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    @MissDallasCowboy: I felt uncomfortable the last time that I flew (a few weeks ago). I had a sparkly t- shirt on with sequin. I walked thru and I had to get patted down because of my shirt. I didn’t like the idea of a stranger touching my breasts. Next time that I fly I will wear plain clothes.

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    I understand in a very logical way why this may be necessary, but it really doesn’t make me feel any safer. 

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”~Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

    Maybe having the right to not have my naked, xrayed form broadcast for anyone else to see (even if it’s a guy in a windowless room across town) is not what Boyfriend or Best Friend was talking about, but I still feel like it invades my privacy, which, as far as I’m concerned, is an essential liberty. 

    Not to mention the radiation. I know it’s not supposed to be any more harmful to you than getting an x-ray at the doctor’s office (except for the part where it’s ALL OVER YOUR BODY and not just in a concentrated area). I fly a lot, and added up, that’s a lot of radiation I’d be exposing myself to on a regular basis. That can’t be good for my body. I’m actually more okay with being patted down (not that I’m a huge fan of that either). 

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    The pictures in that link are not a very good representation of what the actual pictures look like. The pictures are not “inverted” to produce a naked body. Google “airport body scanner” and you will get much more accurate photos and legitimate websites.

    Either way it doesn’t really bother me who looks at my “naked body” as long as I eventually get to where I’m going in a timely fashion. I could see it being a problem for people who really value their privacy though.

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    I understand the reasoning and importance of making sure nothing is being brought in but it does make me uncomfortable.

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    this has seriously gotten out of control.  I just came back from Vegas where I saw Penn and Teller.  They did an excellent skit about airport security.  They bought their own metal detector, and bought it out on stage.  the details of the skit are here: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/columnist/baskas/2009-05-13-penn-teller-tsa_N.htm

    It really made me think.  I have nothing to hide.  I follow TSA rules to the letter.  But at what point does it infringe on an individual’s liberty?  I understand wanting to be secure, but you will never be able to prevent anything from ever happening again ever.  That is an unrealistic goal.

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    I think people are blowing these out of proportion. There is a full body scanner at the airport near me, and I was able to see the image (though apparently you are nto supposed to be able to) and the photo showed nothing inappropriate.It looked nothing like a naked body.

    I’m also doubting the claim that the radiation is high. That would HAVE to have been a concern from the beginning. I’m doubting that it’s as high as reported.

    I work at a newspaper and have to read these stories and it’s ridiculous. I travel fairly often and never feel uncomfortable. Three complaints turn the whole ACLU and pilot’s union on their heads and then they complain to someone who reports it to a news organization and it blows up.

    If you don’t want to be me man handled, go through the scanner. If you don’t want to be scanned, take the bus.

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    @nut9108 – I agree completely.  I think this article is a bit skewed, but it is a blog, which is just someone’s opinion.  That second image is not an invert of the first one either.  It was colored and shaded by an art program.  

    Airport security – whatevs…. I travel in a wireless sports bra, sweats, and fiip-flops – its more comfy, and I never have to worry about the metal detectors.  I don’t understand why people wear belts, big jewelry, and shoes that are hard to put on/take off when flying.  If I need to look nice at my destination, I bring nicer clothes in my carryon and change in the bathroom when I get there.

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    I am sick of these invasions of privacy and the use of scare tactics to keep people afraid of the big, bad “terrorism” so their minds don’t stray towards the real issues that imminently effect everyone, like health care and the economy.  Because of this, I have decided not to fly ever again unless they significantly roll back these invasive measures.  They aren’t keeping anyone safe; they’re treating passengers like common criminals and I find it disgusting.  When I want to travel abroad, I will take a ship.  Screw you, TSA.  No one is photographing my naked body, exposing me to potentially harmful levels of radiation, or fondling my breasts and genitalia just because I want to see the world beyond my front door.

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    I’ve been wanting to start a thread about this! In the last few weeks I’ve read dozens of TSA horror stories of people who refuse the full body scanner or “dick measuring devise” as it’s being referred to by TSA agents. The people who refuse it are then subjected to a very thorough pat down until they “reach resistance”. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not comfortable with that. The stories I have read have been about people getting handcuffed to chairs and berated about being a terrorist because they weren’t comfortable with a stranger feeling them up in the middle of an airport. This girl I’m referring to had her ticket ripped up right infront of her face and was made to leave the airport. The TSA originally reported that the full body scan images are not saved anywhere though something like 200,000 images were found in some government facility. This is something I am not comfortable with and until something is done about this whole situation, I won’t fly.

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    This is all a smokescreen–it’s just politically viable because the measures are visible and real to the public to make us FEEL like something’s being done.

    I think the terrorists have moved on from air travel for bigger and better things. For my money, I’d rather the government spend it on intelligence-gathering.

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    The idea of someone seeing my “naked” body is not that big of a deal to me.  Yes, I wouldn’t be comfortable with having my small child scanned, if I had one.  I am more concerned about the levels of radiation……  I really don’t know anything about it….good topic.

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    It’s called security theater. 

    People on both sides of the aisle are starting to realize that it’s incredibly invasive. It’s been refuted already that the images can be shared and saved. And yes, there has been no real information on whether repeated exposures are actually safe.

    The pat down alternative clearly exists to scare passengers into using the scanner. But I am looking forward to the device being thrown out as a major breach of privacy.

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