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First off, stopping birthcontrol in itself can cause you to become a bit more baby-crazy simply due to the fact that you no longer have hormones interfering with your natrual hormonal cycle. Ovulation time can be VERY tough in terms of baby fever. I know when I stopped the pill, I became super baby crazy just from going off the pill.

I had bad baby fever from about age 22-24. We got pregnant when I was almost 25. During the time in between, the fever was BAD, especially with so many of our friends having babies. I got through it by blogging, hanging out at a Waiting to Try to Conceive forum, and reading up on lots of baby related stuff to prepare myself.


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Just out of curiosity, what did you hear about fertility issues due to taking birth control? :S I’ve been on it for a year, and I’ve had very little side effects from it, but I’m curious as to what you’ve heard.

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I have never heard about BC interfering with someone’s fertility.  I think people think it does because it can mask issues like PCOS but it doesn’t cause them.  Most doctors I have talked to say it is better to stay on BC because it isn’t good for us to have periods for as long as we do since we space out children and start our periods earlier than they used to.

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I don’t think BC interferes with anyone’s fertility.  It might cover up issues (like PCOS) someone has but it isn’t the cause of them.  Your fertility would return to what it normally would be once you quit BCP.  If you have issues, BC is not the cause, they would have been there anyway.  I was on BCP for 16 years straight (way longer than 5 years) and got pregnant 2 weeks after I quit.

You’re both really young so I would just encourage you to enjoy being married and young and having the time to do whatever/whenever you want to do.  You have LOTS of time left for babies.  Spend your time enjoying the freedom while you can.

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The only advice I can give is to keep reminding yourself why right now is not the right time. I had terrible baby fever right after our wedding but I knew I needed to wait until I took & passed the bar exam. the only thing that kept me going was reminding myself how much harder it would be to get all that done while being pregnant or with a baby. 

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Kafrine:  May I ask what you plan to do for protection if you aren’t ready for babies but you’re off BC? Like, condoms, charting, pull-out-method, etc?

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I hear ya! My baby fever has been sooo bad for over a year and we wont be trying for another year yet! The one thing that helps keep me in check is enjoying the things that will be harder when we do have a baby like quiet nights with Darling Husband or taking a nap! Paying attention to the little things helps me appreciate the present instead of longing for the future.

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Oh boy, going off BC was what did it for me. I already wanted a baby and after trying a type of BC and going off of it, I had a really bad case of baby fever. Luckily Darling Husband and I were in a position to have a LO so we did! As for BC effecting fertility, I don’t think that is really true. It is true that it can mess with your cycles when you first go off of it, which is why doctors recommend going off BC 3-5 months before TTC. 

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Reading all of these stories about baby fever after going off of BC is making me nervous!

I agree with one of the PP, try to stay focussed on why now isn’t a good time. That’s what I am/will be doing once we’re married. Sometimes when I have to get up early (and I’m not a morning person! At all!) and I’m super grumpy, I think about how much harder it would be with a screaming baby, and how I’m not quite ready to give up quiet coffee time, that might help hehe. It’s important you both finish school, then you can focus on your little beaner instead of exams. Good luck!!

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urchin:  oh god, I hear ya! I’ve been off BC for 6 weeks and I can tell you for a FACT I’ve ovulated this week cos I’m so blimmin horny! We’re not TCC yet (will be NTNT from September) but I have the fever!

Kafrine:  good luck OP, keep in mind your original plan, and believe that you have time, and that it will be worth the wait!

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Kafrine:  Birth control pill does not interfere with fertility. Wherever you are reading this or hearing this…it is false. Depo shot…yep that can cause a delay in getting back to fertility once you stop. Definately no lasting fertility issues with the Pill though.

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Kafrine:  I just wanted to say that I was on the pill for almost 15 years and I was one of those people that would skip my period and the second I went off it I got pregnant. I was off it for like 3 weeks and boom pregnant. My ob/gyn told me that the pill will not affect your fertility, but it is a good idea to get it out of your system for a month or two before conceiving. 

I also know that second child infertility is a real thing. You can have one child but are unable to get pregnant again. This happens regardless of birth control. 

Its hard not to think about getting pregnant and having kids. It’s all I thought about after we got married! I feel like at the beginning it consumes you. When it is your time it will happen! 

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Just to say that the pill does not cause infertility. It is just progesterone, and possibly oestrogen as well. If progesterone and oestrogen made you infertile, then every time a woman got pregnant, she would become less likely to have another child afterwards.

The pill can mask underlying fertility problems because it reduces symptoms. It actually makes people feel better and not suffer as much with certain problems.. which is a good thing.

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