(Closed) Kidney stones? When did you go to the ER?

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Have you ever had a kidney stone? If not, and you are just guessing, I would make an appointment with your primary care doctor ASAP. Kidney stones can have symptoms similar to kidney infections, UTIs, and other kidney or liver related problems. If you haven’t had a full work up (blood work) done recently, it is probably a good idea to get it to checked out.

When I had my first kidney stone I was not in a constant pain, but I got severe sporadic pains every time it moved. It lasted about a week, and I was too exhausted to go anywhere or do anything. Since I am young (early 20’s) without a history of them in the past, I had full bloodwork panel done, urinalysis, and eventually a CT scan (because the pain lasted so long). Not saying you need all of these things, but if you’ve never had one before (for sure), it may be in your best interest to at least get some bloodwork done to check kidney and liver function.

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Also, it is likely not urgent as long as your pain isn’t constant and you don’t have trouble urinating. The severeity of the pain isn’t always a good indicator as it depends on the size/shape of the stone and the person.

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I had a kidney stone a few years ago and the pain was unbearable. I was laying in the fetal position so my mom took me to the hospital. I did throw up and the pain on a scale of 1-10 was an 11. It ranged from my lower back around my side and down the front of my body. 

I’ll say I went to the hospital about 45 minutes after the pain set in. They run in my family too so my mom didn’t want to take any chances. I had a full CT scan and urinalyisis they discovered I also had a kidney infection as well as a stone. 

I would definitely make an appointment with your primary care if the pain goes away or stays low. Just to check things and make sure everything is okay. Definitely get blood work done and tell your doctor all of your symptoms. If it spikes again and becomes painful I say go to the hospital because the kidney stone could be stuck and damage your ureter. 

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It sounds like a UTI or kidney stone to me also. Are you urinating frequently? Pain with urination? And do you have a temp? Is your urine dark? Cranberry juice helps with UTIs and also with passing stones. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice and I’d make an appointment with your Dr. Like sunshining said, it’s not super urgent if you aren’t in severe discomfort but it’s worth getting checked out. You may need antibiotics if its a bad UTI, and possibly pain meds if they think it’s a stone that you are going to pass yourself.

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If you had kidney stones, I don’t think you would be sitting here typing this. Coming from someone who had 10 (!!!!) within a year’s time, you DEFINITELY know without a doubt when you have it. You’re in completely unbearable pain and it doesn’t lessen or go away – it sounds to me like you may have a kidney or bladder infection.

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When I had my kidney stone, here’s how it went down:

I woke up around 3 am (out of a sound sleep, obviously)

In that daze, my first thought was to go to the bathroom… where I couldn’t pee.

So I relocated to the living room… where the blinding, searing pain above my right hip socket and deep within my body manifested itself. I put my legs on the arm of the sofa, up over the back of the sofa, curled myself into a ball, laid flat… nothing helped. So, finally, I attempt to stand up to get my husband… at which point, I am brought immediately down to my knees.


They ended up giving me Ibuprofen 3 in an IV which made me feel much much better.

Until I had to pass the stone.

Have you ever been eating a bag of Doritos and one goes down sideways and gets stuck? Every time you swallow, it painfully inches it’s way down your throat?

Well passing a kidney stone is like peeing out a giant Dorito sideways.

On the up side, that part was pretty quick and, after what I had just gone through, nothing compared.

I know you didn’t ask for the whole story, but it’s only happened to me once, so I felt it deserved a whole retelling 😉


I sincerely hope you do not have a kidney stone, but I definitely recommend going to get it checked out!


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When I had mine, I remember something being off and feeling pain that I’d never experienced before. Since I’m a slight hypochondriac I knew that I wanted to go to Urgent Care asap. I remember my pain being about an 8 out of 10. They put the stent in and that by far was the worst part. I could feel that damn thing everytime I went to the bathroom.

Something helpful though, if you pass a stone and can catch it (which is part of the stent process, you have a strain your urine) they can test it and tell you what it’s made of and that can help to prevent stones in the future.

The doctor’s told me that I’m a stone producer (yay!) and that I need to avoid Soda, Calcium supplements (like tums), and grapefruit. But they encourage me to drink Cranberry with equal amounts of water and Orange juice. I guess the acid in the Orange juice will help break down the stones. It usually works too, if I’m feeling discomfort I just down some OJ and I feel better (followed by a vist to the Dr. of course).

I hope you’re feeling better!

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Sugar Beekeeper

@Fall_In_Love22: Oh hun!!!! I can empathize and I am having sympathy pains in California for you.

So here is what I have learned through three yes THREE kidney stones.

1). Drink loads of water from the moment you suspect that is the problem.

2). It’s important the first time to go to the doctor or ER as soon as the pain becomes intense. If you aren’t familiar with the signs of how your body reacts to a kidney stone it can be a variety of other issues including ovarian cysts so it’s best to get it documented and checked out.

They will take x-rays which will help to determine if it is in fact something you can pass naturally or if other methods are required. Also, they can see if you have additional stones (they found several in mine).

3). Don’t drive yourself to the doctor/ER. The pain from a kidney stone can get very intense and they will likely give you IV meds.

The first stone I passed I went to the ER right away after calling the advice nurse. It got to be overwhelmingly painful. However, after recognizing the pain the second and third time I waited longer (for the second) and passed it on my own (the third).

I wish you the best of luck and if you have insurance there is no reason whatsoever to deal with the pain. The IV meds will make you comfortable until it passes and you can rest through the difficult part.

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