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You still have 3 months, thats plenty of time for everything, so keep telling yourself that:) I know how it feels when you think of all the details but just focus on ONE detail at a time, complete it, then cross it off the list and go to the next. It is very overwhelming to think of ALL the details at once – I also do this too often:-|

Too bad we cant just take a leave from work, right? haha.

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I’m sorry that you are not getting the support/responses from people on the wedding. Hang in there!

We all feel that way sometimes.  My officiant just cancelled on me and my wedding is October 2nd.  I’m scrambling to find a new one and my dad says “oh, your uncle knows this bartender who can perform wedding ceremonies”.  It took everything I had in me to kindly say, “thanks Dad, I’ll think about it if I cannot find another option”.


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your wedding is not the most important thing to everyone around you. get over it.

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Ms. Figales I don’t think that christie was trying to personally attack you. I think that she gave you some honest (albeit not what you wanted to hear advice).

Your wedding is not as important too others as it is to you. I do think you are blowing things out of proportion and you are still three months out.

It will all come together – your friends do care but you have to cut them some slack.

Take a step back and try to get some perspective on the situation.

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@Ms. Figales: Ok speaking from EXPERIENCE (my wedding is next weekend), you are not blowing things out of proportion. The thing is, people don’t care about your wedding as much as you do, and most people don’t really care period. It’s SO discouraging when BMs don’t respond, don’t remember anything, offer to help, and then don’t follow through. It’s not really that you’re exaggerating, it’s that you have a thousand things to do and when a bunch of little things come up at once, it’s stressful. Is it that serious that people don’t respond? No. But it is when EVERYONE does it and when YOU have soooooooo many other things to think about. I totally understand.

You people who are getting married in 2011, give her a break. When it gets closer, there’s a lot more to be stressed out about. God luck everyone!

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Haha, I feel in a similar situation, only not as stressed yet.

I’m planning my wedding in my hometown from abroad, and while my mother reads my emails, she will contradict herself about what is a good idea and what is not. (One week she’ll suggest something, the next week she thinks it’s a horrible idea and how could I like it?) My SIL said she would help my mom do lots of the planning, but she has a new 1st baby, so she is MIA all the time. She’ll write an email saying she’ll respond later when she has more time, and then maybe a month later I will get a response about something.

I only have one Bridesmaid or Best Man, my Maid/Matron of Honor, and she completely ignores my emails about dresses or planning. I was really excited about dress shopping, but couldn’t do it with her and she told me to send her things online and said in person that she was excited about discussing colour schemes and such, but after she didn’t respond to multiple messages where I asked her opinion or even what’s going on with her life, I gave up. My wedding is far off, so I’m not going to try and ask her about what she wants to wear as a Maid/Matron of Honor, but I’m sure I’ll be stressing about it at the 3 month mark!

But surprisingly, I’m not that stressed. Maybe it’s because I still have 14 months left and I already have my venue, church, dress/veil/underskirt settled. (Ok, the dress part is almost settled, but I already bought one!) And I know I personally won’t be making or buying centrepieces from my country… so part of me is relieved.

Anyway, I guess just try to keep and mind that whatever happens you’ll be marrying your love and everybody should find a way to have a nice time even if the lilies in the flower centerpiecese aren’t the right shade, or what. Also, I do remember being a Maid/Matron of Honor for my sister and not caring about her wedding like at all. (Every time we did something like plan a nice wedding shower or bachelorette party she would cry about it afterward) so I def try to keep in mind that the only one who cares about this wedding is me, my Fiance and my mother. I mean the rest of the family probably wants it to be nice, but us three are the only ones that would be bothered if something went wrong like I couldn’t bustle my dress or the cake was delivered smooshed or whatnot.


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