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Congrats on the pregnancy!!  I’m not preggo or a doctor, but i would assume that the joint pain would come later in the pregnancy and be from the added weight you’re carrying around.  At 7-8 weeks you haven’t gained much yet.  Is the pain in both knees or just one?  Have you tried icing it every few hours as needed?  I have tendonitis in one knee and this time of year it always hurts when the seasons change, but normally it’s fine.  I would also normally say to take Ibuprofen too but I’m pretty sure you can’t take that if you’re pregnant.  Maybe see if theres anything like that you can take while you’re pregnant?  Also try resting it for a few days and ask the OBGYN about it next time you’re there.  They’ll have heard more about obscure pregnancy symptoms.

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I had a lot of joint pain, but not until later on and it was from weight gain/swelling.

The only painkiller safe during pregnancy is Tylenol.

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Longtime lurker but first post.  I’m sorry you’re having knee pain.  I don’t have an answer for you but I thought I’d share my experience. 

Before pregnancy I never had a knee injury even though I’ve been moderately active since high school.  One day during week 6 I woke up with pain and stiffness in one knee and couldn’t get upstairs or walk without obviously limping.  I don’t recall injuring my knee at all and it obviously wasn’t a drinking injury. 

My OBGYN said it could be pregnancy related but it was impossible to tell.  He told me not to bother going to a regular doctor because nobody would examine me (Xray, MRI) while I was pregnant.  Not a satisfying response but I have a crappy HMO so they probably wouldn’t have examined me even if I wasn’t pregnant.  I would have pressed the issue but right around the same time I started sleeping every moment I wasn’t at work anyway so I had no choice but to rest my knee.  I took tylenol when I really needed it but rest, ice, and a knee cuff during the day helped the pain.  

Right when I got to my second trimester and had more energy my knee felt so much better.  Now at 19 weeks I’m back at the gym doing some pretty serious workouts but I still hear some clicking in my knee at the gym that I never had before so I know it wasn’t all in my head.

I still can’t explain my knee “injury” but I do think it was pregnancy related based on the coincidental onset and healing time.   

Here’s hoping your knee heals faster!

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I’ve had knee issues my whole life, I’m double jointed and its caused all sorts of issues.  Not to long ago I dislocated my knee.  Of course while it was still healing I found out I was pregnant.  My knee is better now, but I still have pain in it periodically.  This was the information I was able to find.


Basically if you’ve had any knee injuries at any point,  pregnancy (even early pregnancy) can aggrevate them.  There is a hormone called relaxin.  It is present in our bodies all the time but increases greatly in pregnancy.  The reason it increases is to “loosen” our joints, specifically the pubic symphisis (the point where your hip bones meet), so that we can give birth.  However its not a super specific hormone, so while it’s loosen up that joint, all your other joints also get a little looser too.  If you’re healthy and have no old injuries, most women don’t even notice this.  However when you’ve injured a joint before, you may be more aware of the effect of the relaxin. Knees are bad for this because they undergo so much stress, bear weigh constantly etc. 

While its not technically a pregnancy symptom, it something that can be made worse by pregnancy.  Treatment options are usually pretty limited- since we are supposed to avoid painkillers, and things like xrays etc, there isn’t a lot you can do unless it become debilitating (i.e. you can no longer walk etc).  You’re best bet may be to look at knee braces, wraps, ice pack and heat packs.  Ask the doctor to show you the correct way to wrap a knee with an ace bandage so its not to tight or loose, and experiment with what brings you the most relief.

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