(Closed) Post YOUR MINI RANT and get it OFF YOUR CHEST!

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Prissy, self-entitled co-worker,

YOU ARE NOT A VEGAN IF YOU EAT EGGS!!!!! Do me a favor and STOP telling people you are a vegan and then discussing how hard it is to be a vegan in that overly-virtuous tone. Being a vegan means NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Look it up.

Rant over.

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Mom, you didn’t bother to remember when my graduation ceremony was. When you did show up, you didn’t stop complaining or grumping. I get that you were tired, but you really weren’t a nice person to be around and it kind of killed the excitement. Oh, and thank you for the $50. It’s the thought that counts I guess, but my sister got a new computer when she graduated… so yeah. Dad and his wife made the effort to travel out here even though it was undoubtedly hectic and stressful for them, and on a limited budget to boot. You could barely make it across town. I guess I can only ever expect the bare minimum from you.

To my loving fiance who only wants the best for me: All I want is a simple wedding day with family and friends. I wish you would realize that the four course meal and dancing isn’t important.

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And I’m back!!!

Granny, when I called you yesterday just to exclaim over the good news that I got the first pics of my finished dress (via etsy) you didn’t have to ask “Does it fit?” first thing. Why do you always do that? I promise that one day, something will fit me. For the last 33 years ( ok exaggeration, since I was a teenager) you have pointed out my fat flaws. ( I was about a size 10 in school and thought that was huge-I’d give to be a size 10 now, I’m about a 14 and only 5’2 so obviously I’m super obese??)

And dear Granny, you didn’t have to remind me during the same phone call that “you know no one is coming to your wedding? Aunt 1 and Aunt 2 aren’t coming, we aren’t coming..is your Dad even coming with step mother? Probably not” Uh yes, they are. TYVM. “I don’t know why you couldn’t have it up here (KY) then we could all go. Florida is 1200 miles there and 1200 miles back. That’s a lot of driving.”Granny you told me all this at my shower last week INFRONTOFEVERYONE. But thanks for the reminder!!

Yes but please remember, we are paying for the wedding. And if we are paying for it, we want it where we want it. Why would we drive all the way to KY for a week to have a wedding and then not get a honeymoon? Sorry not sorry!!!These are the same people that are trying to book a vacation to hawaii or myrtle beach..they can’t make up their mind which one. Uh, ok.

That irked me all day yesterday.

**I don’t expect anyone to come to FL for our Destination Wedding, but if you aren’t coming, you don’t have to tell me every two days and complain about how expensive it is. I am a Stay-At-Home Mom and Fiance only makes what he makes. We just bought a house and two cars. We are doing repairs on this old moneypit house. Daughter likes to eat. Dog likes to eat. Give us a break.


I’m sure I’ll be back ladies!!


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Not Wedding Related Vent:

Dear friends, I know that you guys like to stay out later than me when we go out, but could you please make the effort to check in with me to make sure I got back okay?  Last weekend there was a shooting on the strip 20 minutes after I left!  Last night there was a stabbing on the street I take when I walk to your apartment, plus another shooting on the strip!  I’m not asking you to leave with me, but I’d appreciate it if you at least pretended to care a little for my well-being instead of being so engrossed with your drama-filled lives!

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Well, it’s quite hot here today – 35 degrees (95F for my Farenheit-inclined friends).  Sun is shining, blue skies, blah di blah di blah.  I, however am not outside enjoying this glorious sunshine, because I have to work… boo!!!!  That isn’t what hurt me though.

What hurt me – and made me release a little squeal and moisten my eyes was after I  sat on my colleague’s chair to fix something (don’t ask!), and got up to leave.  It’s a leather chair.  It’s hot today.  I’m not wearing tight (stockings).  The result of this is one of the possibly most painful things I have ever experienced.  And I’ve had my fair shaire of painful things.  Hit by trucks, hockey sticks, fallen off walls, fallen down stairs, a range of stitches etc… and as painful as they were nothing compared with that sharp shock of leather upon naked, sweaty thighs.

It still stings a bit.

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Uggh, GelaMac! I KNOW that men do things on purpose to annoy us and then play it off like they’re innocent victims of our womanly rage! My DH does it constantly, it’s probably the main thing we ever argue about.

He is constantly doing the things that I BEG him not to do, and I have to suffer the consequences for it. For example, we live in a condo, and I always tell him “never leave the garbage bag on the balcony – just take it to the dumpster on your way out”. Especially now that it’s hot and bugs are out. Last week, he puts the garbage out against my will while I’m sleeping, and the cat sneaks onto the porch – something DH KNOWS the cat does, but he didn’t even check. The next morning, I wake up to find my cat missing. This prompts a few days of hell, making posters, asking everyone in the building, the whole neighborhood if they’d seen him, handing out flyers, combing the area (through woods and dense brush) on food, casing a several block radius by car, even going to the point of getting in touch with a pet rescue team who would come with a pack of dogs to find my cat. This service would’ve cost us over $1,500, but it wasn’t even an object as my pets are like kids to us. THANK GOD, the morning before they were going to drive out, we found my kitty – after a huge emotional and physical ordeal which left me in a depression during those days he was gone. I barely slept or stopped crying for days and honestly I am still recovering. The cat was sleeping inside the closet this morning and I couldn’t find him for a few minutes and I almost collapsed with worry. Having a pet go missing is truly a traumatic event. And honestly, it was made worse knowing that I would have never allowed it to happen myself. I know accidents happen, but this was, to me, just my husband being careless around the house when he knows I hate when he puts the garbage on the porch and he KNOWS this cat always waits at your feet to dash out onto the balcony, but he couldn’t be bothered to check before he came back inside. All of this while I was helplessly sleeping – I sometimes have this feeling that if I’m not around/awake to monitor everything he does 24/7, disaster strikes. And when that happened with the cat, it seemed to confirm this fear in my mind.

So anyway, on top of the cat thing (which was horrible for me), last week was very stressful for our business and we had a lot of work obligations. So I’m taking a mental health week off trying to recover, and I’m also shopping for a ring. As a few of you may have read, I don’t/can’t wear my ering everyday for many reasons and a diamond recently fell out (DH did some investigating and found a jeweler I may be comfortable handing it to for repair) and I was thinking about getting a new amethyst ring or having a custom setting made for a diamond I have. For a minute I was ready to splurge on my dream setting, but I am putting that on the back burner once again. I just can’t justify it until we finally find and move into a house. But, after the cat scare and knowing I wanted a new ring anyway, DH insisted on buying me one as an “I know I screwed up” gift.

Now I don’t know what I really want, and since I’ve decided not to tap into my savings and splurge, I’ve dramatically lowered my initial budget (trying not to spend much more than $500).

As for the diamond, it will have to remain in the safe or be set as a solitaire for a few years. I like solitaires enough, and my dream setting is pretty expensive.

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Okay rant of the day: 

1. OKAY PEOPLE I truly love cold weather… not because there is something wrong with me, not because I just had a baby 1 year ago and my hormones haven’t gotten back together, not because I’m having hot flashes… I JUST love the cold. STOP making excuses for me as to why at the moment I am hot… I swear I must have lava flowing through my vains… It’s always been this way .. it’s never going to change LOL

2. Dear Diamonds,

Please stop being so beautiful.. please stop coming in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes and using and confusing the hell out of me. Stop treating me like a piece of meat … I JUST can’t quit you! 


Crazy Diamond Lady


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Ah I like this!!!

ok here goes:

I’m somewhat sad (as in self-pity) that I’m stuffing, mailing, etc. all my STDs alone. 

On the other hand, I’m making it fun. How? Well – an afternoon beer and STDs. 

For some reason afternoon beers (during the week!!!!!) seem so naughty 🙂

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It’s my freaking wedding! I’m not tying to please anybody else but myself and my Fiance, why is it I have to compromise with everyone else!!!

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@JustLove25:  “Diamonds, I can’t quit you…” actual lol

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@MerryWidow:  Oh my this is my daily rant! Seriously I do 99% of the housework PLEASE JUST PUT YOUR UNDERWEAR IN THE HAMPER, not just where you took it off! Please don’t leave one bite or sip of something in a container and put it away as if it were full! Please don’t tell me there is no food in the house when it’s between meals and you can make yourself a sandwich, heat a can of soup, or eat a piece of fruit (with food we have in the house.) There’s more… but yeah. I’m not your mom, but yes you do live with a girl. 

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ok, I’ll add one:

dear dog owner: if your dog is huge and barks in a loud, menacing way inches from  my face, it does freak me out! no, it is not cute or funny. I don’t care if your dog is super calm around you and only barks at new people. if you are having a party, then put the dog in another room or a crate or something! especially if I’ve been there for hours and the dog is still lunging and barking every single friggin’ time I (or another guest) makes a sudden movement. 

oh, and giving the dogs a treat every single time they bark to “calm them down” is just rewarding them for their horrible behavior.

I am a dog lover, but this is NOT ok.

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