Kidney Stone vs Child Birth

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  • poll: Which pain is worse??
    Passing a kidney stone : (10 votes)
    48 %
    Giving birth : (7 votes)
    33 %
    It's a tie, both hurt! : (4 votes)
    19 %
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    huisinjj :  I haven’t had a kidney stone, but I have given birth and had some wicked UTIs. Birth definitely hurts but at least your vagina is designed to stretch to accomodate the baby. I would be more afraid of the kidney stone! 

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    I haven’t had a kidney stone either, but I have to assume that’s worse…I mean, your body’s not built to pass those sorts of things. I think it’s kind of a myth that childbirth is the worst pain anyone can ever experience–I know my Mother-In-Law just had appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery to remove it, and she said that even though she’s had 4 kids, the appendicitis was by far the worst pain she’d ever experienced.

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    I have had a kidney stone x 2 and a baby x2. I guarantee you that kidney stone pain is the worst by far.

    There is also no reward at the end as with childbirth.

    As an ER nurse, I can also tell you that kidnet stone pain is agony and patients can almost be diagnosed across the room by their pain alone.

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    My friend has given birth twice and passed kidney stones a few times as well, and she said the kidney stones were worse.

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    To be fair, I’ve never given birth so I can’t say, but I have passed a kidney stone and while it was pretty awful, I wouldn’t describe it as quite the excruciating experience y’all are saying. I actually thought I was just having bad menstrual cramps until later on. It’s really making me feel more comfortable about giving birth someday! Haha. Maybe my kidney stone just wasn’t that big…

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    huisinjj :  I tried to figure this out a monthish ago, having already passed two kidney stones over the years.  In the end, I just couldn’t decide.  Both the stones and childbirth made me puke from pain (more puke with the stones, but I also had very little in my stomach already with birth, still I only heaved during one contraction).  Kidney stones were so much shorter term, even though it was a nightmare while it lasted – sharp pains but an easy butt injection to make it all just go away.  Childbirth dragged out significantly longer (21 hours vs. a few) and I tried to push my way through without medication support (I gave up, lol) so the pain was of longer duration, though not so sharp.  In the end, I just feel like they’re both awful and just not comparable.  Although the stones I passed weren’t located… I’d hate to get a larger one!

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    pawneegoddess :  I feel the same way as you. I laid in bed for about 5 hours before deciding I needed to go to the ER for it. I originally thought it was bad crampsfrom needing to use the bathroom for a couple hours. It sucked for sure but if that’s comparable, I think I’ll be able to handle birth. It gives me hope as well. I did end up puking from the kidney stone but not til I got up from bed. 

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    We get patients coming in with Kidney Stones all the time. I’ve never had one personally, but I can assure you that judging by the pain reactions alone, Kidney Stones are worse than childbirth. 

    Kidney stones are jagged, like most minerals, and they just rip you apart inside. 

    I’ve had many mothers come in with stones who say it’s the worst pain they’ve ever experienced. They generally scream bloody murder the entire time! Some stones aren’t too bad if they’ve been caught in time and can be broken up, but the big ones caught too late are horribly painful!

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    This thread is so interesting! One time, Darling Husband called a nurses hotline about an issue he had. He asked the nurse “do you think it’s kidney stones?” and she replied “oh, you would be in MUCH more pain with kidney stones! Most people say it’s worse than childbirth!” When he told me this I laughed, because I thought that was ridiculous (mind you, I have neither given birth nor had a kidney stone). But reading this thread makes me realize that the nurse was telling the truth! Yikes, so sorry that you had to go through this pain OP!! I hope I never have one!

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    I haven’t had kidney stones, but I found wisdom tooth pain worse than childbirth. But then I had fairly easy uncomplicated deliveries- someone else might have a different experience. And one of my wisdom teeth were sideways under the gum and damaged the molar beside it and it all got infected, so prob worse than what some go through with wisdom pain. 

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    Not a mom. I passed a couple small stones one night as a teenager cuz my mom didnʻt believe me enough to wake up so i caught one of them on a tissue to show her the next morning and it was excruciating. I literally just cried silently from the pain, and i vividly remembering just thinking “i cant imagine anything more painful than this” but googling pictures of them, mine were much smaller than what im seeing so maybe that was a minor case.. The next day a natural healer confirmed them (Iʻm a hippy!) and gave me a cause (too much vitamin C) and i havent had them since.

    An equal level of pain however in my experience than that was getting a skin cancer buned off of my back, they had to insert the needle so far deep into my spine to numb the area to burn it off and i was so shocked by how paiful it was, omg. I almost remember that pain more but it was much more recent.

    If I had to flip a coin to repeat one of those experiences, Iʻd pick childbirth cuz at least that would be rewarding

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    huisinjj :  we literally have the same kidney stone story!

    I had to make the Fiance take me to the ER at 4 am, I couldn’t even stay in one position. I was crying hysterically and the nausea and vomiting was horrible. Then I had to do it all over again 3 months later 🙃

    I’m not a mother, so I can’t answer but I’m really interested in the answer! I can’t fathom being in more pain than passing a kidney stone. In the ER I told the nurse “my pain level is a 12 put of 10, what the f*ck can you do for me?” Lol not my proudest moment, but I’m hoping the nurse could empathize with me! 

    Also, to the ladies who said their passing didn’t last long, how did you get so lucky?!?! My first stone was a good 48 hours ATLEAST of agonizing pain!! My second stone was about 36 hours. But man the soreness and pain afterwards lasted about a week because it just messes the uterer up so much. 

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    huisinjj :  Also OP, I now travel and pack all of my T3, T4, hydrocodin & anti-nausea medication if I am going somewhere for a period of time just in case I so luckily have another stone. Let’s pray we all never have to again!

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