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stay off of it as much as possible, that’s my magical answer 🙂

o.k., so not that magical, but that’s the best thing you can do. Also, Soak the ankle in epsom salt in the evening.

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Have you tried RICE?

RICE is a treatment method for soft tissue injury which is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.When used appropriately, recovery time is usually shortened and discomfort minimized.

For the next 12 days wear low, comfortable stable shoes. If it makes you feel better, we took lessons for a month and when it came time for our 1st dance, I panicked, forgot everything we practiced and basically did the Jr. High sway! LOL! Get well!

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RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  Ice on 20 minutes, off 20 minutes. Keep it wrapped in an ace bandage (I prefer the self sticking ones, because they don’t slip or get loose) comfortably tight, but not tight enough to cut off circulation. Keep it elevated above your heart as much as possible. It will keep the swelling down, and decrease the pain because blood isn’t constantly rushing to it.

Good luck!

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My boss broke her ankle and her Dr. told her to use the RICE method- Rest, Ice, Conpression, Elevation. Should work for a badly sprained ankle.

  • Rest: Rest is vital to protect the injured muscle, tendon, ligament or other tissue from further injury. Resting the injured part is important to promote effective healing.
  • Ice: When icing an injury, choose a cold pack, crushed ice or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a thin towel to provide cold to the injured area. An ice massage is another extremely effective way to direct cold to the injured tissue.

    Cold provides short-term pain relief and also limits swelling by reducing blood flow to the injured area. When icing injuries, never apply ice directly to the skin (unless it is moving as in ice massage) and never leave ice on an injury for more than 20 minutes at a time. Longer exposure can damage your skin and even result in frostbite. A good rule is to apply cold compresses for 15 minutes and then leave them off long enough for the skin to re-warm. (Also see: The Proper Use of ICE).

  • Compression: Compression helps limit and reduce swelling, which may delay healing. Some people also experience pain relief from compression. An easy way to compress the area of the injury is to wrap an ACE bandage around the swollen part. If you feel throbbing, or if the wrap just feels too tight, remove the bandage and re-wrap the area so the bandage is a little looser.
  • Elevation: Elevating an injury help control swelling. It’s most effective when the injured area is raised above the level of the heart. For example, if you injure an ankle, try lying on your bed with your foot propped on one or two pillows.
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    Get an air cast for the wedding and hide it under you dress (assuming its full length) ! Rest + RICE + drugs= happiness.

    Also make the best of it and show it off in a pic or two, I think it adds alot of character and great memories! But if you are totally abhorred to the idea, then just wear it for the walking parts and remove for any pics that may show your ankles.


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    make an appointment with a physiotherapist asap!!! I sprained my ankle REALLY Badly a few months ago, and my only regret is that I didn’t go to the physio sooner.  I waited longer thinking I should rest it more until it didn’t hurt as bad, but that was a mistake and I should have gone sooner.  rest it for three days then see one as soon as possible.  Make sure you explain the situation, ask to have extra sessions – maybe two or three in a week and do all the exercises they give you even if it hurts! i used an oven timer and would force myself to do them every day for the set amount of time.  good luck!  

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    take some aleve, it works the best at keeping the swelling and pain down. I have tried everything when I hurt my knee and I found it worked the best and lasted the longest. I hope you feel better soon 🙂

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    do you have access to a tens machine?  its the type of machine physios use, they attached little electrode things to your injury and zap it with a low voltage zap to help repair the damaged areas – we have one of these at home and i swear by it as i have a calf muscle problem that recurs every now and then and it saved our last vacation. 

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    I sprained my ankle twice last year. The first time I was on vacation in Panama, so I never went to the Dr. and just iced it while laying on the beach. A month later, I stepped off a curb funny and sprained it again, much worse. I was training for a 10K run. My Dr. suggested a brace from a local foot clinic and to keep running. It healed much faster than the first time, even though it was a worse sprain.

    I would recommend investing in the ankle brace (I got it at a local foot clinic for $75) which was reimbursed by my medical insurance with the Dr.’s prescription. Keep walking the dog on the brace if you have good control on the dog and isn’t the kind to tug on the leash too much.

    Ice and elevation at night, and it should be healed up fine.


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