,bras, deliates, etc. (I make sure I wash new items that have colour separately the first time and that’s it.)

I can get my clothes, towels and linens in ONE load. It’s the biggest time saver.

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Hamper is in our bedroom… I don’t want visitors seeing my dirty clothes. 

I have to have the shower curtain cloaed. Hubby and I have lived together for almost 6 years now and he still doesn’t close the curtain. NOT WORTH THE BATTLE. This is such a small thing and how easy is it to just pull it closed when you go in there? Do not allow something this small to create a problem for you two. There will be plenty of other things to stress over.

We keep towels in the bathroom in our linen cabinet. I would def put them under the bathroom sink if you have the space. Otherwise I would invest in something so you can store them in there. Unless you kept them somewhere else and just had a cute basket or something with like a weeks worth so you’re not running back and forth constantly.

We do not make our bed. I used to but my husband doesnt help and I was stressing then I realized nobody cares! Lol there are better things I can do with my time.

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We have 1 hamper for all the clothes. I do all the laundry and he does all the dishes, so the “chore captain” gets to decide how they want things to make their chore easier. 

Shower curtain closed, especially because we don’t have a bathroom fan so mildew could be a big problem otherwise.

We don’t have a linen closet, so we have 1 big towel bar for 2 towels and then an over-the-door hook hanger for extras.

We never make our bed. Making our bed (w/ hospital corners!) drove both of us nuts as kids so we just don’t do it now! We’re otherwise pretty neat but we just close the bedroom door when company comes 🙂

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We have a hamper in our bedroom and in our bathroom. We had one for a while in just our bedroom, but our clothes ended up just piling up on the bathroom floor, which drove me nuts, so I added another one in the bathroom. We don’t have separate ones for my stuff and his stuff. For the most part, his work stuff he keeps separated because he has to wash his clothes different, whereas, I always am in casual wear but everything else is all together. 

We both close the shower curtain…. I feel if you didn’t water would get everywhere. 

We have a cabinet in the bathroom that we put our towels and also a hallway closet that we use for linens. 

We do not make the bed everyday. We both work on opposite schedules. So he sleeps at night and I’m at work. He gets up at 6ish and I get home at 8ish normally, so…. it’s not worth it for me to crawl into bed in a couple of hours. We do straiten the blanket out a bit so it covers are sheets, but only because our kitten likes to sleep on our bed and we don’t like our sheets to be covered in cat hair. 

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Our hamper is in our bedroom, but only because our bathroom is too small to fit a hamper. If it were bigger, it would be in there. 

We have a shower door. Sometimes we close it, sometimes it’s open. It doesn’t really matter, since we have a half bath downstairs, so no one ever uses our bathroom but us. As a guest I honestly never notice if someone’s shower curtain is open or not, so I wouldn’t bother with it personally.

We have a closet on the way to the bathroom that towels go into. 

We rarely make the bed. Honestly the only times the bed is made is when our house cleaner comes over. 

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truthah:  Basically they came up with a computer model that came up with ways allergens, in theory, might be reduced and are reasesrching if the theory proves true. So they haven’t found anything to be true in practice just in theory and one leading expert/researcher thinks that the “in theory” findings of the computer model are probably bogus. So yes, LOL to the article.

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Glad you asked the question about closing the shower curtain because I have been trying to figure that one out with my fiance. He never closes it after showering and it always bother me bc mildew, etc. Good to get perspective from everyone here that I should just let it go and not worth the battle!

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Our hamper is in the bedroom – we just have one. 

We close our shower curtain when we shower or water would get everywhere. Otherwise, I leave it open. Is keeping it closed a thing? I usually only close it when we’re having company.

Our towels hang on the towel rack. Unused towels go in the cabinet under the sink. 

I never made my bed as a kid. Still don’t. Darling Husband will make it more often than I will. I’ll make it if we have company. 

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LadyBlackheart:  First of all congrats!!!!! I remember how excited I was when I movednoit of mom’s and in with Fiance (bf back then)

Hamper – we have 1 big one in the bedroom. Our bathroom is tiny, no space there.

Shower curtain – A fight not worth fighting. I Just close it before company comes over if i want it too look nicer, otherwise, who cares lol

Towel – we have a tiny linen closet in the hallway near the bedroom. That’s where all towel and most bedding goes.

Bed – I make it every day religiously cause we have a big (90 lbs) dog and a cat and I don’t want them on my sheets, yuk. They are allowednon the bed ONLY if it’s made, otherwise the get my wrath and they know not to go on the bed if it’s not covered up.


Word of advice – what ever housework you are expecting him to do on a regular basis implement that shit now. Don’t play perfect “wifey” and take on every single household chore  just to get exhausted and resentful and start making him do stuff he didn’t have to do from the start cause it will suck, and cause fights. From personal experience. 


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Hamper – one in the bathroom (for normal everyday clothes), one in the laundry room (for FI’s work clothes)

Shower curtain – close

Towels go in linen closet 

I make the bed every morning 🙂 Personally I just can’t stand a messy bed or getting into an unmade bed. Fiance doesn’t care either way. Lol

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Hamper is in the bedroom, we only have one.

We do not close the shower curtain, but the inside of our shower is tidy (very few bottles) so this doesn’t bother me.  Actually, it kind of bothers me when the shower curtain is closed because I always imagine there is a robber back there!  But that’s b/c I’m insane.

Clean towels are in the linnen closet.  Towels we are currently using are hung up on hooks/rails in the bathroom.  I don’t see having them far away from each other as an issue.  It’s not like you need to grab a new towel every day.

Yes we make the bed daily.  My Darling Husband always says it makes him feel good to get “something acomplished” first thing when he wakes up.  What a goof.  OUr bed is low maintenance so making it takes all of 5 seconds.  It makes your whole room feel tidier and more calm, and it always feels better to get into bed at night if it’s been made all day.  I think it lets the comforter re-fluff or something!

Congrats on your new place!  Living together for the first time is so special and wonderful.

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Congrats on your new place and living together!

“Where do you put your hamper? Bedroom or bathroom? Do you have his and hers hampers or just one big one?”

Bedroom. Our bathroom is not big enough for a hamper in my opinion. I prefer it in the bedroom, especially since I’m used to that now, and we only use one for the both of us. 

“Do you close your shower curtain?” 

No, I hate walking in (especially night time) and seeing it closed because I have to look behind it lol Weird? Yup. But, I’ve watched too many horror movies haha!

“Where do you put your towels?” 

In the linen closet in the hallway. 

“And do you make your bed every day? Why or why not?”

Umm…. I try to lol Sometimes I’m just too busy but 95% of the time it’s made. I’d say the only time I don’t make it, is on the weekends. Darling Husband likes to have a Saturday and Sunday nap under the covers so I don’t bother. 

Hope that helps!



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We have 1 laundry basket which is in the bathroom. I strip in the bedroom, leave my dirty clothes on the floor, my “chairdrobe” on the chair we have in the bedroom (clothes that i will wear again) and leave on my undershirt and underwear for bed. In the morning i put my undershirt and underwear in the basket when i shower. This drives my dh insane and i try to at least remember to grab my dirty clothes. When he washes he only grabs the basket so my stuff stays dirty if i don’t grab it or wash myself. I maintain we need a basket for the bedroom but he reckons he won’t grab it anyway. Hmphhh..

We have a glass door which stays shut while we shower and open all other times. 

We have a beautiful big linen closet just outside the bathroom door. All the stuff in there is folded perfectly and its my one major pet peeve when its folded wrong so dh washes everything,  and irons and puts away his stuff while i fold my stuff and all the linen. 

I am usually last up so i make the bed. If i run out of time dh makes it on his lunch break or i do, or i make it when i get home. I hate getting into a messy bed and it takes all of 30 seconds to pull everything up, tuck it nicely and fix the pillows.

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smoocheepoo:  You have decorative towels!!! I’m shocked but also in awe. You must live a very disciplined lifestyle…I’m lucky to find a clean towel at all haha.

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