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1) So she is stupid because she doesnt identify with a certain stance? Good to know we all have to think the same!

2) Is anyone really looking to her for inspiration/guidance/moral compass? She is a sitcom actress, not the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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WestCoastV:  +10000!

Saying she is not a feminist because SHE hasn’t experienced inequality is so incredibly self-absored and ignorant. Almost like saying, I don’t advocate for children to have access to meal and water because I never went hungry as a child.

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eeniebeans:  “So she is stupid because she doesnt identify with a certain stance? Good to know we all have to think the same!”

Right, because that is exactly what people are saying

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coffeedrinker:  You have to be aware that not everyone equates the term with what you stated. Is it a sign of ignorance? Maybe, but it doesn’t mean these things aren’t important to those that just don’t use the word. Let’s face it – A LOT of people still think “feminist” means man-hating bitch. They don’t think it means ‘equal rights advocate’. It’s not fair to jump on others who can only associate with what they’ve been taught. Personally I’ve never once met anyone who made a point of saying “My name is <> and I’m a feminist”. I associate with people of all genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, etc… It’s for damn sure that equality is relevant and important to all of these people.

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fem·i·nism ˈfeməˌnizəm/noun the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Apparently, Ms. Cuoco is not the only one who doesn’t actually know what feminism is. And fancy that, not a single word about hating or bashing men. Hm.

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coffeedrinker:  I never suggested the women of your family aren’t important- I’m not even sure where that came from. I was just saying that that dim-bulb actress is under no obligation to support or advocate for anything. 

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coffeedrinker: Gut reaction = “OFFS”  but  of course it’s complicated. She can choose to actively reject it if she wants to (though I do find these articles weird, “Jane Doe not an environmentalist” doesn’t make headlines…just the media stirring controversy where there isn’t any), then I can read her justifications for that and think “well…that’s just silly”. You don’t need to be a feminist activist to be a feminist, I think this is where people slip up and it’s a f-ing broad church and you don’t have to (and indeed can’t) agree with all things all other feminists are saying/have said to be one. Self identify and you get accusations of man hating and bra burning and you’re then held responsible for whatever crap some TERf has said on twitter…>.>

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It’s sad that Kaley Cuoco (and some people on here, apparently) still subscribe to that antiquated notion that feminism = man-hating b*tch.  I’d be willing to pay $$$ to a woman who has never faced inequality once in her life. 

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coffeedrinker:  wow thats pretty stupid. i hate it when anyone says they arent a feminist because all it is, is that you believe men and women are equal. everyone should be one!! but some people think it means women are better than men and so they become afraid of the term. and like OP said associated with male bashing. i think there should be another term for that kind of feminism. 

FutureMrs.Huemiller:  Thats exactly what it means hense the face palm.  i just dont think people realize that all feminism is, is the advocate for equality. its simple as that. so by saying you are not a feminist is stating you dont believe in equality…

Aquaria:  when feminism first took place women wornt equal and were labeled as angry women because they were. i would have been too. now, and because of those women, we dont understand the need for the feminist label. equality is a household thing. 

kimmo416:  it seems so many women these days dont really understand feminism, and shy away from it because of the old sterotype. i would have been just as man bashing and bra burning back in the day if someone told me i didnt matter as much as a man. that i was here to serve a man, that i cant even vote, and my only place is in the kitchen and making babies. and that if i were assulted it must have ment i deserved it. most woman forget that the majority of countries still feel this way about woman. that there are still women out there fighting for equality. they also forget that it was just in our parents generation that women were assulted in the work place all the time-and no one gave a shit!! sorry for the vent but man it grinds my gears. Ive been in a lot of different countries where women dont have rights like americans.  for a small example just down south in mexico, women are not allowed in the military,  arent even offered sports in high school. Plus they have to live with their parents untill they are married, and its acceptable for their husbands to have some girl on the side. … i guess i already sound like an angry feminist 😉 but when you see discriminiation first hand, the problems are hard to ignore. 

My husband and I are proud to say we are feminists. (and yes ive heard those words come out of my husbands mouth) A feminist is a person who advocates or supports the rights and equality of women. bottom line

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I think most people that say they arent a feminist, dont actually know what feminism is. 

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Ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!!

This is what it boils down to!

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