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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

for me personally, I was never attached to the idea of a diamond ring. I originally really wanted a green gemstone ring but when we went to try on rings I tried a diamond solitaire and fell in love with the classic, elegant look. but I still was very meh about the idea of having a diamond, it was more expensive than what my Fiance had budgeted for. I discovered moissanite here and after reading a million and one reviews we went with moiss! I love the look of it but it didn’t break the bank, I honestly don’t care either way whether it’s a diamond or not. some people are more attached to the idea of a diamond e-ring and that’s fine, but I wasn’t and to me that’s also fine!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2015

k_girl3:  These threads can get a bit catty and defensive so just be warned. We all need to remember to respect one another’s decisions. No two people think exactly alike.

I do have a diamond engagement ring but not because I wanted a diamond per se. We went vintage so whatever setting I fell in love with was the one, regardless of stone or none.

But diamonds are not rare and therefore are not as precious as we’re led to believe. Have you heard of the De Beers marketing campaign? If not look it up. That’s the answer to ‘why do people choose diamonds over other gorgeous gems?’. The same goes for the rebranding of the Cape Yellow diamond. Some people just adore diamonds, they sparkle, they’re strong (10 on Maid/Matron of Honor scale) and because they’re clear they don’t clash with outfits. But other than that, follow your tastes!

P.S. I have a sapphire wedding ring which I also adore.

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Bee Keeper

Gabrielle91:  I appreciate you showing me Joe Escobar. Since investigating his site, I can’t look away! His stuff is AMAZING! I’m pretty sure he made that emerald ring I want. When I finish my degree, I’m treating myself to an expensive piece of jewelry! I may buy from him.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2016

I wanted a diamond so I feel like anyone that wanted a sapphire, moissy etc just wanted one because the like them the most just like I did with a diamond. 

That being said though, I now want pretty much one of everything – these ring boards are killing me 🙂 particularly a round or emerald Moissanite and perhaps a 3 stone diamond and sapphire ring. Drool. Drool. Drool. Thanks a lot guys 😂

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Busy bee

howdoyoudo:  totally agree with you.

k_girl3:  thank you! I didn’t get the double halo for how it makes the stone look bigger, I was never interested in haloes, then I saw lovely single haloes, but totally fell in love with double haloes that had details in it, and so I got mine! I love every single part of it!

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Bee Keeper

My first engagement ring is an opal. My second ring(I won’t call it an upgrade, because I don’t feel it’s better than my opal) is a diamond because I work with my hands, and diamond is the most durable. Really though, if I could go back, I think I’d get a blue sapphire. It’s my husband’s birthstone, and I think it would feel more meaningful for me.

If you took me into a jewelry store and told me to pick out whatever I want, chances are it wouldn’t be a diamond. I just love color! I actually prefer colored diamonds to clear ones(but I love clear diamonds, just their colored siblings more). 

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Bee Keeper

thumperbear:  I’m the same. One of everything for every finger!

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Busy bee
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UndercoverKitty007:  No, natural and heat treated sapphires never dull. They are stunning, hard, and make beautiful engagement stones! 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2018 - Omaha, NE

For me, the biggest factor was money. I started shopping for what I liked so I could give suggestions to my SO and at first I couldn’t find any setting I liked under 2000, let alone the center stone! That, to me is simply outrageous. I honestly don’t like receiving expensive gifts, let alone expecting someone to spend money on me, plus I knew if I wanted something in the size range I think looks good on my size 8 finger it would be considerably more (3000+) for the center stone, so about $5000 for the whole package.

The ring I LOVE from Moco (MORE than any other setting I’ve seen from anywhere else too!) is under $1300 for the setting AND a stone that is a 1.5 ct equivalent. I simply can’t imagine paying even CLOSE to $5000 (or even $2000!) for a shiny rock in shiny metal.

During this research I also came across all of the horrible information about diamond mining and the damage it’s doing to Africa, both in the communities and the MILLIONS of pounds of earth being sifted through looking for diamonds of suitable size, clarity, or color to make jewelry out of. Also, there’s the issue of the diamond consortium holding back diamonds to increase demand and price. 

I don’t have a moissanite ring yet, but seeing as I’ve never owned a diamond I doubt I’ll be able to tell the difference. Even if I could I would LIKE the difference because I prefer a technology-made space rock to a chunk of carbon from the ground any day.

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Worker bee

Flip the question on its head–why not get a gemstone besides diamond? When I was picking out a ring for my fiancee, my priority was solely to find something she’d love that was in my budget (and hers–she told me she wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something every day that cost more than a certain amount). There are beautiful diamonds out there, but it would have been so limiting to rule out every other option. I got her a colored gemstone ring, and both of us couldn’t be happier–it fits her style far better than any of the diamond options I considered.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

I had diamond  rings but I thought they were boring. When I had to change my rings me and my hubby both decided to pic out something with colour.  It’s personal preference really. 

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Sugar bee

These are my reasons, in order (I’m getting a blue sapphire, btw):

1) Ethical reasons. I didn’t want a stone that could possibly have funded genocide, or child labor, etc. And from what I’ve read about the Kimberely process, it’s a lot of bullshit. 

2) I also didn’t want to give into the diamond hype. I recognize that there are truly conflict free diamonds (like Canadian ones and lab grown ones), but I feel so strongly about my ethical views, that I didn’t want to culturally support the diamond industry – that is, I felt like wearing any diamond supports the culture of diamonds themselves which then in turn leads to creating segments that can take advantage of this culture through abuse. (Hence also why I went with a colored stone and not a white stone which might be mistaken for and diamond).

3) I wanted something a bit unique looking.

4) They’re horribly – artificially – expensive. I don’t mind spending the money on something that I feel is truly priced. But it kills me to think of paying grossly inflated prices for a stone where the supply is so much greater than the demand. 

5) I find them a bit boring. 

6) I love the meaning behind a sapphire, particularly as it relates to an ering. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

I have a blue sapphire and love it, but I think diamonds and other gemstones are pretty too.

It’s all personal preference. Why do people chose different wedding dresses, houses, cars, clothes, and shoes? Because we’re all different people with different opinions.

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