(Closed) Just went off birth control, what to expect?

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No one can say what to expect, but for many women it takes 6+ months to return to regular cycles after coming off the pill. That doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant well before then! I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility to learn about other fertile signs and using charting as either a took to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. 

I had regular cyclall immediately after stopping the pill, but I have been led to believe this is uncommon.

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I went back to normal fairly quickly.  I did ovulate the first month and we got pregnant in the second.  My cycles went back to about what I think they were before I went on BC.  Please know that at least the first month you will probably have every single possible pregnancy symptom and think you are pregnant… At least I did!  Literally every single symptom you could think of, I had.  It was rough!

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I have been off for about a month and am temping.  Based on my temps, I am pretty sure I ovulated (so somewhat back to normal) but I am super interested in what the next few months look like.


I second the rec for TCOYF!  Are you TTC?

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I know its different for every woman. Ive had friends who were on bc for 10 years, go off, and get preg the next month (unepecdedly since they figured they would need to be off bc for a few months). I went off April 1st right after our wedding but didnt want to get preg till after our honeymoon in July so we were careful. I noticed my periods were actually lighter and shorter once off the bc. Also my face has been breaking out, and I havent had a pimple in 12 years. So that part sucked. I didnt have any other side effects really and my periods were still pretty regular. I used the ovulation predictor kits starting the 3rd month we were trying. Worked on the 1st time I used them. Good luck!

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Everyone is different, but when I came off birth control at the end of July I finished the pack (it could mess things up to stop halfway through) and had a normal period like I normally would. Then my next cycle was 18 days and then after my next period things were back to normal… we actually conceived that cycle 🙂 

I didn’t have any symptoms really, except for when I got my BFP. I was so nervous since I had been on it for 10 years that it would mess my cycle up, but we were good to go! 

I have heard of people who take 6-8 months to get their regular cycle… this is why we decided to come off when we did. We figured it would take us much longer to conceive but were very lucky


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I just recently went off bc About 7 weeks ago. 


I finished my pack, had my period and then went 27 days and another period. So far so good. 


Side effects.. Pimples. I never had pimples before the birth control ( ok maybe occasionally) but I have one a week now. It’s awful. Also, I couldn’t sleep for almost 4 weeks. I think this bothered me the most. i have sleeping problems prior to getting off the pill, but even my ambien wasn’t working.


we don’t plan to try until october 

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I went back to normal very quickly.  My cycle got a little longer after going off of the pill, maybe 3 days longer.  My periods got a little heavier, but not bad.  I took my temp and it was a few months before there was a strong noticable pattern.  

Other side effects: My face started to break out badly around my period and I gained weight 🙁

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It took eight months for my period to return after coming off The Pill.

I also got more pimples and heavy periods. 

I use a special face wash and there isn’t much I can do about how heavy my periods are.


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My periods went from 28 days on the pill to a consistent 31-32 days as soon as I went off the pill. Shorter periods for me now off the pill, but they are VERY heavy. And yes more breakouts. I am entering my 4th month TTC and no pregnancy yet. I am charting/temping which I think helps when you go off the pill so you can see your patterns and if you have a normal cycle etc. 

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I went off BC 2 months ago now and so far it hasn’t been bad at all. My first cycle off I had crazy boating which has been the worst side effect for me so far. I also had pinching/pain in my lower abdomen around CD 14-16 which leads me to believe that I ovulated. I am now on CD 25 of my 2nd cycle off BC and I havent really noticed any side effects this month. I also didn’t feel any ovulation pain so I’m wondering if this cycle will be a longer one.

Every woman is different and I used to be really scared of coming off BC because of all the bad experiences I have read about but you will never know what your own body will do until you get there!

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i went off BC in june (after being on it for over 10 years), and i’m still not having regular 28 day cycles. it could take a while for them to get back to “normal”. i don’t have 7 day periods though, they’re much shorter and i don’t bleed as much.

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