Keeping puppy outside while at work?

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mrsautumn36 :  Thats an amazing idea. I wish we had this where I live.

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I would never consider leaving my dog outside unsupervised. We don’t have the climate for it really over here for one, but she could escape/ be stolen/ hurt herself more easily.

When we decided to get a dog, we thought long and hard about whther we could afford it. We have a dog walker who comes in 1-2 times a day depending on our hours to walk her or play with her and a pet cam at home.

I know our dog sleeps in between because I check on her occasionally via webcam. Dogs are sociable animals and I personally wouldn’t have taken on that responsibility if I couldn’t give her the social interaction that she needs while I’m out the house during the day. 

We did try doggy daycare – I think my dog prefers going on walks with the dog walker as the centres nearby are all indoors. 

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I’m really against putting a dog in a crate all day, as another poster mentioned it’s just not a thing in Europe and is seen as very cruel. When we had our puppy we left her in a large pen while we went out and had a dog walker come each day. When she got a bit older she was left in the kitchen and now she has free roam downstairs. We used a large crate with a basket in at nighttime to toilet train her and that worked amazingly, she still goes to sleep in her basket in her crate now and she’s almost 2, but if she ever barked we’re there to let her out. She never goes in the crate while we’re not there in case she needs to wee or poo urgently (which has happened). 

I just don’t think it’s right to put an animal in a cage and leave them alone all day, what if the dog has a bad stomach? Or if they can’t hold their wee in yet? They have to sit in a puddle of their own wee and crap all day until you get back? Also how do they occupy themselves in a crate? Our dog gets kongs, bones and toys to play with while we’re at work, I can’t imagine her just locked in her crate for 9 hours a day every day 🙁 I would rather a dog be left outside or in a garage than kept in a cage all day, no matter how you dress it up it’s cruel. 

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ariesscientist :  Yea same,


our dog was raised well and she had her own basket or slept whereever she wanted. She never bit anything, barked or anything. She usually played a bit with her toys, looked out the window (knee high and she loved watching the neighbours cats).

We had toys she could roll around for treats. She was alone from 9 to 12 maybe then we came home and went on our adventures with her.


I still want a dog again but I wont since I work 8 to 5 and there is no walkers or doggy daycare so I just accept I dont have the time for a dog and it would be unfair to leave one alone all day

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