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    @bebero:  Honestly I’m with you and read TMZ and starcasm.net on a regular basis.  I see it as a personal flaw that I don’t discuss with people unless they admit to it first or watch reality tv shows.  I guess it is my guility pleasure.

    I do poke fun and state my opinion but if I were to meet them I would of course act respectfully.  Funny thing is I am from Orange County, CA and have met several OC housewives and a number of celebrities.  

    Unfortunately, I met Tamara who is my least favorite HW.  I wasn’t sure if it was her because she looked really different so I asked her.  She was really nice and like with everyone I was completely respectful and nice in return.  She didn’t have to stop to talk to me but she did.

    Celebrities especially reality show stars (which aren’t really celebrities) do place themselves out there for critisicm.  But do I think photogs have the right to stalk them, chase them on the street, and terrorize their children?  No, I don’t.  

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    @bebero:  I was just agreeing with you in the other thread. I see no difference in this vs when a new parent has help from their parents or ILs. I think if everyone could afford it, they would do the same. I know they will say “even if I could afford it I wouldnt.” Yeah right

    I notice we criticize celebs/famous people for their parenting and spending habits but it’s not that they are doing something so horrible (most of the time) it’s just that the average person CANNOT do it or afford it almost like some subconscious jealousy.

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    For the record I agree with Rubbs completely.  I have a family member that does not have the means to hire a night nurse but has pawned off the raising of their children on to other family members.  I question why they had kids on a regular basis but I realize that my family mem bers uses their kids to gain attention and money from the rest of the family.  

    Sometimes I people become parents for the wrong reasons.  Some celebrities and even aquaintances have expressed reasons for having kids so they could receive love or attention.  In my opinion kids should not be born with a “job”.  It is not a child’s job to be the one who loves you or your accessory.  Parenting is work and putting in the work is just what you do.  It also helps create the bond.  

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    I wouldnt say I bash celebrities but I think once you are a public figure you put yourself “out there” especially those that live every part of their lives in the spotlight. It just comes with the territory. I am not saying it is OKAY for them to get bashed but I would expect it if I were famous. Kim K doesnt necessarily have the best public track record so she definitely gets bashed all the time.

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    I really don’t take celebrity bashing seriously, and especially with KK, because of the following:

    1) The constant media hype, “false reports”, photos, paparazzi images, etc. is what keeps them famous. Hollywood is a fickle business and many are in one day, out the other. KK is someone especially talented in doing things so people notice her, photograph her, and then report in newspapers, etc. Remember her 100-day wedding? And why would you broadcast your wedding (supposed to be a moment with family and friends) if you don’t want publicity (or cash)?

    2) I don’t think the judging is serious, just a bit catty, and it’s better to be catty against celebrities who can’t hear it and probably don’t care as much than your friends or people around you. 🙂

    3) KK inherited most of her cash, does not really have an identifyable talent where she makes money, and when you start with huge sums it’s easier to invest and increase your wealth. So I wouldn’t also call her a “working mom” like many celebrities.

    4) These are people who filmed scenes for their show at the cemetary at their father’s/ex-husband’s grave. AT HIS GRAVESITE. Honestly, and people expect me not to judge them, even a little?? This made me judge more than a night nurse, the latter of which I’m not surprised about because KK seems way too precious to deal with a crying infant at night, but her choice, I really don’t care or think to judge her for it.

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    For people who involuntarily become public figures (e.g. Rachel Jeantel), not okay. For people who choose to be in the spotlight (e.g. Kim Kardashian), they should expect that it comes with the lifestyle they chose and deal with it.

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    I think people conflate someone being in the public eye with actually knowing the person so you get statements like “oh she used to be such a nice girl,” “she’s a whore,” “she’s a bad mom,” etc but unless you are friends with a celebrity then you don’t know jack shit about them, all you know is what they put out to the public and what the tabloids say. I agree that being a celebrity means that to a certian extent that you are putting youself out there for public scrutiny, but at the same time gossip is looked down upon in everyday life, but suddenly it’s acceptable when we are talking about people we know even less about than our friends, families, and coworkers?

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    @bebero:  Celebrities and celebrity culture does not interest me at all. I don’t read celeb gossip magazines, and skip past gossip pages in other magazies/newspapers. Likewise, ‘fly on the wall’-type programmes don’t interest me at all. I don’t get why people are so interested.

    When it comes to ‘celeb bashing’ I have to say that for me it depends on who the cdelebrity is. Some deliberately court controversy, and so I don’t think they can whinge if people criticise them. However, others try to keep themselves to themselves, and so I tend to find it distasteful when people ‘bash’ them; who cares that so-and-so has cellulite, and so-and-so has put on weight, and so-and-so has a nanny? I tend to think that people who invest time and energy getting riled up or bitching about these people they don’t know are insecure/trying to make themselves feel better.

    A couple of my friends read all the gossip magazines, and honestly, I zone out when they mention anything. There are SO many things I would much rather talk about.

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    I don’t mind talking about some celebrities but others (Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber) seem like they can’t get a break. I’m tired of hearing about them! 

    Like all gossip, it says more about the gossip-er than the people being talked about. 

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    If you put yourself in the public eye voluntarily, you get what you get. So many bees jumped on the poster not long ago who had people talking in her proposal video “if you’re getting proposed to in public, you can’t control other people”…how is this ANY different? She’s in the public eye, people are gonna talk about her. She WANTS people to talk about her. So it’s a moot point in my opinion.

    Other celebrities who are actually celebrities because of their TALENTS and don’t do everything possible to get attention, those are the ones I feel bad for. KK? No.

    Another example, Amanda Bynes. Girl has gone crazy. She’s seeking out attention, all attention…specifically negative attention because of her behavior. Do people have the right to talk about her and bash her? I think they do.

    I do think paparazzi is out of control though. Most of them should be arrested for harassment.

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    Bashing celebs is ok. It comes with the territory.

    Bashing celebs for a stupid reason will get a person torn apart by other commentators. And that’s ok too, it also comes with that territory.

    Public figures are just that, figures or public images…carefully-crafted personae. They WILL be in the public discourse, and to force that discourse to be only flattering would be a major disservice to society… perhaps even more of a disservice than making people like the Kardashians into public figures.

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    @bebero:  I love reading trashy magazines and online articles. I don’t think I’ve ever bashed a celebrity online or anythinng like that. I think people expect celebrities to be these super humans that never make a mistake because they make a lot of money. I think you have to give celebrities some props for knowing that everybody is criticizing their every move, outfit choice, pound gained or lost, etc.

    I think the pap has gotten out of control. Like the incident with Kate Middleton and the topless pics. It sucks that no celebrity has any semblance of privacy any longer.

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    @bebero: +1

    I don’t think bashing anyone on personal choices is very nice…ever. If I don’t care enough about them to say it to their face. It seems unhealthy and mean-spirited.

    If I hated a certain celebrity (I don’t), how does shit-talking Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian or Kanye West benefit me? I don’t know them personally, and never will, and my comments would be coming from a not very nice place. It seems like a waste of words, but I’m not a big talker anyways.

    I have a few pregnant friends who lately have done nothing but post about how ugly and stupid Kim K looks pregnant, how she’s “trying too hard to look good”, etc…and, looking at their suddenly-frumpy selves, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out where this obsession with bashing her pregnant appearance stems from.

    In a nutshell: I do not make a habit of “bashing” anyone, celebrity or not…especially someone who has done better in life than myself or is prettier. It doenst give off a great impression.


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