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Sugar bee
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I used to think it was weird. That wasn’t our family at all. 

DH’s family are lip-kissers, I’ve gotten used to it. The first time his grandpa went to give me a hug and kiss I was caught super off guard and it was so awkward for everyone lol. 

Fast forward 4 years, his uncle came up to us outside the church after the ceremony and did a kiss on each cheek and one on the lips  and roared ‘Welcome to the family’ And it didn’t even phase me. 

Do whatever you would do if it was just you, your Fiance, your dad and the officiant in the room. Your wedding day is yours. Your guests get to be a part of it but they don’t get to dictate anything that happens. 

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Helper bee
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I’m not a lip kisser. Obviously I was when I was a child but it’s something I grew out of many years back… saying that Im not a massively tactile person anyway. My dad comes from a family who have no problem pecking eachother on the lips but for me, it feels inappropriate so I don’t do it.

If I saw someone do it, in all honestly, I would probably think it were odd but I wouldn’t be aghast or anything, it’s not like you’re having a good old smooch after all.

If you feel like you dont want to do it and would rather do a cheek kiss but are worried about upsetting your dad, I’d do as a PP said and tell your Dad to aim for your cheek as you don’t want to ruin your lipstick. Of course, if you want to do it and you aren’t bothered about what people think then go for it. It seems it’s not that unusual in a lot of places or in some people’s circles.

Just do whatever you are most comfortable with. There’s enough worry in the day without adding any more.

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Buzzing bee
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Anyone else never consider this scenerio until just now, and now you feel really awkward about what you would do? lol I feel like Will Ferrell in Talladaga Nights. Typically we are a hugging family. I am more affectionate with my dad/dad’s side than moms. But that’s because they are more affectionate as a group. I think when I do kiss my dad it tends to be a peck sort of corner of mouth area? Not quite cheek not mouth? 

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Buzzing bee

I dunno if people would freak out. Eyebrows maybe raised. It is something I do not do, have never done and will never do. I find it kinda creepy, personally. I think you should have a conversation with dad about it. Maybe a kiss on the cheek, but not th elips

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Honey bee
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Yipeebee:  your comment!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WALKING AROUND WITH SPERM BREATH!!!! I thought her comment was Weird too!!!! Lol

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I find it shocking that anyone would kiss a baby on the lips. That’s what caused diseases to spread to Native populations and almost wiped out certain groups of people. Yikes. Regardless, I don’t kiss anyone on the lips besides DH, but I also realize that others do. If that’s the way your family works, then go with it.

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Helper bee

I’m from South Africa and here we kiss on the lips. It’s not a smooch. It’s a quick, closed mouthed (obviously, haha) peck. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your role in the family. It’s an accepted, normal thing here at least. I’ve never even thought of it as even possibly being unnatural or gross. We don’t see it as being exclusively sexual but it’s understandable for those who have grown up otherwise, to find it off-putting.

Like PP said, do a kiss on the cheek if it’s going to bother you and add stress to your day, otherwise just a peck on the lips isn’t anything to be worried about. If they talk, let them. It’s just as weird to you that they don’t, as it is to them that you do.

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Sugar bee
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I wouldn’t change a thing about something special you do with your dad. Plenty of cultures have kisses between father/daughter on the lips.

I wouldn’t even stress it. Your fiancé can explain it to them. I would never change something special about your family’s bond just for your fiancé. Otherwise that tells me he is not the man I probably should be marrying. So, for the people telling you to bend possibly to your husband’s feelings on it…I say no way. As for it being important for only the bride/groom to kiss, who says? It’s not a rule written in stone and again what’s important is subjective to you and your personal story. I would be more appalled at offending my father by asking him not to peck me on the lips because of other’s opinions.

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Helper bee
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I think it varies from family to family.  My best friend and I grew up in the same town.  She kisses her mom on the lips all the time.  I don’t.  

I would kiss my mom until maybe the time I hit middle school, when it started seeming kind of weird to me.  I’ve never seen adults in my family kiss each other.


Still, because I’ve seen my friend’s family do it, I wouldn’t find it weird if I saw it at a wedding.


You do you.

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Helper bee
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My husbands family are lip kissers and it made me really uncomfortable for awhile. But now I find myself kissing my own parents on the lips.. And it just seems normal. My dad and I had a peck when he gave me away, we have photographic evidence lol

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