Lab Created Diamonds vs. Natural

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twright4770 :  Thus the quotation marks.

Although, it still has to be cut, and each cut is different. While we’re on that, it’s not like the Earth mined diamond was being made for billions of years just for you. It’s all just a little mind game and added romanticism to further a sale. 

Again, you do you, I’ll do me. OP was asking for opinions and both sides are valid. It all depends on what you prioritize.

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twright4770 :  your statement implied they are fake. Or so it read like that. No two chocolate chip cookies are identical. No two mine diamonds are identical either. Not in the sense you’re describing which you did not initially clarify. You know very well that when people say lab and mined are identical, they are saying they are chemically identical. Which they are. You can find plenty of “good info” that tells you precisely that. 

“Good info” will also tell you that your mined diamond will absolutely not hold its value. A resold mine diamond is only worth 25-50% of its purchase price at best. Is that better value than reselling a lab diamond? Sure. But I still wouldn’t call that good. If you want jewelry for its resale value, invest in gold. Not diamonds. 

The same exact earth pushed out mined diamonds for you as it did for thousands of others. You’re not very good at this live and let live thing you are preaching are you? Why does it bother you so much that someone could like a diamond because it was made in a lab? If you can romanticize mined diamonds, others can romanticize lab diamonds if they’d like.

Youre also the type of person I hate who shits on people for trying their best to help the environment but then thinks they’re hypocrites cause they aren’t perfect. According to you no one who cares about the earth should have a cell phone and therefore no one with a cell phone should recycle, go vegan, or do anything to help save the environment. If lab diamonds are less damaging to the environment, that is a perfectly logical reason for someone to choose lab diamonds. No one is claiming lab diamonds do not product waste. Unfortunately the world we live in is not perfect and no one can live a sustainable life without harming the Earth in some sort of way. That’s the unfortunate reality. But that also doesn’t mean you give up on it completely. What a stupid statement. 

ETA: and before you come at me, I don’t have any issue with ethically sourced mined diamonds. My ER is an ethically sourced mined diamond. Lab diamonds weren’t very popular back when I got engaged and I didn’t know about them. To me, I just don’t see a good reason for choosing a mined diamond but I also don’t care if someone gets a (ethically sourced) mined diamond. I don’t get the whole romanticizing how a stone was made. I also don’t buy diamonds with the intention of reselling or upgrading them so I could care less about the resale value. But evidently, some people really care about either or both of those things and that’s fine. 

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lisjustwaits :  lab made and mined diamonds have the same chemical and optical properties. Diamonds are basically crystalline carbon structure.

The cut of the diamonds is what gives the sparkly-ness. Even with mined diamonds, some look like a dud, because of the way it is cut. Same with lab diamonds.

One difference between the two is that lab diamonds can contain higher boron impurities, whereas mined diamonds contain higher nitrogen impurities. With boron impurties, the diamond can appear whiter compared to one with nitrogen impurities. Also, even though lab and mined diamonds MAY have different inclusions, it hasn’t been found to affect the optical properties that one sees with the naked eye.

I’ve been looking at lab and mined diamonds in person w/ BE and I haven’t seen a difference in inclusions between lab and mined, so it may depend on the stone as well. 

Lastly, just wanted to let people know that most lab diamonds are grown from a small diamond seed and then cut like a mined diamond would be. They’re not made in a mold and pushed out as a PP incorrectly suggested. 

I don’t work in the diamond industry or grow lab diamonds, but I do have a PhD in chemistry, and I can understand a lot of the process and cost behind it. I do think that there’s always this incorrect idea that just because something can be made by a machine, or lab grown, it should be cheaper (like in medicine, the field I work in). What a lot of people don’t realize is that that money isn’t just paying for the material, but also a lot of work that it takes to get to that point. It takes time and effort from (sometimes a team of 15+ in medicine) to optimize the process, and people need to get paid, otherwise they’re not going to work. Maybe in the future the price will drop more when they’ve optimized the process, but I think there’s still a lot of trial and error going on. Lab diamonds didn’t even reach over 1 carat size until the past few years. 

Editted to add: I don’t know the profit margins of companies for lab diamonds, so I can’t say that they’re super overpriced compared to mined diamonds. I already think mined diamonds are overpriced so, take it how you will.

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twright4770 :  participation in this site is voluntary, you are welcome to leave if you choose to do so. 

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If you think your mined diamond has “held its value” I encourage you to email some dealers and see what they’ll offer you for it lol.  

Lets see…my lab diamond cost $17k.  The mined equivalent would have cost $40k.  If I resell the mined diamond, I’ll lose $25k.  Even if my lab diamond is worth zero some day (impossible), I’ll only have lost $17k, while having gotten to enjoy the much bigger diamond on my finger in the meantime (not to mention the investment returns on the $23k I didn’t spend!)

twright4770 :  

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What people overlook is that synthetic or lab made stones are made of the same chemical elements on the periodic table as the earth made ones. The earth still produced those chemicals to make them and it’s not just some recipe that man concocted with “fake ingredients” to imitate earth made stones. Those chemicals still have to crystallize to form the stones under the same conditions whether in a lab or not. The only difference is the location it was made…not the composition, optical properties, or final result. A baby is still a baby whether it was formed inside it’s actual mother or it’s embryo implanted inside another woman. Now simulated stones are a completely different thing.

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I’ve had moissanite, earth mined diamonds, and now lab created diamonds.  They are all beautiful and so long as you are happy with your purchase, it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you because they didn’t buy it for you and they aren’t wearing it.  I’ve grown up around high-end jewelry since I was very young (family jewelry business) and I’m pretty sure the lab diamond I just purchased has outdone my earth mined stone.  One cost 21k while the other under 8k for almost identical specs and performance.  Personally, I would have been happier buying a lab grown diamond first and used the extra money towards my dream setting.  I think the only thing that matters is resale IF you think you will need to down the line but that is a personal choice.  

left: lab grown, right: earth mined – I think both are beautiful:)


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Just wanted to add that antique cut diamonds are now available in lab grown diamonds. Not proper antique diamonds as obviously made in the lab but the cuts are now becoming available in lab grown diamonds. 

I’ve been keeping an eye on the August vintage rounds and they’re now available to buy lab grown. Now I just need to save up the money to pull the trigger! 


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So here is what I dont understand: why arent lab diamonds nearer perfection than they seem to be? Those described on this thread are colors G H or I, not D. They have inclusions in the V and VVS range. 

I would seriously consider a lab diamond now. I’m not sure if they were widely available back in the days when I got an engagement ring. 

I do have a lab emerald but it is boring. It’s like a piece of glass. There’s none of the interesting bubbles and other inclusions of natural emeralds. I got the emerald because I really like the setting of this ring and the jeweler didn’t work with many stones besides this emerald and another stone I didn’t like. I also wonder if emeralds are much cheaper to make in the lab because I suspect the stone in my ring was very cheap. I don’t know how much it was but I don’t think it was much of a factor in the cost of the ring


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FauxPas2012 :  It sounds like the process of creating lab diamonds are more organic than maybe that of lab emeralds.

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My personal ring has a recycled stone (can’t beat it if the environment is your #1 concern), but a friend of mine has a lab diamond and she loves it. Clarity and color were her top priority when choosing a stone, and if you go that route with a mined diamond you will pay through the nose for obvious reasons. She ended up with a diamond that she feels good about ethically and boy does it sparkle! 

If natural inclusions are more your thing (I personally love them, they give the stone so much character), go for a “rustic” diamond maybe. They are mined, yes, but the process is far less fraught than that which results in “perfect” natural diamonds. 

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I love my lab diamond. It’s a G, VS2, Triple Ex. It sparkles beautifully and it was 50-60% cheaper than that of an equivalent earth mined diamond with the same specs. Here are some pics and a video.



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