Kissed Baby’s Head

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Why is this a big deal?

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knotyet :  just tell her you completely forgot and won’t do it again!

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If your friend didn’t say anything and doesn’t seem to be acting any different towards you then I wouldn’t worry about it and just be mindful not to do it again.

Though frankly, I don’t think top of the head is any cause for alarm. I once saw a reddit post about someone kissing a baby on the lips which I agreed was gross, but I’m not sure how many diseases could be spread from just the top of the head. 

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I did the same thing with my friend’s baby, kissed her on her head and as soon as I did it I was like wtf was I thinking?! Have no idea why I did it, I just did it on instinct, but I was mortified, luckily my friend didn’t seem bothered at all. I wouldn’t worry too much about it tbh, it was an accident and it’s not like you kissed her face or lips, which is a lot more risky and inappropriate. 

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I wouldn’t worry about it. You didn’t kiss the baby on the lips or anywhere else with mucus membranes, so it is highly unlikely that even if you had something to pass on you would have passed it, unless you literally have a cold sore right now, had one recently, or have one appear over the next week (in which case, you’d want to inform the parents). 

If you have been sick recently, it might be worth it to tell the parents, but realistically, the baby is no more likely to have picked up your cold or flu from being kissed on the head than from you holding the baby and breathing on or near it. 

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I have a 9-week old and I 100% would not have been upset by this at all. Several people have kissed the top of my baby’s head. As long as it’s not her face and you aren’t sick I wouldn’t stress about it. 

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Chiiiiillll, kissing babies on their head is considered one of the safest places (the further away from their face, the better) and the chances of passing anything–especially while you have 0 symptoms of anything–is SO incredibly rare, anyway. While it’s always best to err on the side of caution and avoid kissing someone else’s baby, there’s no need to beat yourself up for giving in to those irresistable impluses. Just say “oops” and try not to do it again, lol. 

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I wouldn’t have cared, and I was super uppity about vaccines and handwashing when I had a newborn. Idk people get carried away with babies and a head kiss from someone who isn’t actively sick just wouldn’t have bothered me too much. 

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knotyet :  I think I might get some hate for this comment but I want to give you my perspective. I remember every single person who kissed my baby, and I am not happy with any of them (not that they know this). If I didn’t say anything before I blame both of us but if I asked them not to and they still did… they won’t be seeing future children so young. To others this might seem completely OTT but I am an anxious person who has had to watch my baby be so sick that they were seconds away from dying, so I feel how I feel. Honestly the crazy stress after each incident was insane. If you were my friend and you reached out to me saying that you are so sorry, you forgot yourself but you promise you have not been sick and you have never had a cold sore, it would have meant the world to me. There is a big chance your friend doesn’t mind but in that case she can just tell you so!

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knotyet :  Kissing a baby somewhere that isn’t near a mucous membrane (eg. mouth or eyes), or on their hands that they can then put close to their mouths or eyes, is safe according to my SIL’s doctor.  Top of the head is where she specified as the only place people were allowed to kiss/nuzzle, and she was a very anxious new parent.

Anyway, if your friend didn’t say no kissing before or after, I’d assume it was okay with her.  


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knotyet :  I’d say apologize. Just because she did not say anything doesn’t mean she didn’t care. Some people will keep silent, but limit your access rather than say something. If you let her know you realize your mistake, then it can be water under the bridge.

For the record I don’t think it was a  big deal and obviously you got carried away, but some parents will hold it against you and never tell you.

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