(Closed) K. Here’s the plan…But I have questions. :)

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Helper bee
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I think you are just about right on! The only ting i will say, is do not have it set in your head that you will be breastfeeding the whole time. i tried with both of my kids, and i was only able to do it for 2 months with each one, there was seriously nothing else i could do about it, and had to end up using formula, and then you have to figure in diapers and wipes. Also, not only will you save money, but making your own baby food is awesome! boil or steamed veggies and puree, how hard is that? plus you know whats going into it. And having 5k to furnish the rest is an insane amount to me, but we also didn’t plan our first son and it was like oh shit your pregnant at 19, lol. But really we got everything we needed from the baby showers i had, i had 2, one for my family and friends, and then the inlaws had to have their own.  Sounds like you should be fine though!

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Bumble bee

The only thing I wouldn’t count on is breastfeeding – I’ve watched a lo of my friends have trouble producing or not getting into it.  Just saying that isn’t something you can 100% count on happening, although its pretty likely.

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Honey bee
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Your plan sounds good, but remember, no matter what you plan, life does its own thing. Thats great you want to breastfeed, but just becuase you think you will, you may not be able too. What if your milk doesn’t come in? Or what if your baby doesn’t take to it? I would plan for formula too, just to keep yourself safe. Also, you may use more diapers than that. Some months, I use like $100 in diapers, and others, not so much. Plus wipes, medications, clothes, bath stuff, diaper ointment, bottles, etc. There are a lot of things you could be buying each month that you didn’t think about. Don’t mean to be a downer, but just want to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected!

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oh yea, if you do buy formula, i easily spend 200 a month on it, granted i had big boys who ate a lot! i guess i didn’t much think about clothes, because my oldest is almost 4, and i really haven’t had to buy any clothes yet due to family giving us clothes, but yea, you gotta think about that too!

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Honey Beekeeper
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are you sure your husband will have a job?

I know too many teachers who are laid off right now

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Sugar bee
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I have to agree with RosieGirl that diapers can cost way more than $50 a week. Esp in the beginning when you don’t know your newborn’s schedule. You can be throwing away a diaper with just a teensy bit of pee on it because you checked.
My niece did not take to breast milk, was allergic to regular formula had to drink soy. All of which meant more money.
My nephews both had to take soy formula as well and both had pretty severe eczema even though there’s no prior family history. All of which meant lots of doctor visits (among regular visits) and money on medications.

And clothing yes. even though you may get a ton at the baby shower most people don’t think ahead to buy you larger sizes and tend to buy infant sizes which your baby will outgrow in 3 months and leave you to buy the rest of the 9months.

I don’t mean to be a downer as well. But your plan sounds great in theory but plan for the unexpected.

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yea, take any veggies you want, ex sweet potatoes, boil it, throw it in a blender until smooth! way awesome! did it with my second son and i saved so much money!

I totally thought i’d be good with breastfeeding, and i was screwed, i tried different things to make more milk, but my body wasn’t having it! So yea, bummer, but even if they only get a little bit of bfing, its better than none at all!

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Ditto Rosie–there are tons of little things that you’re constantly buying that you never quite plan for. I think $50/month sounds low for diapers (but I’m used to twins, so maybe that’s right? I never did the math–too depressing!). If you’re serious about breastfeeding, I’d recommend investing in a good pump ($300+); and know that you might wind up needing to move to formula, for many possible reasons (feasibility, trouble latching, medical reasons, allergies, etc., etc.–I did it with all three; but it wasn’t easy). Formula’s ridiculously expensive. Baby food is pricey, too.

I put together a spreadsheet of registry/necessary items; I’d be happy to share it if you want to PM me your email address. It’s pretty comprehensive, with random baby stuff, medicines, etc.

You’re very smart to try to figure this out. I wish I had a better number for you!

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Bee Keeper
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As far as monthly costs go, here was our list of items to include in our “monthly baby costs” item of our budget:

  • formula (If you’ll be breastfeeding, substitute in breast pump, nursing pads, milk freezer bags, etc… for formula)
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • baby food
  • hygenic items (soap, lotion, etc…)
  • medical items (vaseline, diaper cream, etc…)
  • baby item replacements (bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc…)
  • new baby items (clothes, blankets, toys, books, etc…)
  • educational savings
  • present/miscellaneous savings

Our monthly baby budget is $400/month before childcare ($1400/month after childcare).  Other things you might want to factor in are medical costs for pregnancy/delivery (what is your deductible, what are your copays, do you get any reimbursements, etc…), medical costs for baby (copays on doctor’s visits, deductibles, increased premiums, etc…), and savings if you work and need to subsidize during your maternity time off (you didn’t say you worked, but I threw that in there just in case).  Ummmm, this is from my husband’s (very detailed) monthly budget.  🙂  I’m not entirely sure you HAVE to go into this much depth.

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Sugar bee
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 Do share the make your own baby wipes!!! It sounds like you do have a good plan. I was just afraid because your post was so bright and cheerful that perhaps you thought it would be all smooth sailing. But you sound like you have a sound head on your shoulders!

Anyway, I would love to make my own baby wipes (in the future!)

Another thing to consider is making your own detergent. Save $$$$$$ because often times you have to use baby detergent if their skin is sensitive and Dreft is expensive!!!

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Helper bee
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Congratulations on your plan!  I just want to chime in really quickly with a concern, but ignore me if you’ve already thought about this.

Having a baby while in school is tough!  Besides classes and schoolwork, I assume you’ll also have student teaching to complete, correct?  I’m in school now and I can’t really imagine waking up every few hours to take care of a baby. 

Being a first year teacher is also tough, as you have to lesson plan from scratch.  My Fiance is a teacher and I remember he didn’t really even have time to call me while he was getting his education degree, and when he was teaching his first year, he worked A LOT from home (grading, lesson planning, mentoring with other teachers, preparing for evaluations, etc). 

Anyways, if you’ve already thought about this, then please ignore me. 

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