(Closed) Keeping a pregnant woman on life support?

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Idk. I would never want to be on life support either but if I was pregnant then yes I would. Unless she said since becoming pregnant she still wouldn’t want that then it’s hard to know for sure. I mean I get her wishes should be followed but she’s not far from viability…. I can understand why the law is in place. I see both sides. 

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I have seen similar cases in the past.

Ultimately, in every.single.case that has ever made the news, the fetus / baby’s health took precidence over the wishes of the mother.

These rulings are always controversial.

BUT I do think that most people put the life of a child before that of an adult

Even if it is a “potential” child

It is hard for everyone involved… no doubt.

(I feel for Woman’s Husband, Son, Parents etc)

And it gets worse when the Abortion / Right to Life folks jump on the bandwagon (and trust me they will)

As it crosses into the territory of Woman’s Rights and the rights of the unborn child.

This will get a lot worse for all concerned in the weeks / months to come.


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Buzzing bee

I think it would ultimately be up to her husband in this situation, and the article clearly states that he doesn’t want to keep her on life support for the unborn child. He is so right that the baby could have been without oxygen for quite some time before he found his wife, so who knows what brain damage it could have suffered. He is already raising a one year old, and now has to cope with the death of his wife. To basically force him to raise another child, possibly with disabilities, against his will is insane. 

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I could see if she was further along in the pregnancy, but to keep her on it for months, only to take her off when the baby can come out… It just seems kind of cruel to me.

It also doesnt seem like it would be healthy for the baby to grow like that, but of course I really have no idea about that stuff.

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if the child can live at no cost to the mother then actually im not against it. i mean, the mother is an empty shell at this point so to me the issue comes down to whether to let the baby live or die. i dont want to be kept on life support in general if i have an accident (if there is no hope of recovery) BUT  for a defined period of time to safely deliver a baby…i have no issue with it

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When I did a living will, I thought about what I would want in general terms.  I didn’t specifically stop and think what would I like should something happen during the 9 month period I was pregnant. 

If I had to read the tea leaves, I don’t know if she wanted the pregnancy or not, but since she hadn’t terminated by 14 weeks if assumptions have to be made, then I’d assume she wanted the pregnancy and put those wishes above a living will that probably didn’t address specifically what to do if she was pregnant.    

I hate when government interferes in private decisions, and this is a tough situation all around. 

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@lolita39:  My only problem with this aside from the obvious pain the family is going through watching her become a ventilator for the unborn baby is. The potential for the unborn child to have multiple health problems growing up are huge and the child could quite possibly live a very horrible and tragic life if being born. Yes it is true that the child could have also suffered no harm from the lack of oxygen but in my opinion I would rather take the mother off of life support and let her go. I hate that the state is dictating what she wanted because of the unborn child. There is something very wrong with this world.

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My opinion is to follow her wishes and to allow her family to bury their loved one, instead of watching/paying for a dead-life for X more months. It’s a heartbreaking situation, but I still believe it is her body, her choice (the ULTIMATE choice), and she already expressed her choice “numerous” (via article) times. She doesn’t deserve to be the state’s personal fetus incubator while the family watches on helplessly. I can’t imagine the agony of the husband. Horrible.

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@allyfally:  I agree. If the mother was further along then I would understand the decision. But at 14 weeks, I don’t understand how the baby could grow normally in that environment. Definitely a very tough decision to make either way and I have no idea what I would want if this were to happen to me or someone I know. 

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It’s a really sad and complicated situation for all involved.  I personally would want to be kept on life support for my baby to have a chance at life.  Yes, the baby might have issues, but the baby might not! I am sure it is extremely painful for the husband, and maybe he will choose to put the child up for adoption or maybe he will be so thankful to have another piece of his wife that lives on.  It truly is hard to say.  I know the woman had her wishes, but if she’s not in any pain or suffering to let her baby live, I think the state is making the right choice. At least… I think that is how I feel.

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I disagree with it. She simply becomes an oven to bake a baby. That is not a mother, a parent, that’s an incubator.

Edit for clarity: If she was a few weeks away from giving birth, that’s one thing.

To allow her to incubate for the entire gestation is another. 

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