Lab Created Diamond VS Natural Diamond

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Helper bee

The biggest difference will be if you ever want to trade it in or sell it for an upgrade because a lab diamond will be very hard to sell/trade compared to a mined diamond.

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Blushing bee
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I’m 100% on the same page as @sboom! A lab created diamond IS actually still a real diamond. I would never think less of it—honestly I think BETTER of it.

I had NO IDEA mine was a lab diamond until I saw the specs. I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t choose a lab diamond over a mined one after I realized all the pros. It’s still a diamond, it’s cheaper, and more ethical.

Again on the same page as sboom—almost all of my friends are married or engaged and my stone is definitely the clearest, one of the largest, and the sparkliest by far.

My center stone is lab-created, 1.31 carats, brilliant cut, set in rose gold—so sometimes the stone photographs a bit warmer ๐Ÿ™‚ and I absolutely adore it!


Go with the lab diamond, you won’t be disappointed!








IMG_4523 2IMG_1438_1

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Worker bee

A lab diamond is absolutely chemically identical to mined. Having said that, do read up on Lightbox jewelry and what impact people think their $800 per carat pricing will have on the lab diamond industry. I’m the kind of person who would feel really upset to have me or my SO spend thousands of dollars on something only to see the cost drop to a fraction of that soon after purchase. No guarantees that mined diamonds won’t fluctuate in price too, but they’ve been around a whole lot longer so my perspective is they are more immune to those pricing pressures. But if that doesn’t bother you, go for it!

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I adore what we got. I didn’t know what to think when we first started looking though. He was dead against it until he went to the Brilliant Earth showroom and was either warmed to it by the price or just was dazzled by their beauty. I watched a video about how they make them and just fell in love with how sciencey they are! Yea, we knew that we wouldn’t get the life-time upgrade option, but that’s of no matter to us. If I really want a bigger stone in the future and the value of lab-grown is nothing, then great! I’ll buy a bigger lab-grown for a song. Only regret is that you can’t get lab-grown mini-stones! Science diamond for life!

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Bumble bee
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If they had more brands carry affordable lab OEC diamonds I’d buy in a heartbeat! Like the only one available is August Vintage and the markup is insane but if the price were affordable I would totally get one…totally go lab if an option ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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I have a natural diamond but I could honestly kick myself for not doing more research beforehand. I wish that we had considered that option it’s so much more cost effective for the exact same thing!

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Mine is lab and I couldn’t be happier. I get compliments all the time, it’s a gorgeous stone. The ethical considerations were important to me. Upgrading is a nonissue for me, since I don’t see wanting to go bigger. If I had a stone that I might upgrade in the future, I would just keep the original and get another one.

A diamond is a diamond. If you’re concerned about people judging, just don’t give the lab details.


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I too have a lab created diamond. I get non-stop compliments on it. It shines naturally and even gets dirty like a natural diamond (I use a diamond cleaner on it to keep it perfectly shiny). Plus, my Fiance didn’t have to go into a bunch of debt for it. Which is huge right now for us as we save for not only a wedding but a house one day. 

Ask yourself what is important for you? For me, I wanted a ring that would look gorge all the time that was a size that looked good on my finger (nuthin crazy 1.5 Carat style). What we could afford in natural diamonds was going to be super small and I just wasn’t going to be happy. 

At the end of the day, it’s what makes you happy. ๐Ÿ™‚  

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Blushing bee

Hi, I have a lab diamond and I love it. I got the look I wanted, it’s ethical (which is extremely important for me), and it’s a diamond (which I wanted). I don’t have many good sparkly pictures (I need to take some), but it is gorgeous and I wouldn’t want anything else. Here’s a pic of it.

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Worker bee

I was choosing between lab and mined and when it came down to it, the mined diamond just didn’t compete. I instantly knew once I saw the diamond that it was the one (you can even hear me say “I think it’s the one” in a video I took of the stone. 

In total honesty, I wanted a big beautiful stone and care ALOT about the design of the engagement ring. We got the most “bang for our buck” with a lab diamond. 

If anyone tries to convince you it’ll be harder to sell or upgrade…EVERY stone is hard to sell or upgrade. Mined diamonds can be just as hard to resell because they lose value as soon as they leave the store. Plus, with the savings you can get your dream stone (who needs an upgrade when you have your dream ring?!).  

It’s now in NYC getting set (eeeek I can’t wait!). 

And, finally, the pics: 


(seen with my promise ring) 

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