(Closed) Kim K under scrutiny for piercing baby North's ears. (Opinions?)

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Rachel631:  Well I think its a culture thing also my Fiance isn’t circumsized but if we ever have sons they will be. My Fiance would have done it at an older age if it didn’t hurt so much worse now then it would as a child.It’s not a most to do it but its just the way I was raised and Fiance agrees with it.


I personally don’t see it as harm to the baby. They “barely feel it” when done young IMO. I just feel if I don’t judge someone on something they have every right to believe in then they shouldn’t do it to me since its not illegal and it’s not abuse. Also as a parent we tell kids no to alot of things they ask for and we have to give consent to …everything they want and ask for is monitored and allowed base in what the parent sees fit. Parents aren’t always right and children don’t allows know what best for them. Its not like the child will totally hate you for piercing their ears or having them circumsized.     

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I can’t believe people are comparing piercing a baby’s ears to female circumcision…words fail me.

It’s standard practice in some countries to pierce baby’s ears and noses. I haven’t heard of any instances of this causing great psychological trama. To me, it’s on a par with giving babies baby anklets and bracelets to wear which are kept on at all times. 

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In my culture it is uncommon not to have girls ears pierced shortly after they’re born.  Mine were pierced when I was 8 or 9 years (I was born in NYC, where it is not common to pierce a baby’s ears) and I always felt weird about it growing up in Puerto Rico.  My daughter’s were pierced by her pediatrician when she was days old.

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They would have to go after 90% of the girls I went to high school with that are now mothers. Everyone’s babies have pierced ears, it seems. Just for me, as a personal choice I would never pierce a baby’s ears. I don’t like babies look with earrings, but that is more for aesthetic and less as a moral choice. I see nothing wrong with it and I thought it was commonplace enough that this would be a non-issue. This just further proves that people will literally complain about anything.

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Everyone who agrees with Kim assumes that North would want her ears pierced if she could make the decision. I know plenty of women who don’t have pierced ears, and it’s not for everyone. Why make a choice like that for someone else? It might be harder for piercings to close by the time she’s old enough to decide on her own. 

My mom took me to get my ears pierced very young (4 years old), but only because I talked about it non-stop for months. 

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Surely putting holes in your baby invalidates the warranty?

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If it’s something traditionally done in a culture, fine. If you’re just doing it to make your baby “pretty”, I find it unnecessary.

I had mine done in 4th grade and it was sort of a right of passage for the girls my age. I will not be piecing my child’s ears until they are old enough to request it. It’s not common in this area and mostly frowned upon.

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Mine weren’t pierced until I was 8 or 10 and I BEGGED for it! My mom finally took me to Claire’s for my birthday and I got my ears pierced. She also got me a couple pair of “real” earrings for my birthday. I was so happy and so sick of wearing clip ons. I have 8 piercings now.

I really don’t think it’s a big deal to do it as a baby, but I think it’s a fun experience for a young kid to *finally* get to that stage.

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I don’t judge people who do this because I think it’s common among some cultures. I know many people who had their ears pierced as a baby. 

Personally, I would never do it to my baby though. I know a lot of grown women who didn’t get their ears pierced because they never wanted it done so I would want my child to have that option. Plus, I got mine done when I was around 10 and I felt so special and grown up.. it felt like such a big deal. I wouldn’t want to take away that feeling from my child.

I didn’t read the whole thread, but I don’t agree this is anywhere near the topic of circumcision… but 242beauty I just had to comment on what you said. You said that your husband would have gotten it done if it didn’t hurt more than it would have as a baby…. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Circumcision hurts just as much, if not MORE than it would on a grown adult. The baby doesn’t know what the hell is happening, just the extreme pain he’s feeling. Sure, he doesnt’ remember it once he’s older, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt him! It’s like saying chopping a baby’s finger off wouldn’t hurt as much as chopping an adults finger off. Pain is pain, regardless of how old you are. 

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MrsPiggles:  I haaaaaaaaaaaate Kardashians. And even though I personally wouldn’t pierce my baby’s ears I don’t know why they’re getting bashed. People need to live and let live.

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There are a hell of a lot more things she should be under scrutiny over than this. 

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MrsPiggles:  i hate the Kardashians more than anyone here, however, this is stupid. The media is just looking for reasons to criticize her. 

Where I live, especially in the hispanic neighborhoods, me being half Cuban myself, its pretty common for babies to have their ears pierced. Me personally, I was one of the rare cases where I didn’t get my ears pierced as a baby because my father was against it. But I remember as a baby my Spanish side of the family would always ask why we waited so long to get them pierced lol ( I was 11 when I finally got them)

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MrsPiggles:  I guess it’s part of the customs that come from our Spain heritage but we also pierce baby girls ears when they are days old. Weeks ild at max. Oh, and it is the paediatricians who do it in their offices in almost all cases. Lol. 

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Being Italian, having been raised Catholic and born in a private catholic hospital, female babies had their ears pierced shortly after birth.  It was pretty much birth, foot prick for blood testing, then ear piercing- end of story.  It was customary, cultural, accepted and that was that.

I do not have female children but you can be darn sure that when I do, their ears will be pierced ASAP- whether in the hospital or drs office – and no, I will not be having a discussion with my child as to whether or not they “consent” to it.  Thats why parents are parents and make choices for their child they feel is in-line with thier beliefs, customs and social associations etc.

They need to stop finding nonsense to report about, THIS IS NOT NEWS. 

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I personally don’t like it and don’t see many babies around here with pierced ears, but at the same time, maybe it would have been easier to get it done as a baby? I don’t know. Mine were done with a gun at 11 and even with excellent care have never been good. Had allergies and various bullshit! I’m deciding whether to just let go and let them close up actually. 🙁

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