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^^   That’s Ivy (Ivy-Pie, Pie-vy, Poison Ivy, Ivy-Pie-vy … I’m SICKENING! Lol)   She is not impressed that mommy is trying to steal her soul with the camera. 

   She is 5 years old.   We got her when she was probably too young…  she was the size of a hamster.  

   Our last kitty had passed about a year before, and we weren’t looking to move on just yet. … when a pet store in my FI’s home town was practically giving away her and her litter.   There was no momma cat in the picture. πŸ™   It seemed like they were charging just enough to keep away the people who didn’t have the best intentions. 

   She is currently big-sister to Kelso and reluctant roommate to Jackie (both huskies).  

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LittleDove:  Your breed is probably a Russian Blue with colouring like that πŸ™‚

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kaaat:  We have a male Maine Coon mix too! Yours is soooo pretty with his white patches. Ours only has one white spot….on his dick. You can tell he’s your friend if he not only shows your tummy, but splays out so far you can see there’s a little white swatch in his glorious floof.Levine, Carl - AWLA photo

Name: Oppenheimer. Mostly called Oppie. Partner’s best friend used to call him Opymandias.

Age: 8 years

Breed: Maine Coon mix

Fact: He only learned how to meow at people a couple years ago. He’s always meowed stairwells, we think because he likes the echo, but only there. Suddenly, even though he’d lived with another cat who meowed for attention, he just started meowing at us. It’s so damn cute.

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Name: Oyster (Clam, Clammy, Clammylam, Ham, Hambones, Hamboney-bones, Dick, Asshole, Douche…..he has a lot of nicknames, obviously, and I almost never call him Oyster. Usually Clam.)

Age: No clue

Gender: Male
Breed: Not positive, but definitly part Maine Coon.

Fact: He used to be DH’s psycho sisters cat. She moved out of her house, but kept him there. She would go there once a week and empty a bag of dry cat food on the table and leave. He was flea infested, and extremely matted. So we rescued him, got him a bath and a good shave, and plenty of food. Now he is way happier! He weighs more than my dog does though…I included a picture with my friend to give you a size comparison. He is not a cuddler, but he will sleep on my DH’s lap on occassion. He is about 30lbs (we think, havent weighed him in a while). He greets me at the door every day when I get home, which I love! He likes to lay in the doorway so you have to step over him to get by, and then he will claw your ankle, hence the name Douche. 


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Love this! LOVE KITTIES. i’m such a crazy cat lady. The perfect night for me is netflix, couch, chill, kitties.

These are my two babies

Name: Wolfie (Black one) (Wolf, Little Wolf, little princess, etc etc etc)

Age: One

Breed: DSH

Gender: Female

Fact: Wolf found us as a stray when she was about 5 weeks old with two of her litter mates. We couldn’t have pets at the time, so I set them up with a space heater and a box lined with sweaters, food, water in our outside storage space (it was mid-October 2014 when we found them). I found the other two homes right away, but no one seemed to want this tiny, black baby. We (meaning me) ended up falling in love with her because, duh, and kept her despite our no pets policy. Ended up moving to a pet friendly house a month or so later, and she’s just my best girl. She’s a little thing, only 6.5 pounds, and just my littlest love!

Name: Stanley (black and white) (Stan, Big Stan, Paws, Fluffy Face)

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair, although i’m convinced he has some ragdoll because of his funny personality

Age: 2 years or so

Gender: Male

Fact: It took me months to convince my husband to get a second cat, but after I saw Stanley’s photo on the shelter website, I knew he was meant to be! He was still there after 3 months of discussion with Darling Husband. When I went to meet him over lunch one day, he was just laying out all chill, then came right up to me to be picked up and nuzzled right up to my neck. LOVE at first sight. Big Stan is just the funniest cat ever. He’s sooo sweet and cuddly, SUPER vocal. Darling Husband carries him around like a little baby and he just closes his eyes and purrs. He’s got these funny HUGE tufty paws and is always there to wake us up in the morning, and he is just such a wonderful addition to our family!

Don’t mind the flea on his paw, this bad boy somehow broke a window in the basement when we were away on a 3 day weekend and was out terrorizing all the neighborhood cats for a day and a half. Of course got fleas which made life miserable until the second round of frontline lol

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kayah:  Thank you so much! We talked to our vet after I posted this and he said our kitten is a Korat- very similar to the Russian Blue! Good eye πŸ™‚

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This was taken on the day we got him, he’s bigger than this now but it’s so cute!

Charlie, about 4 months in the photo, from a rescue shelter. The baldy patch on his leg is just from a vet visit and has gown back now.

We got him a couple of months after getting engaged and nearly a year after moving in together, and people commented on the commitment of getting a cat together, haha!




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kit10:  He’s gorgeous!!! He does look very much like mine. I love his fuzzy belly.  

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MissKayteeDee:  Holy cow! He’s definitely a Coonie! Maybe crossed with a Norwegian Forest Cat, because he is HUGE!! 

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FutureDrAtkins:  Haha well I think we fattened him up some over the last 2 years. But he is a lot of fur too! We get him clipped twice a year cause its just SO.MUCH.FUR! He really is pretty heavy though, whenever Darling Husband or I try to pick him up, we always hear “Uuugh!”

But its funny, because I just googled Norwegian Forest Cat/Maine Coon Cat mix, and that is DEFINITELY him!

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OMG all these kitties are adorable!! ❀️ I’m obsessed with cats! Haha 😍

Roadhouse 😍 He’s 1 year, 5 months old 😊 He’s obsessed with tuna! I can just say the word ‘tuna’ and he will run to where we keep it, or I just get out the can opener!

Princess πŸ‘‘ Shes 1 year, 3 months old! We got her because we thought Roadhouse ran away. I cried all night and Fiance mentioned his friend was giving away kittens, so he brought home Princess. Then Roadie returned a few hours later! Fiance was not happy!! Haha

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