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“He’d like it to be ‘real’ thing because, well, because he’s a sweetheart and wants to put the finest things on his lady’s finger :)”

A stone created in a lab isn’t fake (as opposed to real), it just wasn’t mined from the earth. It has the exact same chemical makeup that a diamond mined from the earth would have. We wouldn’t call babies conceived in a laboratory “fake” would we?

Lab grown is a great option, but not that much less expensive. There are plenty of ways to avoid conflict diamonds, such as looking into Canadian diamonds and antique diamonds as well. Plenty of fantastic vintage diamonds are available that come in hard to find cuts.

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Well, I don’t really know anything about lab created diamonds so I can’t argue the pros and cons. But my ex-boyfriend (from teenage years) bought me lab created ruby earrings and a lab created sapphire ring because they were significantly cheaper than the real thing and I could totally notice a difference. Some people prefer them because there are less flaws, but I actually would choose the real thing. To me, they kind of looked like red and blue colored glass if that makes sense, no real dimension other than the cut, no vary in color no flaws. Maybe with a diamond though that’s a good thing. But if I were you I’d try on a lot of rings and try to also go to a store that sells both so you can compare side by side.

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I have a lab-created diamond e-ring and wedding band. My diamonds are blue and not white. We got my rings from D.NEA Diamonds. They have GREAT customer service, but they use HPHT and not CVD to make their diamonds, so their stock of whites is small (and the whites they do have are small too).

Before setting your heart on getting a white lab-created diamond, I’d say to go check out the companies that make them and see if they actually have white diamonds available in the size you want. Two years ago my husband wasn’t able to find any lab-created diamonds available that weren’t tiny—but I know there is a little more availability now than there was then. And maybe he didn’t know everywhere he could look!

I actually wasn’t thinking that I would have a colored ring before my husband bought my ring, but I really love my blue diamonds. I don’t know if color was something you are considering at all, but if you are, there are many more and larger lab-created diamonds available in blue, yellow, and orange (and I believe other colors by companies that are not D.NEA). The very light blue diamonds that are available look like an icy white, if you are into that.  I like that my ring is different than most other ones I see, because of the color, but the stones still sparkle like the diamonds they are.

If you do find lab-created diamonds in the size and color you want, there is no reason that they’d be of lower quality than mined diamonds. They are graded on the four C’s just like any other diamonds, and would have the same properties of a similarly graded natural diamond. They aren’t flawless just because they are lab-created, either, which I think is a common misconception about lab-created stones. For example, many lab-created diamonds have inclusions of various grades, just like mined diamonds do.

I’d also like to add that lab-created diamonds are not cheaper than natural diamonds, unlike lab-created gemstones that tend to be much cheaper than their natural counterparts. 

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I don’t know too much about lab created diamonds so don’t quote me on it. I read somewhere that it’s really hard and expensive to create large white diamonds. They are nailing it down, but it takes some time for them to create it.
Have you looked into Brilliant Earth? I always see their advertisements on the side menu that they are conflict free. Some bee’s have gone the Canadian route, but say that it’s much more expensive.

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as far as I know, white lab diamonds that are larger are still very hard to come by and if they’re available at all, they will be expensive because they haven’t perfected the process.

Brilliant Earth offers lab created diamond rings, but I think they only have blue, pink and maybe yellow. they are expensive, but I think that’s partially because Brilliant Earth is expensive– you’re paying extra for the recycled gold and stuff. as with any other product, when you are going green, it’s going to cost more.

@Miss Tattoo: Brilliant Earth carries canadian diamonds. I think they might be the most ethical mined diamonds you can possibly get.

if you’re really into getting a ring that’s good for the environment and you want lab created stones, maybe consider a different gemstone that is lab created, and then one day when white diamonds are available, upgrade? I bet we’re not very many years away from them becoming readily available, but that’s just a hunch.

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