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His name is Lt. Joe Kenda or Pappas for short. He’s a short-hair tabby mix. We got him from the farmers market for free. He just turned a year old. He loves boxes and this one is his favourite. He’s male. We think he’s mixed with squirrel and chicken for his ability to climb when he’s scared. 

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Name: Noddy
Age: 15 in October
Gender: Male
Breed: Tabby
Fact: Nearly lost him to a very bad urinary infection when he was 8 (I literally had to squeeze his bladder to make him pee).  Changing his diet has given him a new lease on life AND and he lost a lot of weight!  He loves dried leaves and hates the vacuum. 



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OMG, OP, your kitty is so cute! What a face!!

Axel & Murphy!

Axel is on the left – B&W tuxedo domestic medium hair.

Age: 4.5 years
Gender: Male
Fact: He’s our “miracle kitty!” He had to have life-saving exploratory surgery last year. He was sick for days and our vets could not figure out what was wrong – all tests and even X-rays were normal. I continued to prod the vet until they agreed to do an exploratory surgery. When they did, they found that a portion of his intestine was twisted shut, preventing him from digesting any food or liquids. He would have died if he had not had this surgery! Our vet says it is the only case of this condition he has ever seen in a cat.

Murphy is on the right – orange tabby domestic shorthair.

Age: Somewhere between 2 & 3 years.
Gender: Male
Fact: I am convinced he’s part dog – he comes when called, loves to visit with any and all guests who visit our home, and is basically attached to me at the hip! He loves to cuddle and sleeps with us in bed every single night.

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Meet Simba!

Name: Simba

Age: 1.5 yeasrs

Gender: Male

Breed: F4 Bengal

Fact: Simba is the great great great grandshild of the Asian Leopord Cat! He weights 20 lbs, is very large, very vocal and loves his mama!


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Name: Henry (orange) and Meow Meow (White and black)
Age: 3 years/10 years
Gender: Females
Breed: Orange tabby/bicolour
Fact: We thought Henry was a boy when we got her, hence the name. Meow Meow loves to drag her blanket around the house in her mouth while making creepy yowling noises.

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Name: Ralph
Age: 3 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Not sure? 
Fact: Favorite activites include pouncing on the dog every time he falls asleep and sleeping in (only) my lap (which totally makes Darling Husband jealous haha!)

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I love this thread!!

Here’s my beautiful kitty Misha (also goes by Mimi, Mimikins, and Mish Mish)

Age: 11 years this May

Gender: Female

Breed: I got her from a shelter so I’m not quite sure, but she definitely has some Norwegian Forrest Cat in her

She is my “Miracle Kitty.” I got her when I was in school in New Orleans, a year before Hurricane Katrina. Well, my senior year the Hurricane hit and unfortunately I was out of town for the weekend visiting my family and Misha was home alone. I tried calling friends to go get her before they evacuated but I couldn’t get through to anyone. After the Hurricane hit I was convinced she was dead. I called and emailed everyone I could think of: Humane Society, ASPCA. No luck. I finally contacted my landlord because I knew she was going to be allowed back in the city sooner than everyone else (a month after the Hurricane) because she owned property there. I gave her a picture of Misha and just asked that she look for her (she was a huge animal lover). She went by my place one day and reported to me that a window had broken in my house and there Misha could not be found inside. I was about to give up hope. Then she went back the next day, just to double check, and saw something hiding under the house. After a little coaxing with some kitty treats, Misha emerged and let my landlord put her in a carrier and take her to the nearest kennel! I was sooooo happy, words cannot even express!!! I guess Misha had escaped through the broken window and had been living outside eatting coakroaches and whatnot to stay alive. She was drastically under weight (usually weighed 10 pounds, she was 5 1/2 when they got her at the kennel) but she was okay. She stayed at the kennel until we could pick her up and that was literally one of the happiest days of my life! I love her more than I can even express! 

Oh, and sorry the picture is so big. 

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Name(s): Lincoln & Webster

Age: 1 year

Gender: Lincoln is a girl, Webster is a boy

Fact: Lincoln & Webster are brother and sister and were actually our second choice of kitties to adopt. The woman at the pet shelter emailed me “Well, once you meet these kittens, you won’t want any other cats…” I scoffed at her, but once I met them it was over. My Fiance, Mr. “I guess YOU can have cats”, is OBSESSED with them. They’re full grown, but only 8lbs each. 




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here’s my fella. taken around 2 months ago. he’s almost 6 months now and we are neutering him next week! 

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Oh how fun I love kitty threads! All of the ones posted are so cute! How can people not like cats?! 

Name: Lucille (Lucy, Lucy Goosey, Goose) 

Gender: Female

Age: We got her from the shelter right before New Years and the estimated about two years old, so 2.5 years 

Fun Facts: She has jumped off of our third floor balcony while I was in the shower and Fiance found her coming home from work! Scared me so much! She has an adorable mustache, loves her mouse toy (we’ve named him alfonzo) and carries him around yowling, loves people, she has a weird like for feet.. Loves rubbing on our feet and shoes, and wakes me promptly at 7 every morning by meowing in my face, head butting me, or neading my chest/face/hair to feed her her wet food Lol! 

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Name: Eisley (like Mos Eisley from Star Wars)

Age: 2 on October 20th.

Gender: Female

Breed: DSH

Fact: We put her in that shark costume when she’s being a dick. Also, she couldn’t care less about my fiance and I, but she loves our dog. My fiance also claimed he wasn’t a cat person when we got her, now he’s obsessed- he even made her an instagram account.

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This thread is made for me. I’m a crazy cat lady and so not ashamed! 

Here’s my baby:

Name: Phoebe

Age: 3ish

Gender: F

Breed: Some sort of tabby 😛

Fact: She loooooooooves to chase balled up socks that we throw for her, hair elastics and my makeup sponges. She also found a rubber bracelet that she loves to carry around. She’s declawed (not by me!) but loves to scratch things as if she has claws anyway. She loves fish and treats. 

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Name: Miso

Age: 11 Months

Gender: Male
Breed: Ragdoll (blue bicolor)

Fact: My guy is also cross-eyed. He’s hilariously clumsy, and is terrible at performing regular kitty tasks like jumping, pouncing, or balancing. He’s known to roll backwards off of surfaces when getting too relaxed… and doesn’t really land on his feet either. He is excellent at cuddling and loves our dogs.

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5 year old brothers. Lucifer front and center and Diablo under the coffee table. He’s scared of everything. 🙂 just adopted them about a month ago. IN LOVE. 

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