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Well the vaccine for kennel cough should be administered every 6 months, and from what my friends have told me apparently that isn’t common knowledge. My pup had kennel cough once and it was from being exposed at the dog park. It sounds like “reverse sneezing” and a really wheezy breathing. I would have your dogs checked out. The positive note is the treatment works relatively quickly. My vet also had me give my dog children’s robitussin…let me get my notes.

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Symptoms: a cough that begins approximately 4 days after exposure. It usually is dry and hacking or a burst of coughs, followed by gagging or expectoration of mucus.

Vet gave me Clavamox (liquid prescription antibiotic) and also told me to give my dog Pediatric Robitussin DM 1.5mg per ml every 4-6 hours as well as 1/2 an adult benadryl (1/2 of a 25mg tab). Please keep in mind the recommendations given to me are based on my dog’s weight (15lbs).

Whenever giving your dog medication it should be monitored and dosed based on their weight.

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It’s most likely kennel cough. My boy had it earlier this year. Even if you get vaccinated, there’s a 50% chance or so that they can still get it, that’s straight from the vet, too. They’ll give you two medications most likely, but you’ll have to bring in both dogs since it sounds like they both have it. One med is a slight sedative that will quiet the cough and make your puppies fairly sleepy and the other is the actual medication that the pups will have to take for I think 2 weeks. I can get you the names of the stuff I got if you want me to.

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The last thing you want to do is go to a public place with a bunch of other dogs.  It’s HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS.  Regardless if it is in fact kennel cough or just a common cold, it’s not that serious however can lead to more serious problems.  You need to take them into your vet whenever you can.

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My dog acquired a $600 throat infection from drinking from the water fountain at the dog park.  We carry a waterbottle with us now, he’s not allowed to drink from the dog fountain anymore!  It may be bordatella (kennel cough) or it may just be a simple cold/virus.  I’d wait to go to the vet until Monday (make an appointment for first thing!) and don’t go to the park this weekend.  Let us know!

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My dog had kennel cough a few months ago and I hated seeing her cough.  I felt so bad for her. Plus, she wasn’t going to see the vet til Monday, so I went to the pet store on Saturday and I found these drops that sooths her throat.  It didn’t cure it but at least it got her to stop coughing.  See if you can get those drops at the pet store.

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My little girl had Kennel Cough last month, even though she had an up to date vaccination.  

the recommendations we were given were:

– robitussin, or any other cough suppressant, one tablespoon 

– steam!  Bring them into the bathroom when you are having a hot shower, the steam in the bathroom helps loosen up their lungs and take some of the discomfort and cough away

– warm compresses.  If they will let you (Chloe refused!) warm small towels with warm’hot water and place it on their neck/chest when they are laying down, it helps a lot!

depending on the vet, most won’t actually give you medication for kennel cough, as it can’t really be treated.  It needs to run its course.  They will however give you something to give them to help with the cough, and to help them sleep, and will recommend regular human cough medicine for them!  They will be better in no time!!  Lots of TLC always helps too!! good luck!

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