(Closed) Kingy wants me to go on birth control pills, I don’t really…

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Bumble bee
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Different people have different side effects with different people.  You may have to switch brands a few times until you find something that works with your body.

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Sugar bee

I agree. I never had any side effcts with my BC, so just try different types.

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My friend had no libido on the type of birth control where it is the same pill all three weeks, so she tried tri-cyclyn and it really works well for her. I was an emotional mess on the ring, and the patch killed my libido, but now I am on pills and my libido is probably higher not lower. Each birth control type works a little differently with people. Try one, then if you don’t like the way it makes you feel, try a new one. But give each type of BC three months for your body to adjust to it. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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You could also try a non-hormonal birth control, like an iud? 

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Bumble bee
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You could look into getting an IUD, depending on how long you want to wait to have children.

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I agree with the iud.. I can say from experience that my sex drive got a lot lower after I had our first child and went on bc.. To the point where my Fiance asked.. Why dont you want to be intamite? LOL so now I have to make an effort to try and get in the mood… cant wait till this thing comes out. lol I have the implant one that goes in your arm.

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Honey bee
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@kingytobe: I’m terrible about taking pills, so when I switched to Seasonale rather than the patch I set an alarm on my phone to go off at the same time every day so I wouldn’t forget!  Maybe that would work for you too?  This is also the best birth control I’ve been on so far, out of the ring, the patch, the shot, and Seasonale.  My sex drive isn’t 100%, but it’s so much better than it was on anything else, and the shot was the only thing that made me gain weight.  Almost 60 pounds (yikes!!) which came off within months of switching off that one.

ETA:  Only having 4 periods a year doesn’t hurt either!  🙂

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Honey bee
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You could also look into Fertility Awareness Method. The book Taking Charge of Your Fertility is amazing and myself and loads of bee’s on here practice it. It’s complete natural, free, and 99+% effective (same as BC). 

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Buzzing bee

First off I just want to say this is your body and your decision.  Yes, you should talk about these things as a couple but ultimately it is up to YOU alone whether or not you are willing to take a prescription drug.  It sounds like you are uncomfortable with this decision and only doing it because your fiance wants you to. 

I went off the pill approx 2 years ago.  I had been on it for about 10 years and while I didn’t have any really terrible side effects I just felt like my body needed a break.  I did a lot of research and really there aren’t a whole lot of great options that don’t include the hormones.  The ring works just like the pill (it gives you the same medicine as the pill, just in a different form).  Most IUD’s also have hormones in them.  And many doctors do not suggest getting an IUD unless you’ve had at least one child already.  What we ended up doing is charting and either avoiding sex during ovulation, or using condoms.  BUT.. while we aren’t planning to have a child right now, we would be perfectly happy if we did get pregnant.  And I think if you use the method we are using you have to be realistic about the fact that you ARE having unprotected sex and pregnancy is a very real possibility.

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My Gyno actually told me last year that if the pill I’m on now didn’t work then I was out of options. I have been on every kind of BC there is (including the ring). I break through on most pills, so I needed a stronger dosage. I’m on Ocella (which is the generic Yasmin) and I really like it! When I first went on it I actually lost weight and went up a cup size (now I’m a D, so I probably could have done without that…) and my moods are pretty stable (other than Bridezilla shining around every so often…). I recommend trying it again since you were successful on it before.

Setting an alarm is the only way I remember to take it, so I second that recommendation also.

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Get the IUD.  It’s so easy and so much cheaper in the long run.  Plus, you can take it out any time you’re ready to get pregnant.  The only thing I’ve heard is that if you’ve never had a child, it can irritate your uterus and cause cramping.  But I think it’s worth trying if you don’t want to lose your sex drive.  Good luck:)

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Honey bee
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Why not use a sponge, or vaginal contraceptive film? No hormones whatsoever, and it won’t mess with your weight. Coincidently, I’m not sure if you have children yet or not, but docs don’t usually give IUD’s to non-mothers.

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Sugar bee
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When I use BC, it was Yazmin.  The only one that didn’t make like Hell.  Tried the patch but it made my skin breakout.  Used 7/7/7 in college but wanted a lower dose BC. Used condoms as primary for the past 7yrs.  One of my married gf used condomns for the first 5yrs of her marriage. 

If you are concerned about gaining wait before the wedding, use condoms and begin BC after the wedding.  Although I barely gained weight while on BC, I’m a stress cadet which will definitely ensure my gaining weight.

Hope this helps

Good Luck:)

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