(Closed) Kinda pissed at in-laws over dogs…..

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You werent overreacting about Christmas, but you should definitely be able to leave your dog alone for a few hours to go to dinner. 

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she sounds like she does not know how to deal with her dog at all. There are no bad dogs only bad owners. dogs like that really need a professional trainer to step in and help. A shock collar is a terrible idea. 

However as a dog owner you will have to deal with idiots all the time who let their aggressive dog off leash and then act like you are overreacting when something happens. I wish your SIL was smart enough to realize she should not being her dog but that’s probably not going to happen and I guess it’s always up to the host to decide whether dogs are invited or not. I wouldn’t let her bring her dog to events but that’s just me. 

yes you should be able to leave your dog alone for a couple hours but he’s just a puppy so it’s understandable that your husband is being overprotecting- just make sure you don’t end up training the dog to be too attached to you. It’s good for them to get used to be alone a little bit at an early stage. But when I had my puppy i would also consider skipping dinner just because I loved him so much and I didn’t want to leave him haha

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I’m a huge dog lover (obviously name gives it away) and have had a dog aggressive dog (jack Russell terrorist) and honestly your sil and mil are being idiots. there is a chance her dog wouldn’t attack yours because it’s a puppy and a lot of dogs are better with puppies. But putting the puppy at risk is not the way to find that out! She needs to take her dog to a behaviourist not use a dam shock collar which is bloody evil. 

But chances are you won’t win this so id just do your own thing and excuse yourself from the situations. Everyone thinks their dog is wonderful and often can’t see it’s bad side. Which unfortunately is the biggest problem for a lot of dogs, owners ignorance! If they keep ok at you sygget you will let the dogs meet if she gets her dog some proper help first. If not stick to your guns and don’t endanger your dog. Being attacked could lead to your puppy then having fear aggression so it’s just not worth it. 

They can get over themselves do what’s best for you. 

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I was in a similar situation a few months ago, although not exactly the same. You SIL doesn’t really make sense, on one hand she gets annoyed that you even think her dog could be aggressive, and then on the other hand she brings a SHOCK COLLAR, just in case he does get aggressive?? Is that even still legal? Wtf? That is so contradicting, seems like she doesn’t trust the dog herself. She doesnt know anything about dog behavior and obedience. A dog who is treated with aggression, like the collar, will always also exhibit aggressions. Maybe not to her, because he is afraid but to others, so possibly your small dog. So yes, he is a danger and she is basically instigating his aggression. Also, her dog obviously has a a lot more strength and ait of people forget this when they let small dogs play with much bigger dogs. Would you let your 1-month old child play unsupervised with a 2-year old? Probably not! 

If you’re SIL is so in love with her dog she should inform herself and not use those aggressive training techniques (like anything you see on the dog whisperer). My dog has been to three different obedience classes and agility training and all of the certified trainers will tell you that those techniques are horrible for the dog. In fact, the dog whisperer prouds himself of being “self taught”-which is a nice way if saying he is actually not a certified dog trainer. Anyway, getting off topic, ha. I would just not bring your dog when you know hers is there, too and talk to her about her training methods…

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gingerminty:  I don’t have anything constructive to add other than I am dying over the lip color in your avatar pic. Want!!

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gingerminty:  Ugh, this would be so frustrating! You are certainly in the right here. I hope in the future you are able to leave Puppy alone by himself for a few hours so that you can go out and enjoy dinner, but I understand that he is in an adjustment period right now. If you don’t bring your dog, SIL shouldn’t bring hers either. If she’s insisting on bringing her dog, don’t go to dinner. I really think that is the best solution.

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We have the same issue with my sister and Brother-In-Law. They have a hunting dog who is very sweet, but has a strong prey drive, which is a bad mix with my small dog. My parents have a lake house and we literally have to take turns going there for the weekend because we can’t be there at the same time with our dogs. 

That is the only solution we found that worked for us. Otherwise it wasn’t fair to the dogs as one ALWAYS had to be crated. I hate it because I miss hanging out with my sister on the lake!

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