Keeping his earnings from second job for himself

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  • poll: What's the right thing for him to do about his second job?

    He should quit the second job so they can spend full weekends together

    He should continue working (if he wants) but continue sharing the money to their joint acct

    He should continue working (if he wants) but keep all the money for himself

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    I think I’d be upset by this, because I’m fairly paranoid and would worry that he was building a nest egg for a future without me. I guess at this point in their lives, I don’t really see the point in keeping that money separate.  Can he articulate a reason why he now wants to keep all the money to himself?

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    mrstodd2bee :  if it were me, I don’t think I’d have a problem with the financial aspect of it. if he wants to work hard for some extra fun money of his own, I’d say go for it! If they aren’t hurting for $$$ there’s no reason for him to be required to share. The only problem with this scenario is that his fun money income is at the expense of quality time as a couple. It shows that he’s prioritizing fun money over cultivating and nurturing the relation, which is highly concerning considering the fact that now that he doesn’t *have* to do it, he’d still rather work his ass off than spend time with me. 16 hours is essentially a whole entire day and doesn’t leave any time to relax together after getting off.


    To compromise, perhaps she could ask him to cut that part time job down to 8 hours, or maybe even 8 hours twice a week just so that his entire Saturday won’t be dedicated to work. 


    This is all assuming that they have a healthy, happy relationship otherwise. If not, it seems like he’s just working to stay away from her. That’s what my mom does…she works every weekend part time so that she won’t have to be around my dad smh. I’ve seen it happen, so while I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy, it is certainly a possibility…

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    mrstodd2bee :  I’ll probably be in the minority here, but previously he was working that job because they needed the money. Now they don’t need it, so I’m assuming his full time job pays well enough for them to afford their bills and whatnot. So to me, the money he gets from his OPTIONAL (no longer necessary) 2nd job is his money. 

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     Agree with PP that the issue is his job is cutting into their quality time. They should make a compromise of some kind. It shouldn’t be just his way or the highway.

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    mrstodd2bee :  It doesn’t seem fair to me that for all that time every weekend he was gone 1 entire day,  now it will be the same but he will be the only one to get the financial benefit.  Any thoughts?

    It is his extra day to give up in my opinion and if he wants to keep the money for himself then I think that’s fair. 

    Did you friend work an extra 16 hours on top of her full time job for the ten years they were struggling?  If she didn’t it is a bit rich for her to have been okay with him sacrificing his off days when she wanted the money and now she doesn’t she thinks he shouldn’t work them even if he now wants to. 

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    I would prefer quality time with my husband over him working 6 days a week if he doesnt have to. If he did continue to work I would want the money to be both his and mine. I wouldn’t be okay with my husband working an unecesaary extra 16 hours just for him to spend it on gadgets. 

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    We don’t do “his money” and “her money,” so the whole idea of keeping the money to himself feels wrong to me. If he wants to spend money on tech gadgets and cars, then they can decide as a couple how much of their money they can budget towards fun stuff like that (or he can spend some amount of money, within reason, without asking his wife, since he works so hard and deserves it). I admit I usually get a bit touchy around discussions about whether it’s fair to your spouse to work weekends, because I work a lot of weekends in my line of work, and it sometimes causes some friction, but it’s just what my career is. But I will say that working full time hours during the week plus 16(!) hours straight every Saturday sounds insane to me, especially if there’s not a strong financial incentive to do so.

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    I think it depends on how she’s defining ‘we can afford for him not to do the second job.’ Does this mean that he could spend what he wants on his gadgets if he cut the second job? Or does he need the income from his second job in order to comfortably afford his hobby? I think if he’s taking the job to pay for his hobby (and normal household expenses/savings are not suffering) he deserves to spend the money however he wants. It would be unfair if she expected 50% of that extra paycheck. 

    DH and I share all our money. That said, before the wedding I took up some odd jobs here and there to afford personal ‘upgrades’ before the wedding (facials, hair appointments). Stuff that was pretty ridiculously priced, but I really wanted to do. So I walked some neighbors dogs and did yard work to pay for them. If DH had told me he deserved 50% of that extra money, I would have told him to get lost. Even now, here and there, I will do odd jobs for extra spending cash on anything extravagant.

    The 16 hours a weekend is a bummer, but his choice. She can’t force him to spend time with her. 

    Now, if they can 100% comfortably afford whatever he wants to spend on…..I’d be concerned. 

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    Our view, whether I was working part time,full time or as a Stay-At-Home Mom is that we each contribute to the family equally. In this case, not only is the money not shared, or for common goals, but OP’s friend would now also have to be willing to sacrifice a significant amount of time with her husband, something she already does by the sound of all his hobbies. 

    This would not work for me. I know people will say well what about the woman who wants to use a part time job for all her discretionary spending? Well, the spouses need to be on the same page there too. And if the husband is working similar hours he’s not giving up time together. 

    I think your friend has every right not to be OK with this. 

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    To me it’s a time issue more than a money issue. I have no problem with my husband spending the money he earns on things that are just for him (provided it doesn’t cut into our living expenses), but I wouldn’t love him taking on an extra job that meant he’d be gone every Saturday forever, just to fund a hobby. I think a compromise is needed here.

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    Since the job is not necessary and the money only benefits him, I would treat it like a hobby. Hobbies are great, my husband and I both have a few that we enjoy on our own. But we don’t spend the entire day every Saturday on them. That would be a problem.

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    If he quits the job will be be able to afford his car things and gadgets? It sounds like he has an expensive hobby and he is financing it through having another job. That sounds quite responsible. If he quits his job, would your friend be happy for him to have more “his money”? I can understand the mindset that he would rather have less free time and get more luxury and enjoy the results of hard work.

    I think finances are very personal for every couple but I don’t think he is being totally outrageous but I can understand your friend aswell. I have the most issue with changing the agreement. If he previously already got majority of that paycheck then could they keep the original arraingement?

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