Keeping puppy outside while at work?

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You live in the country, so do we.  We have a fenced in yard, and would never leave them outside by themselves.  We have Coyotes, wolves and foxes.  I think your whole attitude is too cavalier. They are family, would you leave your kids outside all day?

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edobbs87 :  I’m not saying I disagree with crating. I was just asking why! There are tons of reasons to crate and to not crate, so I was just wondering if your problem could be solved another way. 🙂

None of my dogs have liked their crates (no matter how comfy we made them or how much training we tried), so we’ve always had to go with different options.

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edobbs87 :  What kind of puppy are you getting or considering? Another thing to note is that my parents used to have a rat terrier, who even as an adult, only weighed about 12-14 lbs. There was a hawk that lived in a tree next to their house that routinely tried to swoop down after the dog! So, a puppy could also be easy prey for birds as well.


To your point about dogs not being humans or fur babies. I get it, I am from the country and lived in rural areas my entire life. There’s a difference though between carrying a dog around in your purse all day and leaving them outside for 9-10 hours + unattended. They still need a lot of basic needs met, and it’s really just not safe for all the reasons people listed. I let mine out for periods of time to run, enjoy the sunshine, stretch their legs and play but that’s when I’m home and can check in on them. Leaving them outside all day, every day would be asking for trouble and I don’t know if I could function at work thinking about all the things that *could* go wrong as opposed to putting them somewhere where they’re not in danger or a danger to themselves and rest easier.

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Honey Beekeeper

Awful idea and IMO very irresponsible. You are in no position to get a puppy in your current circumstances. Letting dogs, of any age, stay outside all day is just too risky for all the reasons mentioned. I don’t even approve of keeping a house trained dog cooped up inside for that length of time on a daily basis without being let out or walked. 

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I am actually so suprised that so many people are against dogs being left outside during the day. I have many friends that have bought puppies and kept them outside in the yard while at work all day and not one of them have hurt themselves or died.. I would not have thought twice about it. As long as your fence will keep them in I don’t see a problem with it. I think many people are being quite dramatic.

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Sugar bee

My cousin got a Dalmation puppy a few years ago.  She kept it outside.  The poor puppy did die (coyote).  


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My “puppy” is now a year old she stays in her crate while home alone, but I do go home from work every day on my lunch break, as well as have a dog walker come play with her for 30 min a day in the afternoons.  Even though she’s a year old, I’ve still never left her in her crate for more than 4 hours at a time.  When I hear that people leave their dogs in a crate for an entire work day, it makes me ragey!!  So I’m glad you’re not considering that.  The point of my comment is to re-think the dog-walker idea.  I found my guy on and he only charges $10 a visit.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with leaving an adult dog outside – granted they have shade and water, and there are no predators in your area. (I’m in Australia so no real predators – except snakes, and my yard is not snake-friendly). 

However I would not leave a puppy outside. The main reason being you don’t know their personality yet, are they an escape artist? Are they a stressor? Will it get along with your adult dog? Also puppies are far more likely to be stolen than an adult dog.

We recently got a new puppy (January) and I kept her inside while I was at work (7 hours).

I had two weeks off work when we first got her to help her adjust to her surroundings and begin toilet training. 
We didn’t do crating but she was confined to the kitchen and living room and had her bed set up in the corner (which was her safe place).

If possible I would use baby gates to confine the puppy to a different part of the house as your older dog, this way the puppy has company but won’t annoy or aggravate your dog. If your going to crate, place the open crate in the area with the puppy. 
Pee pads are great, but expect a few accidents as they won’t get it right all the time – as soon as you get home let the puppy out to wee and continue your toilet training regime as usual. We did not have any trouple with toilet training btw.


The one thing I would ask you to consider is hiring a dog sitter, or putting the puppy in daycare – just one or two days a week – we are lucky that my dad takes our pup a couple of times a week, it’s enough to change up her routine and stop her from developing bad behaviours out of bordom. Its not a necessary requirement but we’ve found it really helps.


I’m sorry that was so long – but I hope it helps.

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This is illegal where I live! And the animal people patrol regularly, if a dog is left outside by itself for over 15 minutes, you’re in trouble.

granted, I get that it’s not illegal where you are, but the reason it’s illegal here is because  it’s been deemed unsafe. 

I like PPs idea of a crate attached to a playpen for you. It solves a lot of problems. 


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I’m actually stunned that so many people say it’s not ok or even illegal to leave an adult dog outside alone! (little puppies might be a different matter). Where I live in Australia everyone’s dogs are out in their yards while they’re at work. If there’s shelter and water and nothing extreme like wolves or freezing temperatures then I don’t see the problem!

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nonablu :  Right?? I usually get the opposite where I live – I’ve had multiple people tell me Im cruel for keeping my dog locked inside all day! (We are saving up for a doggy door haha)

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Helper bee

Personally, I wouldn’t do it. Largely because I would be too worried about the pup while at work. Digging out would be a huge concern. 

When we get a puppy we do a combo of altering schedules/taking vacation and hiring dog walkers/daycare. 

BUT- I’ve also fostered (albeit short term) and used the indoor puppy pen a PP mentioned. Confined area with a crate/sleeping area, food/play area, and pee pad area. I used pads that were washable and they couldn’t tear up so easily. Tarp under the whole space. Do not put the potty area where the pup will run to greet you 🙂

WB is not allowing my edited pic, so sorry for this large one, but this is an example:

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How will you train the puppy if you are out all day? I really think you need to be there 24/7 at first with a pup.

We can all argue about leaving a dog alone all day till the cows come home. I personally couldn’t do it and the thought of my quite large and perfectly capable of looking after herself unless something terrifying like the dustpan and brush shows up, German shepherd on her own all day makes me want to weep for her. But you seem to have no problem with it and I have no doubt your dog is well looked after and might enjoy some company. I just think a puppy is a challenge ….

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