Just ordered a MoissaniteCo wedding set in Rose Gold

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ralessio :  It goes way beyond poor customer service with returns and exchanges. It’s misrepresentation of their products and selling customers something that they didn’t pay for. Like telling them their side stones were diamonds, and they got moissanite (yet paid for diamonds) plus a lot of people recently discovered their “diamonds” are in fact lab created and not natural earth mined diamonds. 

Shady, shady, shady. I would definitely not give them a penny of my hard earned money. 

Regardless, everyone has the right to their own opinion and they can buy whatever they want from whoever they want. We just want to make sure you’re informed 🙂

The ring you chose is beautiful! It reminds me of Tacori personally. Congrats! Please post pics when you get it! 

ETA: I meant Verragio, not Tacori. Sorry!

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ebbee :  I love your ring!

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ralessio :  The set you chose looks verragio inspired to me. I have a solitaire in rose gold from moissanite co. and a halo and luckily I’ve never had a problem with customer service or quality but my halo stones are moissanite and I ordered moissanite so the diamond/lab diamond sidestone was not an issue for me and i purchased these prior to all the current posts with issue

These are my rings. Hope this helps.


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LONG POST AHEAD: I think that my recent situation with them describes them perfectly.. I consider myself a very realistic person.. like to the point of pessimism.. regardless I HATE returning things. Like HATE it because it’s normally an inconvenience so I just suck it up and keep it (whether I ever use it or not) .. anyways when my fiancé ordered my ring he ordered a 6. I have a million size 6 rings. When we looked at rings size six was my size so naturally he ordered a six .. well it was too big. In order for MoCo to size it you have to ship it back yada ya ehhhh I didn’t care for that option too much. Once I had the ring I don’t like being without it for long periods (or ever lol) on the website it says that you can go to an outside jeweler and have it resized and it will not void the warranty.. there were no small print there was nothing else. It said that clear as day. I have pave sidestones on my ring so to resize it down it was a little more complicated and they added a sizing bar to the bottom (you can barely notice so I’m fine with it) cool that’s fixed I can now live with my ring happily ever after.. until I couldn’t.. 29 days into my having the ring a sidestone came out. I was furious for multiple reasons. I email customer service and they send me a label to ship it back for them to inspect and replace… now a disclaimer: I am not hard on my hands at all and I take my ring off for all activities that I feel I don’t need my ring for like washing dishes. My hair. Showers etc. anyways as I’m corresponding with them I let them know that I have the sizing bar and everything because they are going to see it anyways. She then states that I’ve voided my warranty. Hmmm that’s weird because it specifically states I could get it resized elsewhere. I bring that up and she says correct but we are not responsible for any damage an outside jewelrer does to a ring. Remember I got the bar because the jeweler didn’t want to mess up the pave? Well they still got blamed anyways so it voided my warranty which contradicts a FAQ on their website. I ask her I’m I suppose to send my ring back to you all every month because 29 days into me having an expensive ring I should not be having an issue that means something is wrong with my setting but regardless I inquired about a different solitaire setting .. she tells me the price for that . And I make a decision to have the sidestone replaced at my local jeweler and if another one falls out soon then I will be replace the setting for a solitaire that I like because I’m not going to keep sending my ring back every month.. I said all that to say this. I LOVE my ring. Like I love it and can’t express how much I love it. It’s perfect in my eyes. HOWEVER I’m not going to keep shipping it off every month for things wrong with it it’s an inconvenience but also a person preference of mine that’s not a knock on MoCo.. but when you buy an engagement ring there is somewhat a level of service you expect and they just seem to try to wiggle out of every complaint. And that’s what I don’t like. They try to find loopholes and it comes across as shady. I would order from them again I really would but I would be more careful and limit it to something like a solitaire . Or earrings where it’s more black and white.. if I could do it all over again I would because like I said I love my ring.. but there are some annoyances with them and it’s not me being entitled or anything it just expecting a decent level of service. 

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ralessio :  in regards to your comment about some people being difficult customers and that being the reason for the negative posts/reviews/experiences with MoCo, I can assure you the four latest bees that have had Difficulties with the company, myself included, are not difficult customers. We are people that expect the product we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on to be what it was described to be both through website description and receipts/appraisals and not arrive to us with fault; Moissanites instead of diamonds, lab diamonds instead of natural settings or obviously damaged right out of the box. 


Good luck with your ring bee. After an exhausting and emotional two months of dealing with them and onto my 3rd ring(!!) I’m finally happy and finally have a well put together ring that is the product I paid for; moissanite center and natural diamond Sidestones. I adore my ring and also ended up with a pair of Moissanite and diamond halo earrings that I also love. It’s a lovely product, just a hassle for them to get right in my experience.

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ralessio :  ooohh, I bet that would look gorgeous in rose gold, I can’t wait to see it!!

I also got my ring from MoissyCo. When my SO bought it, he got it a little too small. He took the tag off (oops), but he emailed them and they kindly said we could still send it back for a resize. I got it back in a week and it was perfect. No issues so far.

I have a 2 carat, colorless, H&A’s cut on 18k rose gold. I wear a size 5.5.

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ralessio :  Since you’ve already posted what you want to purchase from them, I’m sure MoissaniteCo have seen the pictures and will be on the look out for your order. Since you’re on the board, I’m sure they’ll be extra careful with your set:D I wish you good luck.

My original e-ring was from MoCo. I no longer have it because they did give me a refund. But my engagement ring experiences were not happy experiences or memories. They’re all tainted. Not all bad reviews are from difficult customers. And I’m sorry, but there are also certain expectations on products you spend a lot of money on. Especially, something as important as an engagement ring and something that represents important time and moments in 2 people lives.

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