(Closed) Kim Kardashian Jewlery Stolen, possibly wedding and engagement rings

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Well i’m done with this topic, I’m sure, the thread will get closed soon and someone will flag me, even though they can’t see their own hypocrisy but okay. I can handle it. 

Happy Monday y’all. 


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lovelyruby :  I totally agree with what you just said. I think it’s absolutely awful how people are reacting to this….

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bklynbridetobe :  I suggest you partake in a snickers, perhaps you will feel less hostile. Please do not patronize me with “sweetie.” It is never a flattering reference when used in a demeaning way.

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This thread was not the worst of the comments I’ve seen about this story. It is actually pretty tame in comparison but my god, people can be brutal. They way people talk about this woman and her family you would think they rolled around with Hitler back in the day. 


I’m glad she’s safe.

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Humans suck and are so hateful. They should all be replaced with cats and dogs. That sounds like a much better world.

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How unfortunate and scary. That stupid Ukrainian celebrity harasser (the one who picked up Gigi Hadid and tried to climb under America Ferrara’s dress on a red carpet) attempted to bother her the other day but got taken down by her bodyguard.

Being tied up and robbed is terrifying and if her wedding set was part of what was stolen, I would think it’s even more upsetting. She’s fortunate not to have been physically injured.

I like Kim Kardashian. She’s a hustler and she’s ambitious and for someone with no discernable “talent” she’s managed to build something with her family that’s lasted much longer (and been more engaging) than a lot of people believed it would.

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It’s unfortunate it happened to her, like a PP said, no one deserves to be held at gunpoint, robbed and locked up. That must have been extremely terrifying.

I think where a lot of the “karma” talk or “she deserves it talk” is to be expected. KK has always been a polarizing figure. There are millions of women in the world who are robbed of much more than their diamonds, on a daily basis. They don’t (hell, I don’t) live in a world of constant access to security, private jets, endless resources and a following that “cares”. She has a real oppprtunity here to shed some light on and speak on violence against women, will be interesting to see if she does. Because at the end of the day, is IS publicity for them. I personally do not care for her, or her family, but hope they use this for good, because apparently they do posses a lot of influence.

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i’ve been held up at gun point, when i was 21. and honestly, i don’t feel bad for her AT ALL.

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oh my, some of you have waaaaay too much time on your hands. hahaha


glad she wasnt hurt. 

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Wow.. this thread reeks of victim blaming.

“if she didn’t wear a short skirt she wouldn’t have been raped” AKA “If she hadn’t worn this diamond she wouldn’t have gotten robbed.”

You people are sick… no matter how much you “hate” someone this is never ok. All of your hate just breeds more hate and in turn someone almost gets killed and you laugh behind your pathetic phone screen. Sickening. 

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What the fuck is with some of these comments?! A woman was tied up and robbed. I could not care less about the Kardashians otherwise, but JFC are so many people incapable of empathy? I don’t care how much they flaunt their wealth – no woman, no person deserves to go through that. Can you imagine what would be going through your mind in that situation? “Holy shit I have two kids at home and I don’t want to be murdered and leave them without a mom….but if I’m going to die, please dear god don’t rape me first.”

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Pardon my french..but some of you are ASSHOLES on this site! Not just in this thread either, in most of them. Things people will say hiding behind a computer/phone screen. SMH!

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I don’t like the kardashians at all. They are despicable people as far as I’m concerned, particularly Kim and Kanye. But she didn’t deserve to be robbed at gunpoint and tied up, I am glad it wasn’t worse and that she wasn’t injured or that her kids weren’t there. I do also wonder if it was a publicity stunt because the situation seems very convenient (no kids no Kanye and no security present). But that’s for the authorities to sort out. People saying she deserved it and that’s karma, that’s kind of fucked up even though she’s pretty repulsive. At the same time though I can see a few of those points to an extent and I don’t think those posters are assholes. I think people are really overreacting about this situation in general.

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I have to seriously question the humanity of any individual who can say who cares, she deserved to be handcuffed, gagged and thrown into a bathtub like she was about to be murdered, regardless of who they are. Unless of course the victim is a murderer or a heinous person, criminally. Then I wouldnt care. But this is a wife and mother, same as many of you. She is also a daughter, a sister and an aunt — before a status figure that many of you may despise for no other reason than her wealth and looks. To discredit the trauma she went through is callous and are prime examples of the world just going haywire and becoming utterly cruel.

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I feel terrible for her–there are people who deserve to be at gunpoint, sure.. but those people are criminals.  Unless you’re stopping someone from commiting a serious crime, threatening someones life is never OK.  No matter how much of a bitch you think this person is.

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