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Buzzing bee
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Oh my goodness. I don’t think I lost my innocence until 6th grade when we had sex ed. Then my guy friends told me what the dreaded blow job was and I was appalled LOL

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Honey bee
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I didn’t know ANYTHING until I was in 7th grade. My mom made me cover my eyes when people on TV kissed when I was in elementary school.

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Helper bee
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Eh, I’m sure I had seen stuff in movies by that age, not enough to understand sex, but enough to know that grown-ups kiss and then take their clothes off.  I learned about sex in third grade from a book at a friend’s house (it was about reproductive habits of different animal species).  Yes the Walgreens situation was awkward, but from the fact that he just said it out loud without thinking it was a private or discreet thing, I would guess that the boy didn’t really understand the concept of sex.

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Sugar bee
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I definitely didn’t know the mechanics of sex until I was around ten. That said, I plan to be fairly open about it with my kids. I think it’s not too difficult to give age appropriate, scientifically accurate answers to question, and I’d much rather do that than have sex seem like some shameful mystery. That’s JMO though, each family needs to do what works best of them.

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Sugar bee
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@Kacey23:  I was in 3rd or 4th grade when a friend told me about sex. I didn’t really know any details, just the basics as PP mentioned of kissing and removing clothing. We had a very basic sex ed in 4th grade (from the standpoint of changing bodies/periods) where everyone was separated. I don’t think I got the details until the later version of sex ed, but I don’t remember when that was. 

Kids these days in general know too much too soon. There are 12, 13, and 14 year-old kids actually having sex. Now THAT disturbs me.

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Sugar Beekeeper

I don’t remember an age that I didn’t know the basics at an appropriate maturity level, so probably three years old. I’ve done the same with my children.  It’s a real disservice, I think, to let this information come from friends, as a shock, or other than in the natural course of things. For example, I can’t imagine the subject not coming up when a child is going to have a new sibling. 

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Busy bee
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I was about 5 when I remember thinking/understnading/talking about that sort of thing. My best friend was a boy when I was little so that led to questions quite early. 

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Busy bee

When I was in kindergarten my friend told me that sex was getting in bed naked and kissing. I would have never been as brave as that little boy though!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Personally… didn’t hear anything about sex (as in “doing it”) until I was around 11

That was pretty much the norm in the 1960s, they told girls in a school setting and a film on female development with their Mother present

My own kids, were told a lot younger.  Lol, and one of them had to be told because they “discovered” some things out in an inappropriate context and we didn’t want them to get the wrong idea / misinformation

That child was 7 (Grade 2).  I thought that was a bit young, and at the time it was young vs what other families were doing

Today, I know a lot of families that have told their kids something about “doing it” a lot younger (hence WHY this child probably made the comment… it is fresh in their head… someone has recently told them… “two people love each other very much, they kiss, hug, and cuddle naked to make a baby”)

I think it is hysterical… that you were witness to this.  I would have been killing myself not to laugh out loud.

As they say…

“Sometimes Kids say the damndest things” … what the rest of us are thinking (get a room already) , just that as Adults we’ve learned to put a filter on it in public around people we don’t know


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Busy bee
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I can remember being quite young and knowing boys and girls were different and putting it together (no pun intended) in my head, I mean quite young kindergarten age maybe a bit younger. No one told me or explained anything to me I just kind of knew, now did I have an actual concept of sex, no not at all…and I remember much later that it occured to me, you would need to have you clothes off when I was maybe 8 or 9, so clearly I did not have an actual understanding. But I was not one of those kids who ever though kissing was sex or was curious about where babies come from.

That being said sex was never never never discussed in my home, no talk..nothing and certainly nothing sexual on tv or movies allowed, and I went to religious private school so no sex ed either, but I pretty much had things completely figured out by middle school, and by that I mean all the little details. None of this presumed bubble from all things sexual really guarded me from anything and I have really strong beliefs on the subject now. but that’s another story =]

Pretty hillarious comment though I would’ve died!!

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Helper bee
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@Kacey23:  I don’t think this comment means he really understands sex or that he necessarily saw anything too inappropriate.  He could have seen a tv show, or part of a tv show where people were kissing and then took their clothes off.  Didn’t have to be watching porn or anything to see this on tv.  This is a little different, but I remember not understanding some joke about a wedding night on tv and my parents saying “on their wedding night, people like to cuddle.”  Could have been some adult said that when adults kiss, they like to take their clothes off to explain something the kid saw.

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Honey bee
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I started having periods at 10, so my mom told me about sex at that time. 

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Busy bee

I don’t think there’s an age too young to be informed about it, particularly for a little boy. They get erections pretty early on, and I would imagine it’s perfectly acceptable to explain what that thing is, and why it’s doing that, and what adults use it for, and why we don’t fiddle with it in public.

I would rather a child be taught by their parents what sex is than the media.

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