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  • poll: What do you think about condoms?

    I don't even notice them.

    They're a little less comfortable, but hey, it's safe.

    They hurt and/or are extremely uncomfortable.

    Other? [Elaborate]

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    @OnceUponATime:  I don’t like them either. I love my hormonal bc and would never go off it on the advice of anyone but a doctor who knows my history and is qualified to prescribe medication. He is not your physician and cannot and should not be advising you in this matter. If you’re happy with your birth control, pay him no mind. If you have concerns about it, consult your regular doctor or your ob/gyn who prescribed it in the first place. 

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    @OnceUponATime:  I would be so offended. Your doctor shouldn’t just assume you should stop using BC because you are married therefor want children right now.. How inconsiderate of a thing to say! I personally HATE condoms, I have never found them to be uncomfortable, but as a preference to have sex without them, Fiance and I never use one. If I ever had to be off BC for some reason, we would use condoms, but not by choice. 


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    BC has more side effects for me than using a condom. Honestly, I’ve had the uncomfortable burning sensation, but only when I’m not in the mood. Usually I don’t notice them. Maybe try different brands/types. Some I notice a lot more than others.

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    Doesn’t sound like he’s a doctor worth going to. He’s got a pretty narrow point of view on things, it seems.

    I used to be on the pill, for about 3 years. Then I finally quit, I felt like my body wasn’t really acting normally.. I didn’t have horrible side effects, but just enough to feel tired of the ways things were. After I’ve quit, I feel a looooot better. I know everyone’s different though, and people like different things. I’m not a huge fan of condoms, but it’s what we’re using now til we find something better.

    I know some people take birth control to manage their naturally out of whack hormones. I myself have never had too many problems with my cycle or whatever, so I kinda think taking external hormones didn’t benefit me as it would someone else who’s experienced more problems.

    but if you think you would do better with a non-hormonal method of contraception that isn’t condoms.. try an IUD or diaphragms

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    I don’t like the way condoms feel, but I love the way they make sex a lot less messy.

    My husband says that he refuses to use condoms with his wife.

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    I hope your chiro is about 80 years old. “But you’re married so an accidental baby would be a blessing” is a pretty backwards/old world attitude to have!

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    @OnceUponATime:  I don’t think it was his place to tell you what method of BC to use. He can advise, but it shouldn’t have been said in a condescending manner. Sure, condoms are easy to put on but you have issues with them (I do, too. I’m allergic to latex and the other types are less effective). You found a method that works for you and that’s all that matters. 

    As for the kid comment, just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re ready and you may be childfree by choice for all he knows. There are too many variables for someone to make such a generalized comment, especially a medical professional. It’s almost like he was making a value judgement. I don’t want kids for another 2 years at least and maybe never. It doesn’t matter that I’m married. 

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    I wouldn’t say I don’t notice them.  And they definitely do not hurt!  I actually think that they can make sex more comfortable and enjoyable because of the lube.  Some days, it doesn’t matter how turned on you are, it’s just dry down there!  Lube helps.  😉

    ETA: Read “Taking Care of Your Fertility.”  It discusses the Fertility Awareness Method to avoid/achieve pregnancy.  Don’t take birth control pills because you feel like you have to.  This is NOT the Rhythm Method.  It’s scientifically proven to be as reliable as condoms to prevent pregnancy.

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    I’m a guy, and I can confirm that it is not the same on ur end.

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    @OnceUponATime:  I would go to a real medical doctor instead of a naturopath.

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    @quierajen:  I’m in the same boat in almost every category as you – latex allergy, hormonal bc messes with my moods, etc. Before we were TTC, we were using skyn condoms (some other kind of material), and i didn’t have any problems with them, other than that I may have gotten pregnant while using them :/

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    @OnceUponATime:  I wouldn’t go see him anymore. 


    Condoms dont bother me but it’s no one else’s business why I do/don’t use them. I think people in the medical field in general ask too many questions about intimacy. But that’s a conversation for another day. 


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    1.He was unprofessional. He can explain the cons of BC and suggest alternatives to BC, but beyond providing you with making an informed decision he should not judge which you choose.

    2.Have you looked into non-latex condoms? Perhaps that will help with the burning sensation, if you wanted to try condoms again.

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    Ugh, I absolutely hate condoms now that I am on the BCP. We used condoms at first, and we really didn’t know any different, but now we would rather just risk it or avoid sex all together if for some reason we need to use a back up method of birth control. I think having him put one on is just a mood killer to begin with. Then they make noise, feel weird, dry me out and all I can smell is latex the whole time. Yuck!

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    Whoa. First off, chiropractors in most states do not even have the legal ability to prescribe non-supplement drugs (ie, he can’t put you *on* hormonal BC, and he has no business trying to take you off it). They do not have the kind of training to tell you what kind of interactions your medications might have with each other- that’s a convo for your PCP and/or your pharmacist. And he doesn’t sound like he has very good insight in to your health needs if he’s dismissing your concerns about drug interactions and telling you that an unplanned pregnancy would be not a big deal.

    This man may bill himself as a “natural doctor” but he doesn’t sound very professional and chiropractors and naturopaths do *not* have anything like the same breadth of training as MDs, DOs, or even NPs or PAs. If he does something good for your back, maybe keep seeing him for that, but I would take any other health concerns to somebody who treats you with more professionalism and competence. He sounds like neither.

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